Walk to the spring of Tolminka river

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Early morning walk to start the Wednesday with positive energy visiting the Tolminka Valley to explore where the river originates.


Good morning dear Hive!

This Wednesday we thought it might be good to go for a small walk in the morning, we wanted to visit another river spring.
As we started early, we realized about very interesting lighting, as the valley on the way, was looking pink and yellowish. A short drive was needed to reach the valley to start the walk.





For breakfast we had the Burek baked in the South Indian clay pot in the oven the day before. Very much recomendable and tasty, as we prepared it with original and organic cottage cheese from the mountain farms. This makes the taste even better.

Now more about our small walk. The way was leading us through a beautiful forest landscape with very big rocks from the last ice age. The paths to the spring water was very easy to access and you don't need more than just some water and maybe some snacks for the way.

As well, this specific valley is full of avalanches, which where caused some time ago by earthquakes. In one of the avalanches, a half mountain was crushed into pieces and big rock were laying on the way towards the spring.




Not a single soul was around. We enjoyed some time here and the most we loved the reflections of the mountains and trees, snow and leaves, in this small lake nearby the spring.



“The Tolminka river bubbles to the surface in an interesting karst spring from beneath of the surrounding mountains. In its short course of just over 10km, the river flows through a glacial mountain valley and then cuts deeply in the limestone bedrock, forming a gorge known as Tolminska korita.
In the past, many mills were set up along its tributaries and the river itself was used to transport timber to Tolmin, Gorica, and further to the sea.
The surrounding mountainous karst areas are dotted with chasms and caves; the best-known are the Poloska jama cave and the underground system of Tolminski Migovec, which, at over 45km, is Slovenia's longest cave.”
(source: sign



It's remarkable how less water it takes to crate a big streem. On the way back we discovered some kind of bridge made with old but simple technology. Since people didn't have lots of materials, they only created this small wagon and string with a reel to pull yourself to the other side.





We crossed the river quite a few time, because we had lots of fun and enjoying the moment.

Now it was time to go home to start the day.

We wish you a great Wednesday dear Hive community!

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WOW what a walk loved the mix of natural beauty with the water and rugged scenery

I to would have gone a few times on the pulley drawn wagon, it musty have been such fun but i know my wife would have hated it and not gone on it lOL

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

I agree on this one, it was full of different stuff and nature around. We even have difficulties collecting the best shoots as there were sooo many 😆

Haha, yeey we have another adventurer over here! 🤗👏 Well, I think she would enjoy taking some nice shots of you 🙂 People here around still use this everyday, so no fear of this wagon going down.

Sometimes it's good to have some purpose and motivation to go out in any weather. Wednesday walks it's so perfect for this!

Wish you a nice day @tattoodjay 🌻

thats a good problem to have to many good photos :)

That's such an intense photo with the little Minecart going over the river. It reminds me of something out of a video game

It's a very simple, old technology used here. Looks very ancient, but it's very fun. You need to put some effort to pull yourself to the other side. It was definitely a very fun experience! 😆
Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day! 🌻

The wagon looks scary to ride on though.. Were you not scared of falling? 😅

Haha, yes at first look it didn't look safe. It's all rusty and old, however still fully functional 😄 In reality it was super fun! To film cool shoots we were going back and forth many times 😆 But of course, in case you have problems with hights, it might be very challenging.
Thank you for stopping by and wish you a great day!🌻

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