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Good Day Everyone. As you are all aware, the Hive learners community always tries to increase member engagement and excitement, which is why we decided to create Heart to Heart Monday Night Live, a live program every Monday where we all come onboard and spread some love.

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Starting in the month of September, it would be held weekly on Monday nights according to the session's name. @starstrings01, one of the community's moderators, serves as the show's main host. The show would be recorded weekly and be shared on Hive from his account every Sunday before the following Monday night.

This weekly session would take place on Hive Learners Discord Server's Community Hangout Channel. The show would be split into two sections, the first which is called the general session and the second which is called Share some love.

The general section entails that you should answer these questions anytime you are being asked to come on board to speak:

  • How is life on Hive going for you?
  • How has balancing life with Hive been for this past week?
  • How was your Monday and what do you feel the rest of your week would be like?
  • Do you have questions relating to Hive?

Then the second section titled: SHARE SOME LOVE only requires you to promote a post of a friend, tell us what you love about the post and why you think it deserves some love. If the post is quality enough from our understanding, the post would be given some love with curation support by @lazy-panda.

Remember, you cannot promote your own post during that session. Also, please do ensure the post you share is not more than 24 hours old or it may not be curated.

See you next Monday, let's come onboard to share some love 💖💗💖


Wow nice initiative - it would indeed be interesting, love to see it.

I !LUV this idea! 🙌
Will it be live on VIMM or 3Speak though, or is it just a Discord chat concept?


I sent you a reply about 5 days ago, but I think my network did not make my comment post.

I asked that it would great if we make it live through VIMM or 3speak. but I don't know how to use these platforms for live recordings. It would be great if I get some assistance from you. That's if you are willing to help.

my discord tag: starstrings01#8020

I haven't actually done it myself... or any live recording to speak of since a few Facebook lives about four years back.

Having said that, I am making a plan to get back into a serious swing of things here on Hive, and I am willing to lend a hand if I can be useful. I'll hook up with you on Discord and we can get a chat going. 👍


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Speaking of Facebook.. I m also looking to push some hive on tiktok and something like this can very well work there as well.


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This truly mind-blowing idea 💡
Hopefully everyone will be drenched in love for each other. ❤️

yeah exactly!

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That was good event.
I like that

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#hivelearners community sure knows how to spice up things for their members. There is no dulling moment in this community. Last Saturday, there was a good update for the community hang-out, now unto this update! This is superb👌👍 All to improve our engagement with each other 👍

Thanks to the team behind this idea

See you guys on the D-Day 💞😇

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Really very interesting event and I like this 💕💕💕💕

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Wow this must be interesting. I know September will be full of surprises..😁

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These sounds interesting and it's surely gonna be awesome.

Kudos to the team.

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Awww this is so thoughtful and nice well done guys @starstrings01 @faisalamin

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Great great great, another Banga😍😍. This is a nice one. 👍👍👏👏👏

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This is fantastic. Nice idea. 👍👍

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This is a cool idea.. Welldone.

Hoping to see the first episode go smoothly too.


I'm pretty new here and this initiative makes me feel really great already!!! I'm super excited and grateful 😌

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Thank you for setting this up, this is very thoughtful and encouraging.

It will also encourage us to create quality contents. This is really awesome.

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Heart to heart Monday night live show is a great initiative to know each other better and contribute during the session, also to share some love by promoting a post from someone. I won't miss this week edition.

Wow nice idea.

Wow.. Nice one

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exactly, that is the point of the initiative and why it was brought up.

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