Motionless walk

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It happened while the guardian of the skies painted the landscape with pastel colours, threading his fingers through the clouds. The moon absorbed those nuances and carefully mixed them with the brightness he got to share.

That thin celestial body may have seemed ordinary and the same as any other day, but one lonely man sensed something strange was happening in the air.

He looked for answers in the reflection that the sea would provide.

Didn't get them.

At that moment the moon was too weak to illuminate his thoughts.


I witnessed that unusual situation when I was pedalling my bike by the seashore. I was riding so quickly that the wind made my hair a big, fluttering flag.

Many centuries ago a more appropriate vehicle for me would be a horse, but alas, horsemen often fall wounded in battles.


If they survive, they can recount the battle first-hand. Or remain silent and solemnly leave that work for the historians of recent times.

After all, history can be rewritten as many times as mankind needs it.

That is what I heard the other day when a book was presented. History. But seen differently, because circumstances have changed. Really?


In the past horsemen knew how to cover long distances - crossing whole continents, but I wouldn't know if it was easy for them or not. I came to this Wednesday Walk by that metal bicycle which in reality has never moved from its place.

But that was just one of those strange things I mentioned at the beginning of the post.
Far more stranger was the labourer who didn't seem to move.

He was frozen in time.

The dispersed clouds still moved through his hollow body.


His colleague was smarter... or he just had a more practical approach toward the circumstances. Why doing any physical effort if, despite all, they stay inert silhouettes?

They could not move a rock from its place. Neither they could move a little pebble that got there by accident from the beach. Nada.


Now you think that this walk was also so stationary and I became one of these statues.

Well, no. I kept walking.
All the way to Atalaya Terra.


Inspired by the planet Venus, this sculpture crowns the end of the promenade.

Getting closer to it, we can learn a few facts that will not change with the passage of time. The most interesting one is that the sculpture has been made with materials recovered from railway lines.


I had it clear that Atalaya Terra would not move from its place either. It was an artwork of 4.5 tons of stagnant iron that one day served to bring movement.

The iron ship had a similar fate.


It was anchored on a rock.

But my feet weren't. They continued walking, already toward my home using this illuminated pavement.

The moon also shone brighter, but in the end, I don't know if that lonely man from the beginning of the post waited for nature, people and time to start moving again.




Trying to find a connection between Venus and railway 🤔

I don't know either. But it was the artist's (Viktor Ferrando) inspiration ;)

Let's find the creative dude and see šta je pesnik hteo da kaže.😂

Apparently the entire environment of this walk was stopped, as if they were waiting for nature to make the first move. What a beautiful walk, there are many works of art in this city, and the great thing is to see that the materials are reused for certain works
Beautiful photographs dear friend @mipiano, the last one is great
Have a great day

There are moments when time and everything stops (in our perception). But nature always finds a way to keep on moving and bring back motion. 😉

Thanks @jlufer, I wish you too a great day 🌼

Wow, what an imaginative paseo you had there :))

If everything is getting dark and motionless (as in these photos hahaha), at least we can bring a bit of light with imagination 😁

Wow! Such nice installations next to the shore! When I was in Spain (last year's summer) it was quite typical.
We travelled all the souther Spain starting by car in Italy, ending in Malaga on an overall 20 days trip

That is a great trip you have done. 🤓

But next time you pass here, between Valencia and Alicante, let me know :)))

Sure thing! We stopped by in Valencia (one night, on our way back) and a one day trip in Alicante when we were based in Torrevieja :D

Cool. ☀️

I like both cities, though a bit more Valencia 😍

Well, the sculptures may not have moved from their place but they did make your imagination travel. I loved the phosphorescent green lights in the last photo.

Yes, they did move the brain cells a bit 😉

Wow, such a beautiful place and impressive photos!

Dear @mipiano, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @katerinaramm.

Thank you a lot, @katerinaramm 😇

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Very amazed to see the sculptures placed on the side of the beach. Thank you.

I am glad you like them :)

Bellas obras de arte 😍😍

Sí, lo son 😉

It is a wonderful place that has inspired you to write this beautiful poem.

Yes dear @mipiano, Art when seen from the heart transcends and is able to transform what we see and bring us a little closer to what the artist kindly wanted to convey.

Fascinating how inspiration comes through the love of art. Able to make us enjoy a nice walk and remain parked in the mind. But at the same time it moves through your whole being, anxious to go out and transform the environment to which it is anchored.

Thank you so much for sharing this fresh breeze of art through your words!

I send you warm and affectionate greetings!

The great thing about art is that we all perceive it in our own way, and follow the inspiration. Here movement and stagnation met and walked to Hive through this post 🐾

Yes, I can see that. Thanks

Every sentence touched my soul... Maybe it's because I woke up with a broken heart today, but I felt this story very personal. Even the ending is like my life, it's not a big ending, just an ending and that's it, like the feeling I carry around. Loved reading you (as always) 👉👈

Just an ending, but without an ending, that is how they are sometimes. Hm, broken-hearted... and then you read this post 😬. Mañana es jueves, a ver si nos divertimos un poco 😉 Thank you Jes, I hope you got better with your mood until now 🤗

The art walks fascinate me, I can't say what I like the most but those horses .... I love horses... then the boat anchored in the rock is that I should surely make repairs.

In the case of the bicycle, thank goodness it was fixed, otherwise the wind would take it away and I see people working with the pick and shovel, that's a good sign of a lot of work hahaha.

The final image is a farewell postcard of a wonderful walk that you have taken me on with your words and beautiful sunset colours! Thanks for this Wednesday walk @mipiano!❤️

Yeah, a lot of work hahaha, you know how it is here 😁
How nice are your words about the final image. Thanks, @avdesing, I hope you will have a nice afternoon and some nice sunsets at your place 😃

I just came back from taking some pictures and now mate with the family, mate is a must....🤣

You have described the evening in a very artistic way, I love it, and the photos are beautiful. I love the 4.5 tons of art haha. An unstealable work of art XD

Hahaha, unstealable 😂 that is the right word for it :)))

Thank you @incublus, I am glad you enjoyed the read 😊

It seems you're reactivating the League!

Hmm, the League. Didn't think about it for ages... thank you for the reminder. With so many great poetic souls that are around Hive right now, something could be done ✨

You should. There's a lot of poetry around the blockchain during these times.

Btw, before I forget. Happy Musicians Day. 😁

Oh, yes, I completely forgot it was today hahaha. And this afternoon the students congratulated me.

Thank you and congratulations to you too 😇


With your images you have taken me to that place so beautiful and so distant for me. In your pictures the sea is shown as a straight line giving a sense of peace. You live in a beautiful place. Thank you for taking me there.

Dear @mamani, thank you for coming here with me. 😃 You also walked a lot these days and enjoyed very nice places 😉

Hermosas fotos. El arte siempre nos salva.

Gracias 🌜

It is so good to see something that is inspired by the planet venus
The pictures are really lovely though

We actually don't see the connection, but the artist who made it said it was inspired by that planet

Nothing is static, even if it seems so. Have you read Paulo Coelho?

Sometime in the past, I have read something from Coelho (don't ask which book, I forgot 😱) hahaha


si yo no me acuerdo... 🤦‍♀ mal vamos 🤣

beautiful skies and that statue is amazing

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

The statue, 4,5 tons. Though it doesn't look that huge 😁 (actually it is 3,5 metres tall)

WOW that big

Yes, it is what the board said 😀

Awww... What a beautiful creation, you have given birth a poem and a story through those street art works... Also lovely photos!... A round of applause for you!

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The sculptures are very beautiful, I loved it on the bike, thank you for sharing this beauty with us @mipiyano

Wow the colors are so beautiful. A wonderful and artistic Wednesday walk, my dear. I loved the sculptures, my favourite is the iron ship. 😍

@palomap3 sent you LUV 🙂 (4/5)

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An artistic walk it was 😉

With that ship, we could try to sail. By the Ebro, and then in the Mediterranean 😅

In the Ebro there is a great prey to save, we have to come up with something so that the sails serve as wings to fly. 🤔😁

Hermosa combinación de amanecer y esculturas..te dije antes que mi especialidad es la escultura... gracias por mostrarme el genial trabajo de mis colegas...

Un placer, me alegro que te gustó. El autor de Atalaya Terra es Viktor Ferrando y de las demás Antoni Miró, si no me equivoco. Habían muchas más esculturas, que formaban parte de otra exposición, del mismo autor.

Si un día encuentro el catálogo de sus obras (que lo tenía descargado en mi ordenador, y ahora no lo encuentro jajaja) te lo dejaré en un comentario 👋

Beautiful views 💖 i like this idea's photos 🙂

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😅 sometimes it happens

Indeed, it does @mipiano! Keep up the good work and continue sharing great content. Congratulations again on your achievement! 🎉

What a beautiful walk. You continue to show us good urban art.

Your way of narrating and showing us what your eyes appreciate is very rewarding.

What a wonderful place! Thank you so much. Hugs

Thank you. 😇
Though it was not loaded with adrenaline like some tirolina activities 😁

Jajajaja, art is also exciting.

A laborer who spends his whole life working like this and the weather in your city is looking very beautiful.

Oh my!! The art by the sea shore!! Loved the perspective.

Many times the perspective can make fro an ordinary thing a more valuable one - a piece of metal sheet or artwork, for example :))

Totally agree with you. Nice piece of work of yours, dear friend. Keep on with this quality content.

The place is so stunning. Such a good place to relax and unwind at the same time. I love reading your post then. As if I am listening to the orator. Thanks for sharing this one. God bless.

Thank you, I am glad you liked it 😇

You're welcome. God bless

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