Stay loyal to your family

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If things go wrong today, if suddenly you lost everything you have, where is the first place you will think of going? who are the people you will run to?

Normally most people remember their family the moment things ain't going well for them, I am also not excluded in this category of people because there is no place like home...

The family is a symbol of hope when everything is not going well with us because we are so confident if everyone turns us down, our family will never do the same to us..


If things become so good for you, who will you remember to take care of first? is it the same people you think of when you are in trouble or suddenly you have a new list of people?

Think twice if your list changes because those who stand with you during your difficult times are the ones that suppose to enjoy the good times with you...

Our parents are our small god, no matter how we treat them, they will always be ready to help us in times of trouble, simply because they have unconditional love for us does not mean we should not take good care of them when things are going well for us...

As a guy, you bought an iPhone for your girlfriend but your parents are struggling to feed themselves... you are not doing well!..

No matter what, always put those people first because without them, you won't be in the position you are today, they protected and love you when you could not help yourself as a child....

Stay loyal and helpful to your family!

They deserve our love and kindness the most..

Elevating them is like building a solid foundation for yourself because they will always be available to lift you up whenever you are about to fall.....

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It is unfair that some people forget the child of whom they are. When they make money, they impress other people are forget about their family members who have been with the for years...
It is a very bad habit

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many youths practice this, they live in a good house and abandon their parent in an old house, at least send money to them on a weekly or monthly basis to show they are loved and well taken care of, but the youth are busy trying to impress people who didn't know how they attain the position they are today

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thanks, family is everything

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Wise words! Family is the first and the last in a sense that it is where we jump off to face the world and where we fall back when the world punches at us. Not building that foundation and growing it is definitely doing a disservice to oneself.

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yea because even if things go wrong and they accept us back with the little they have, it wont feel as good as when we empower them and they will be able to help us stand on our feet again

Indeed! I think that's the way it should be. Staying loyal to your family especially when in good times.

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My family is my first priority because they have been there for me even now. When everyone has deserted you, your family will never leave you, and no matter how long you have gone away from them, the love they have for you will make them embrace you back. This is why a family´s love can never be quenched.

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confirm! no matter what.. They will always support us

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Gbayi boss 👍😆