Exploring the Hidden Peach Slides Waterfall, Da Nang

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If it is sunny, will you stay inside at home?
I am sure you are not. Today is a beautiful day then I and my friends plan to have an adventurous day by exploring a waterfall which is located in Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district around 20km away from the center of Da Nang city.


Now, Let's go with us.
Here was our trip’s itinerary:

  1. Morning scenes
  2. Go hiking
  3. Enjoy Waterfall and unexpected thing happened
  4. Be back home and catch the cute clouds

1. Morning scenes
The group 4 people today we just have met the day before when we joined Picking up Trash group in Hoi An, Quang Nam. All of us really wanted to go somewhere to be back to nature so we decided that the next morning we would go. We met at 8 am and one of my friends knew the location then she led us. It was such a sunny and great day for us after a long week just having grey clouds and heavy rains. From September to November every year, the weather in Da Nang changes to rain season even sometimes have big storms so to have a day like this we need to really keep every moment and enjoy as much as we can. It was a blue sky, white clouds, and beautiful sunshine. First, We drove along Nguyen Tat Thanh street which was near a beach. It was really nice views with the white waves moving, some Fishman were trying to pull the fishing line to get their achievement after a long night. It was so great to watch people along the beach in the morning.


After 10km of driving, we got closer and closer to the countryside which has a lot of mountains, rivers, and rice fields. It was such a long time to go for an adventure after over 3 months of lockdown and staying at home which makes us grateful more than ever. To get away from cities here is very easy. Da Nang is not only famous for clean and beautiful beaches, but also for the majestic mountains, lakes, streams, and especially the color of trees changed by the 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter). It just takes around 30-45 minutes driving to come to nature.




2.Go Hiking

Finally, we got to the bottom of the mountain then we parked motorbikes in the house of a local there. It would take us 30 minutes of hiking. We walked through many types of topography such as flat, rock, slope, the mud after rainy days. We tried to go in durable surfaces which were less vegetation because we have followed and practiced "Leave No Trace" principles. In nature, your senses will be opened by fresh air, the sound of leaves swinging by wind, the sound of small insects, small animals, and sometimes it is just so fun to see how the ants carry foods in line. "You walk in silently and let nature whisper to you". It is the time you can come back to yourself.



IMG_1439 (1).JPG

IMG_1447 (1).JPG

3.Enjoy Waterfall and unexpected thing happened

After 40 minutes of hiking, the sound of the waterfall was clearer, then we got here. We followed the water flow then hike down along the rock, then a beautiful lake in front of us. Its green color was so gorgeous. I really liked the sound of splashing water. I chose one place below the shade of the rock to sit down and enjoy my lunch because it was 11:30 am. I liked to share my lunch with friends cuz each one would bring one different thing and when they gathered all the food, It became a big feast. My friend did not bring rice or lunch and all she brought was 2kg of rambutan fruit but luckily I always prepared Kimbap (a Korean food) along and some snacks. We shared and had a great talk about food, traveling, and some activities we could join next time. It was beautiful and clean water but I did not know how to swim so I just stayed there to enjoy the sound of nature. But suddenly, one voice shouted "Help" and I was so shocked that that was my friend, he had a cramp in his leg so he cannot swim. I was frantic and did not know how to do it and the other friend swam but she did not know how to rescue him. I was thinking he might get drowned. Fortunately, he hold the rock nearby and tried his best to let the head above water. After 10 minutes later, he recovered and swam back to the rock. I was released cuz nothing happened today. After this, I think I should learn how to swim and be more careful about this.




I chose my own space to lie down on the rock and took a quick nap. It was so relaxing and peaceful with nature. This place was hidden because just a few people know how to get here so it was very clean and had no trace. I liked to put down my feet under the water to let it cool. It was like a 5-star private pool and I believed that these experiences would make us unforgettable.





4.Be back home and catch the cute clouds

If I had enough food, I would live here. My soul was healed by nature. My energy was charged full to be ready for the next week.
On the way back, It was so beautiful as well with white clouds when its shapes were very unique then my imagination was bloomed. You can look at the pictures below and guess what its shapes stand for and let me know if we have the same ideas. This was a beautiful day and I was so grateful that I did it.
It is always valuable time in nature with some friends and enjoys together.
This is my adventure for Wednesday's Walk. How about you?








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Thank you for reading my post and hope you have a great day!


On a sunny day it’s good to get out and get some fresh air
And what a beautiful area for a walk must have been so refreshing

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Wow, thank you @tattoodjay. I really enjoy seeing your posts. You traveled and took a lot of beautiful sunrise, sunset and places. You inspire me.

That’s so nice if you to say

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Oh Sunnie told me about this many times and I still keep missing it. 😢. I need to go to check it out soon.

Yes. I think It is close to you as well. It is really beautiful and easy to get there.

Jay jay...I missed a beautiful place near me. Thank you for sharing @brown20s

How about this Saturday anh Đô 🤣.

Đi hái dừa em hầy @dothitrucvy1080

Anh tuyển đc ai chưa, oke rồi thì triển thôi a 🤣

Để a hỏi lại Thu.

Wow beatiful place, amazing trip

Yes. It was an amazing and adventurous trip. The weather was so nice.

Look like only your group there, it's so refreshing, it must be really cool.
Nature is amazing, but we have to be careful to avoid accidents, don't we? 🙂

Yes. Just only my group there. Nature was so nice after rainy days. We had to hike a bit but it was not too dangerous. If you are in Da Nang, I will ask my friends then we could go together.

That's great! I felt like I have so many friends in Danang since joining Hive 😂

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Great pictures!

Thank you @sharatdotinfo. I will go out to take more pictures and improve my skills. Nice to meet you.

That's amazing! Nice to meet you as well!

Absolutely wonderful, imagine if I can swim in this fresh water in the summer hihi 😍

Yes. it will be supper cool. Are you in Da Nang? I hope i can go hiking or explore Da Nang with you sometimes.

I'm here and always ready to hang out with you ahihi. 🥰

Perfect. Let's get contact on disboard.

Great photos ☺️ I want to be there right now…here is soooo cold 😔

Thank you for your comment. Ohhhhhh. I am sorry to hear about the cold weather at yours. Whenever you come to Da Nang, Viet Nam. I can guide you there. Let's keep in contact.

Yeah, winter is coming, I hope there will be some snow, otherwise it's just cold and there is no meaning in cold weather if there is no snow :)) Oh yeah I want to travel there and explore the beauties of this country. Maybe in the near future when all this is behind us...enjoy in sunny weather 😊😊

Wow, my country does not have snow. I wish I can see snow once in reality. I hope I could see it in your post. If you do it, could you tag me?

Yes of course, I'll tag you. 😊 I hope to be able to enjoy the view soon of the first snow falling. These are really special moments because there has been less and less snow in recent years.
I hope you will ever visit Europe and see the snowy nature. It’s really wonderful, especially when you see it for the first time.

lovely. Visiting Europe is my dream, Tina oi

Is this in Vietnam?

Yes @nojabfreedom This is in Da Nang, Viet Nam. There are a lot of waterfalls hidden in the jungle. If you come to Viet Nam. I highly recommend Da Nang, then you can explore here. really beautiful and great weather.

Yeah, I have been to Vietnam, and saw some very beautiful waterfall places. Maybe I will make a post myself later. I will let you know. ;)

Wow, so happy to see you have been to Viet Nam. I am looking forward to seeing your experiences and waterfalls then I could explore more by your post. If you do that, I hope you can tag me.

WOW what a sensational Wednesday Walk!

It must have felt so good to be out in the sunshine, with the fresh air blowing through your hair and you rode the motobike and to feel the cool fresh mountain water on your skin- I am soooo jealous! (especially after spending the past 3 month ion lockdown in the middle of the city and now straight back to work full time)

Thank you for your beautiful comment. I understand your situation. I also went through over 3 months in Lockdown and this time was the first time I came there. I am sorry to hear you don't have much time. But I believe you are also having a lot of beautiful things such as clouds. I really like your posts.

Thanks you yes and I'm sure that millions of others around the world not only understand my situation, but are in far worse situations themselves with all of the natural disasters, poverty and everything else on top of the virus too...

So glad to hear that you like my posts thank you!
I will keep them coming and so I hope that you enjoy the rest! 😊

Wow I can you had so much fun @brown20s wow

Yes. We did appreciate every moment after 3 months in lockdown.

Ohhhh wow 😂

Wow such a paradise, I’d love to go hiking in a place like this, it’s just stunning.

Thank you @artmom. yes. It was so beautiful, especially a sunny day. It is no people there.