LOLZ Defi Status Update: Bugs bugs and more bugs

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Quick Update

Hey folks, LOLZ Defi has been on the struggle bus the last week or so. Problems keep raising their ugly head. We feel like we are playing whack a mole as we keep trying to knock them down.

Problem # 1

Yesterday the LOLZ Farming scripts crashed due to a change on Hive-Engine. They changed the API for gathering history so our scripts couldn't run. They were kind enough to let us know about the change this morning. !LOL


So we were able to modify our script and ran it this morning. The Farming portion of the script ran with no problems and everyone should have received their farming rewards for today and yesterday.


Problem # 2

For some reason our script for determining Headliners only came up with a fraction of our actual Headliners so 1) those it missed didn't get today's dividends, and 2) those it included got a much bigger share than they should have.


We think we know what the problem is and will work to fix that. We will also work to replenish the pool with today's dividends and re-run the dividends script once it is working properly.

Which brings us to ...

Problem # 3

To top things off the script didn't post the report today.

The problem is that the report has grown too big again due to so many farmers (which isn't a bad thing really). This is an issue we had been expecting and had already been working to address it.

Going forward we plan to break the report into two reports. One for farming and one for dividends.

At the same time, we are going to start posting the reports in a new community so that The LOLZ Fun House won't be loaded down with the not so fun financial reports. We hope this change will help The FUN House grow as a place for people to post and find funny posts.

Thanks For Your Patience and Understanding

We know it can be frustrating when things don't go correctly and that is why we try and communicate what is happening so that you all know that we are working to fix the issues that pop up.

Thanks for you support!

About the LOLZ Project

The LOLZ Project is an engagement project with the mission of spreading laughter and joy on the Hive blockchain.


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Thanks for keeping us in touch, and good luck with the bugs

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Will the Headliner numbers be changing as the amount of farmers gets bigger?

Meaning, for how long will 512 LOLZ tokens be enough to be a farmer?

We are considering changing the dividend payouts to be based on the top 100 or perhaps top 200 holders rather than basing it on a fixed number held. Before we make a change like that we would need to get it approved by our Governors.

Thank you.

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I was wondering what was up lol.. Glad y'all know about it sorry it's been so rough... Keep hanging in there🤗

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Some days in our crazy "Crypto World" are just a massive headache!

Well done! and thanks for the update √