By the first snow. Walking through the labyrinth

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This is a close-up photo of "The Labyrinth" mural that was created in Kyiv in 2016 as part of the Art United Us art project.


Sometimes, when I go out on bussiness, I like to be a tourist in my town. Or a "Maze Walker". 🙂 I don't take familiar routes but intentionally walk along unknown small streets, arches, yards. Walk leisurely and look up and around.

Last week I went to pick up medicine from the pharmacy. This happens as follows. We have a website to search for drugs in all pharmacies of the city. On this site, you can make an order (and get a discount), which is valid for 48 hours. In this way, the medicine is guaranteed to be waiting for you at the declared price.

I often take the tram along this street. Therefore, I was very surprised that I did not see this mural earlier. In general, almost all the murals in this area are painted on the northern wall. That is, a wall that is always in the shade in autumn and winter.




I walked up and down between new and old building hope to run into new findings. It's funny how I can see something interesting as soon as I turn off "business mode".





This is not a masterpiece of art just fun installation to attract visitors to the small coffee shop.




I found this abandoned house ob a paralel street. It stand behind the fence. Maybe, waiting for restoration. Hopefully. But also possible that they are going to demolish the old house to build a new one in the "modern bad taste" style.


It was very beautiful in former times...








It was last week. And then, winter has come, with snow and first frost. Who cares it's November. And you know, it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere...





Electricity just gone. And wifi Internet. I hear sounds of explosiins, it may be our air defense or not. They write Russians hit infrastructure object in Kyiv again. I know I better save the battery but I want to finish this post despite of everything. **ck them all!


Take care, and see you!


You look good! :)

It was wonderful to just slow down a bit with you here and enjoy the detail for a while. Yes. You are right. It's amazing what you can see when you aren't in "business mode".

Thank you. I needed this 🌺

Loved the street art! There's plenty of that in the city where I'm living and I still didn't get the time to explore all of them :)

OMG! you have snow!
Great blog, love that architecture and the street art is amazing

**ck them all

Snow and ice, 50/50 😆 Tommorrow the forecast warn about rainy snow (or freezing rain?) It gonna be even more fun 😂

😂 time to stay under the blankets !!!!

I have a few blankets!!
We got electricity in the morning, but still no water, heating and Internet (only mobile). I feel like a student again ☺ Back then, we had no hot water for year or so, and had to carry cold water in buckets from the first floor to the third. I developed unique skills that came in handy now 😂😂😂

😂 big arm muscles!!!!

I to when I go out for walks even in familiar area, try and take new routes and find new experiences

I love that mural it is so cool

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

I to when I go out for walks even in familiar area, try and take new routes and find new experiences

Probably I have learned this from you 😉

What a great look at your city. That abandon building really is stunning.

I love old architecture of Kyiv very much. I mean 18th, 19th - beginning of the 20th century. It doesn't look like in other cities. And it always upset me when it is replaced with modern ugly building. My accent is in ugly.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 133 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

But also possible that they are going to demolish the old house to build a new one in the "modern bad taste" style.

Sometimes old things have to make space for something new. But with such a beautiful old building, I always hope that someone will be found to restore it. Something like this building is no longer built today, because it would be much too expensive.

Будинок, наче під час війни з рашистами!) А грона горобини під снігом просто дивовижні!))

The art work is amazing, and I also love the abandoned building - the architecture is so beautiful !

Thank you, @hoosie, I can only agree with you!

I love it when the first snow comes. Hope to see some this winter here too. I also love that street art. You had a lovely walk 💙

Thank you for checking out my post, @fantagira. I wish a beautiful winter to come there where you are too. It's so great to have snow on Christmas 🥰

It sure is. Fingers crossed 🤞

Beautiful artworks all around. Such a great details to focus on.
I see snow already… hope you can keep warm 🤗😊 Bigg huggs
Thanks for sharing these beautiful captures with us.

Thank you for stopping by and for the puzza, @littlebee4 🤗
How about !BEER ? 😉

You are welcome @zirochka 👋🏻😊🥰 anytime.
Thank you so much for the beer 🍺



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I enjoyed your walk. Loved the street art and the abandoned building. ❤️

I am glad to hear that, Julie @ellenripley 💗
Thank you for your comment!

Beautiful pictures (and some quite intriguing)

Thank you!