Funny takes of me explaining “What does Hive mean to me”

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Couple of days ago Mr. Neoxian shared the post link of lordbutterfly in Neoxian city discord channel. It is an important post and Mr. D encouraged and asked everyone to participate in it. Its about making a video for freechain film where Hive community members have to answer a simple question - "What does Hive mean to you". Lordbutterfly has shared in detail on how and what needs to be done in order to make this short video clip, click here to get more details on it.

I have been a part of Hive community for a long time and always wanting to boost and promote hive to others. I had a look on that post couple of days ago and decided to make one on weekend. I was very confident that I will do it very easily. While others were sharing their experience on Neoxian City discord channel, one of our friend said that it is really hard to pick which one to choose, nothing seems going right when capturing the video. I was like it is not that hard, what you guys talking about and blah blah. I was taking it too easy.

Now the time came, it was weekend. I just wasted almost whole day in watching TV, movies. Finally I decided to make my video hoping to be selected or become the part of that freechain film. It is a simple question and it was said that you can also make it in your mother language but I choose to make it in English. I made a script in my mind, opened all the lights of my room to get better light, not too dark. I was overconfident that I will make it in one go, its not a big deal.

Ready get set, GO!!! Ooppss I just slipped my tongue in between delivering the statement what I kept in my mind for so long. Take one failed me badly. I was feeling crazy so to cover up my nervousness, I started acting awkward. I was making fun of myself and it was all getting captured. Take two didn’t go further as I just got stuck with HIVE work lol. Then I kept on trying and trying hard to deliver my message without getting stuck anywhere but it gets harder and harder and my nervousness was all over me. I was acting funny to feel better and to get a smiley face while saying those words. Finally, after 8 takes, I got the ninth one perfectly delivered but then it was too long because it needs to be not more than 15 seconds aaaahhh what a mess.

The thing which I was taking too easy didn’t turned out to be the same. Now, I know how hard it is for actors to perform infront of big cameras and so many people around. I cant even make one shot in my room all alone. After discussing this matter with my bro, he advised me to edit and make that video short by using Clipchamp because I was not ready to go for it again or else it would have taken 50 takes to get the final and correct one. At last, I uploaded the edited one to Google Drive as instructed and found peace in my life.

I would like to invite all of you to be a part of this activity and share your thoughts with us on what HIVE means to you.

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This was so hilarious to me, and it's because it is the exact same thing many of us face when we try to make our videos on Hive. Behind many videos here on Hive, there are usually a lot of wrong and sometimes funny takes.

Go with your brother's advice, Rose. Else, your night indeed end up with 50 takes. 😄

it reminds me of the bloopers I saw in the end of the movies, mostly of Jackie Chan when they messed up and make it funny. Now, I know why and how they feel about it.
My bro always there for the best advise hehehe

You got this so right🤣

Funny in just 9 takes !PIMP

just 9, r u kidding. I went all crazy in these 9 takes and there was no more energy left in me to take more. Thanks for the PIMP slap hehehe

anytime !PIMP

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i got it what you meant heheheh

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Ha haa kya baat hai 🤗😜👌

yeh halat kharab lag rahi hai hahahha mental problem :P

Ha haa badiya hai life Mai fun bhe jarure hai 😅👌. Enjoy

hahaha my brother 😎
You did it for the free chain video and also gives us lots of laugh 🤣

I enjoyed and laugh a lot, watch every take multiple times heheh

Hive hive hive hive hive one is the best, for me...

Thanks for the suggestion and letting me know more about clipchamp, it really makes my life easy on editing. I am happy that people are liking my craziness, the genuine craziness lol

Always welcome!
and yes, I enjoyed that clip very much...


Yay! 🤗
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Thank you for the BOOST shabhai !!!!

Thanks for the laughs and all the best for more on Hive. You are a very dedicated hivean. All the best.
Thanks to @shrazi for sharing.
You should consider doing more funny videos

My pleasure Didi, I am sure you laugh loud when watching it 😅 hehe
Thanks Didi for give us your precious time 🤗🙏

Thanks to you for watching that crazy stuff of mine and I feel honored with those words from your end, means a lot to me. Thank you for the wishes!!!
Honestly, I am not a big fan of selfies or making own movies but just for HIve and for the posts, I usually do this stuff. Thank you for the suggestion, will try to work on it hehehhe

🤣🤣 it´s funny how you try making some hilarious moves in your video and I am just laughing here knowing it is what I do just to entertain myself too. So funny but it´s fun and I enjoyed it.

those moves comes out automatically and it was because I was forgetting the lines and covering up the situation with those hilarious moves and language. I am glad that I successfully made you guys laugh and put smile on your faces, mission accomplished!!!

Hehehe. Yes, mission accomplished 😆

That was really funny
Thansk for sharing

Why doesn’t Dracula have any friends?
Well……I hear he is a pain in the neck.

Credit: reddit
@rosecane, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of guurry123


wowow I am feeling so happy to hear those words, making people smile and laugh gives a lot of pleasure and inner satisfaction. Well, it was unintentionally captures clips. I was going to delete all that when i got the final one but then, I thought why not just share the actual and real fun with Hivians and it turned out to be the good decision. Thank you for watching that crazy stuff hehehhe

Those takes are so hilarious😹😹😹😹

its all natural and no time to think about as forgetting lines makes me do such things lol I think everyone of us who records their videos pass through this phase and they immediately delete such videos. I was going to do the same but then my mind changed and rest is history lol Thank you for watching that craziness

Yeah, you are right. I have experienced them too😅

it is the third and 8th for me, so funny

😎 thanks King Burl for liking my funny videos, in fact thanks for watching that crazy stuff heheheh