Sweet harmony in Philharmony

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That is official now - Prince Hefromund likes to make little excursions to pastry and coffee shops.

We can't deny it, as last weekend we ended up having a huge piece of apple cake, coffee and chocolate in Diferens, and look at him again!! Posing by that tall tower of snow! I think he misses a bit his home in Poland and the cold winters...


Prince Hefromund posing by Meringue

Maybe you, dear reader, are new to my blog and see this little clay figurine for the first time. If that is the case, I should give you a little background about him. He was born in the Kingdom without limits, but around a month ago I adopted him, brought him to Spain, and gave him a new, complete name - Prince Hefromund XVI (aha Ph16).

He follows me wherever I go. Work, walk, rehearsal, concerts, shopping, excursions, or cafés - he is fine with everything. Sweets - you also see that he likes them. Coffee is still reserved just for me as he is still young and small!

Btw, have you heard about that saying that if you drink coffee as a child you'll grow a tail?
I think it was just an intimidation of little children in the country where I was growing up. Or, could it be true? I can check on myself as I drink a lot of coffee and... oh, I do have a tail... a ponytail when I tie my hair up. 😁


Anyway, back to that snow tower sweet on my plate. {In our plate actually, as it was shared with my husband - I would not be able to eat it by myself}. When we decided to enter this place, Café Filarmónica, (Philharmony Café) we still didn't know what we would consume. The idea was a slice of cake or a pie but the choice was not too wide. Yes, there were several types of cakes, of which I liked only the apple pie, but not to repeat the same thing so many times, we chose... this white one you already saw in the first photo. We didn't know the name of it in Spanish so we showed with a finger (like kids in the pastry shop hahaha) what we wanted to order! 😂

We found out later that it would be called simply Meringue. It is not my favourite sweet but it was the best choice yesterday. We know it is prepared of sugar, egg whites, water, and a bit of lemon can be added too. Children sometimes call it winter ice cream!


The real winter is still a bit far away, but November is here and it's musical offer. There was a poster at the entrance of the Philharmony Café showing the upcoming concerts in honour of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music. I could visit that one concert yesterday, but Meringue and coffee...


in case the coffee is being prepared for a long time and you have to wait - take a book


just a decoration I think - a saxophone in the café


another decoration on the wall and a reminder if we forget where we are

We just went home later, without attending the concert but yes, I found a different activity that fed my soul and mind. The bookshelf in the café was a subliminal message to start reading the next book that I had already prepared on my nightstand.


 4 months ago  

Nice to meet Prince Hefromund.🤗

No, I never hear about the story about growing a tail, but it's so funny 😆

Meringue is not my fav because it's so sweet, but a little treat now and then does not hurt.

I do love a saxophone and had a musician entertain at my wedding, however, I wasn't expecting to see one here, yet it adds to the decor and ambience.
What a great find of a coffee shop.
It's nice to see you here, and I hope that you're having a relaxing and as warm as can-be Sunday:)))

Jolly good time.jpg

So, luckily this saying is not used in other parts of the world! As there is no sense in it hahaha... a tail 😂

Meringue is not my favourite either - but we already corrected it today with a different find - a mixture of coffee and chocolate:


Yummy! :)

Thanks @millycf1976, and I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday too 🤗

 4 months ago  


The meringue matches ph16 very well, but be careful you don't eat him as well by mistake!!

In our plate actually, as it was shared with my husband - I would not be able to eat it by myself

I don't believe that for one moment 😕

I don't believe that for one moment 😕

If you didn't comment on that, I would!
We know her secret! She CAN eat the whole cake ALONE! 😂

You can't keep secrets? 😱


You don't believe it?


I am wondering why lol


Wow, that's a big portion of meringue, I hope it's not too sweet because otherwise it's disgusting. Here they used to tell us as children that coffee made you black inside, jeje.

Very nice cafeteria!

What? hahaha, that coffee makes you black inside? 🤣

Yo soy muy black entonces por dento lol 😂

Yeah, it was a big portion, I ate a quarter of it, and the rest I left to my husband. We didn't eat dinner later haha, this meringue was enough for the whole afternoon and evening! 😋

Greetings dear @mipiano first of all thank you for having made a small introduction says your faithful companion "Prince Hefromund".
You know I had not heard that about the tail, but I also have a very long one in my scalp, however, if I was told that having coffee in children affected their teaching learning process.
I hope this is the beginning of good times together.

I thought there would be people wondering what I was talking about, a prince but just a clay figurine? So I introduced him again, through this coffee shop excursion 😃

Affecting the learning process? Maybe indeed, and that could be closer to the truth than the tail thing haha

Thank you so much for checking out Prince Hefromund's coffee story 😉

this is the first of your posts since I began to follow you. I following the advice you give me yesterday and began following others members. I have to go there, because I love cake haha... warm regards

Hello @pinero

Thank you for checking out this post, with some sweet details in it :D

And a little warning 😉, I write just in English. Yo sé que es más difícil para los hispanohablantes, y es más molestia. Te lo agradezco mucho por tomar el tiempo para traducir - también es verdad que ahora hay herramientas que facilitan la traducción 😌 Feliz domingo y gracias 👋

I understand English. I study at the school and college. I also went to language school. So I got your post by reading. I like English. It had been very useful to communicate with foreign friends and to my professional work as Visual Artist. Where are you from?

A beautiful place with a lot of art, that's what I'm looking for in a place to spend the moment. I loved the saxophone, this instrument fascinates me, it is so elegant and very beautiful.

Your prince friend is very beautiful and tender, a perfect company at all times, always silent and attentive to listening. Nice to meet the prince Hefromund XVI. Hehe.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.☕

Happy sunday.

This café is close to the building of the Philharmonic Society, where they have lessons and rehearsals. Many times teachers and students come here, for a a cup of coffee or tea, or a piece of cake.

My new little friend, the prince is my faithful companion, he comes everywhere with me 😊

Thank you very much for reading and a happy Sunday to you too 😇

I think what I'm looking at is Italian meringue in the middle of .... please how rich!!!! I don't quite know how it's made but it's delicious and the coffee looks great.

A beautiful place with a very original decoration and I loved the saxophone! Thanks for taking me there!😍

I don't know which type this is, but there are different types indeed (Italian, French etc...)
Now it is just past hahaha - it disappeared 😂

The saxophone is cool, after all, if we are in Café Filarmónica we should have some music decoration 😉

Feliz lunes 👋

If it was tasty, it's best if it disappears 🤣

Exactly, the decoration is great! Very good start of the week @mipiano 😀

When I saw your first picture in the post, that piece of cake which by the way looks insane, it looks very much like a cake here in Romania called Cremeș.
You've given me a sweet craving.
Have a wonderful week ahead.

Isn't "cremes" made with egg yolk? As I think I know what you mean... in Hungarian it is also crémes. ;)

Thank you and have a great upcoming week you too. The weekend almost finished 😏

You're exactly right, it's about that cremeș.
It is one of my favorite cakes.


Yes, that is very tasty. I like it much more than this white version :D

😂 Meringue! Snow! 😍
Which book will you read? Do we have to wait to find out in a future post?

Yes. I would like it to be snow and not meringue hahaha

Book - I could take a picture of a page and show it and make a guessing game lol 😂

{little problem - es en Serbio}

Ay, madre. La pones difícil. 😅

Lo pondré muy fácil en realidad. Seguro que lo adivinas, es cuestion de segundos que lo adivinas, porque he hecho la foto de una página de donde se puede sacar una pista. (es fatal mi español hoy 🤦🏻‍♀️)


Vas a leer El hombre en busca de sentido, de Viktor Emil Frankl.

Sí 👏

Lo he leído hace unos años, pero me acordé del libro mientras leía a la bailarina. 😉

😋 yummy, I won the meringue!

I know somebody who was drinking coffee as a child and she doesn't seem to have a tail, or she is hiding it very well 😂 so this might be a hoax 😂

Oh man! That cake looks DELICIOUS! There is so much cream that I hear my veins clogging 😂

So that is a completely false saying hahaha! You also confirm that there were people/children drinking coffee but no tails grew as consequences 😂

A hoax, indeed 😁

I loved this post @mipiano because it's a mix of good taste, pleasure and love for art.
The place looks great and the coffee and candy look spectacular.

Thank you @tonyes for checking out this post, the mixture of sweet bites and music 😇

Thank you for sharing quality publications. Happy journey. Cheers and greetings.

Hi! Prince Hefromund looks very happy next to that cake, I think he would be too 😍 I hadn't heard about that tail story, I'll tell it to my daughter to see her reaction 💖 I love reading you, Greetings 😊

As children we found it just silly, and unbelievable, like how can we grow a tail 😂 but yes, we obeyed and didn't drink coffee. So the frightening story probably worked.

Thank you for reading and greetings ✨

Pero qué dulce tan rico. Es mi preferido. El merengue, lo hago en casa de manera artesanal batiendo con la mano y un tenedor y luego le pongo almíbar con vainilla o limón. Puede repugnar si le pones mucha azúcar. Aquí a los niños le dicen que si tomen café se ponen negros por dentro. Muy simpático el príncipe.

It must be tasty in the way you prepare it. Yo no sé hacerlo.

Jordy también dijo esto que se dice a los niños (que se ponen negros por dentro). En cada país diferente cosa para asustar a los pobrecitos 🤐

Already it sees, it is that my Jordy friend is Cuban as me. I am about to say you that does not scare to your female child would that, that better explains a little bit why is not good that the childrens take coffee.

Ph16 looks beautiful and tiny next to that merengue! How well he has adapted to his life in Spain XD.

The coffee looks delicious and the place has a very successful decor.

Happy week.

Hahaha, he is cute 🥰 and yes, he is slowly getting used to Spain :D

Gracias y feliz semana para ti igualmente 👋

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The cake looks delicious, now I want something sweet too😅

Bon appetite then for the sweets 😇

What does an apple cake taste like?
Will it also taste like an apple or how?

An apple cake tastes like apples with biscuits.
This was not an apple pie though

Wow! Apple cakes, this must have a good taste. It looks so yummy 😋

The apple cake was last week.

This was Meringue.

That was a spectacular decoration. The saxophone looks great

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