Cologne, but make it festive...

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Is it always this busy? I mean, Cologne is a pretty attractive city bringing people from all over the world to it, but is the holiday season adding to it?

I was walking by the beautiful Rhein and as the sun went down I took the opportunity to go look at the lights between the buildings. I had seen them during the day and was hoping I'd still be around when the sun sets, and I'm glad I was.


There were lights and colors everywhere. Even on some of the buildings. All the buildings that were lit up had this green color. There were trees lit up with red and blue. It made me wonder if the green was for the holidays or just regular decoration.



A lot of shops have also chimed in on the decorations and celebrations. I saw a shop that only sold holiday decorations and souvenirs. Now I saw they had Christmas related items. But I think during other seasons this brick and mortar shop sells regular decorative items.

Apart from this shop a lot other places that have a high foot count like doner shops, snack shops, kiosks and such had some decorations, too.




On one street I found these human sized figures carved out of tree logs. These pine tree logs are pretty tall. Some are taller than me, that's at least over 1.8 to 2 meters tall. The figures can weigh around 250 kilos. If you take a good look at these then you'll notice a donkey, an ox, a maternal scene. Well, this collection is a rustic nativity scene made from tree trunks.


Just a few days back I started noticing Christmas tree markets popping up. It is a bit of nostalgia. I used to enjoy walking through long lines of trees laid down on the sidewalk. I used walk in between the chaotic layout of trees, look at them, touch them, all while knowing damn well I wasn't going to buy one. Haha. I never took a picture of these markets in Kharkov, so now they're just a memory.

In Cologne, there weren't any tree markets that I could find. But there were plenty of trees just standing around.


The largest tree was a stone throw away from the Cathedral. It was also very packed by the time the sun had set. It is a very beautiful view. Well, the entire area was superb and every corner also had music blasting. Very beautiful, really.


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Take one of those standing around trees back home 😉

I’m not a huge Christmas person, but everything looks better with Christmas decorations. They always make me smile 😊

I wish I had a pocket big enough to put a tree in 😆

isnt it amazing how different a city can be from day to night, love this night walk

Those carving looked so cool

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk

have a great day

It's always fun to see how different the city looks at night....especially during holiday season.

Thanks for hosting the wednesdaywalk! Have a great one!

Hey there? You in Cologne right now?

Not right now. Was yesterday.

Bad timing otherwise might have seen you 😉

Are you in Cologne, too? Oh, what a shame we missed chance to meet!

Looking at these photos, must have been a fun walk. I love these Christmas decorations and the vibe on the streets before Christmas. Those wooden carvings are fantastic and very original! My kind of art 😎

Need to have Cologne on my list. And I need to make sure to have enough funds to visit everything I want. Easy peasy, right? 😀

It was fun walking around this part of the city. I also like Christmas decorations and the vibes. Yeah there was a whole collection of them, like 18 pieces in total. I couldn't see all the pieces let alone take pictures because of the crowd.

Been there a couple of times to watch football. Great city and friendly people. Thanks for this, brought back some memories!

I must agree with you. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly the people were. So welcoming and the festive vibes were in full swing.

I love the festive vibes too!

It looks like a nice place to walk around sightseeing.

Yes and there are plenty of cathedrals and museums around, too. There's a lot to do if time allows it.

Germany as Koln as well are just awesome. So colourful and historical. I declare myself in loved of your country, Beautiful pics, by the way.