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Lately the hands are quite present in my paintings. Not as much as the mouth, but almost. There is an enchantment in the movement of the hands that always seemed magical and sensual to me. I don't think there's anything sensual here anyway, but I mention it because I feel that in much of my work sensuality has a special place.
I don't know where it came from, or how, but I know I had to paint this work. has it happened to you? Again, it was the trigger to other ideas and works. I like it when that happens. It's like lighting a fuse and all of a sudden it sparks one idea after another..... I miss that, I really do. Hopefully this moment of uncertainty will soon pass. In the meantime, let's keep playing.

  • Últimamente las manos se encuentran bastante presentes en mis pinturas. No tanto como la boca, pero casi. Hay un encantamiento en el movimiento de las manos que siempre me pareció mágico y sensual. Creo que aquí no hay nada de sensualidad igualmente, pero lo nombro porque siento que en mucha de mi obra la sensualidad tiene un lugar especial.
    No sé de dónde vino, ni cómo, pero sé que tenía que pintar esta obra. ¿les ha sucedido? Nuevamente, fue el disparador a otras ideas y trabajos. Me gusta cuando eso sucede. Es como encender una mecha y que de repente se prendan una idea detrás de la otra…. Extraño eso, en serio. Ojalá que se pase pronto este momento de incertidumbre. Mientras tanto, hay que seguir jugando.

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Hands are very expressive and I can be a portrait of a person. I remember my parent's hands as much as their faces.
Hopefully, your creative doldrums will end soon. I sometimes find it good to look back on my previous works to see if there was an avenue I didn't explore because I didn't have time at that moment.

I remember my maternal grandmother's hands, her movements... I was always told we had the same hands!
I'm doing a bit of that. Revisiting ideas, and with others in process. But totally stuck, they don't flow, it's quite frustrating. It's a matter of patience I think. I'm changing a lot of things in my life and I think it's natural what's happening to me. But you saw how anxiety is, right?😅

I find hands also incredible interesting. They can say about us sometimes more than our face.
Hands betray our love of work, our aversion to moisturiser or scissors. They show whether we often write by hand or smoke. They sweat or shake when we are nervous or forget our daily dose of magnesium:)

They reveal a lot more than we would like to say...

Yes. An important part of our body language, necessary, complementary, and sometimes they don't even need another element to speak, to shout.

To shout, yes! really grate picture:)
See you around!

Muy interesante trabajo plástico, con mucho de expresionismo. Sin duda, has logrado un efecto visual que impacta nuestra atención al llevar nuestra mirada a esas manos ensangrentadas. Saludos, @soniaperez.

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