Artificially Intelligent Augmented Art

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~ Ausbit's Stable Diffusion Discord Bot ~

The influence of Ai in art is hard to ignore these days. The capabilities of how one can augment their art have never been more diverse than at this very moment in time. It's quite the revolution that is going on under everyone's noses without much notice.

Nividia 1.png

Fortunately, many Hive users have been at the cutting edge of AI developed for art. I mention quite a few of them and have links to their blogs in my post links a bit further down below.

Currently, a very generous opportunity has been offered to anyone interested in making some AI-generated art. There is a new bot set up inside Discord that Ausbit has created that can generate AI images based on prompts you create in text.


I would suggest that everyone/anyone interested read the post i have linked below to learn how to participate for free. This bot is also operating inside the Alien Art Hive discord and that invitation is provided in the last link below.

Go give it a test run or two... or three, or four! Playing around with it can get pretty addicting but Ausbit has been kind enough to make this free to use. The credits and pay structure is laid out pretty clearly in his post if you should take up a serious interest. Come check it out!


~ One Small Step For Mankind ~

Well, maybe not all of mankind actually. I had to learn about all this one small step at a time. As a curator for the Alien Art Hive Community i've come across numerous posts that feature the use of generative art.

In fact, generative art is one of our featured topics. There are numerous methods for using Artificial Intelligence solely to generate art as well as augment one's own work.

You can read a few of my posts which explain some places to play around and try it out for free. You can also see some of the stuff i was generating last year around this same time!

You can even purchase (or just look at) one of my NFT AI Art Videos at the Nft Showroom here on Hive: Red Glow - A.I. Genesis Mint

After seeing more people using the option i began to look into those options and play around with some of them. It's pretty incredible how fast this technology is growing and the spectrum of applications for it! The speed and quality has improved more than exponentially since i last played around with this stuff!


I have some images that i've been working on utilizing AI art to create for quite some time now. I have been shooting to capture a very particular idea within a range of possibilities to no avail. I haven't found any output that comes close to the image in my mind's eye yet.

It is funny because making analog art would be easier at times... yet still wouldn't portray as quickly as what can be done correcting in time using the AI. Generative art has come a very long way in an extremely short amount of time and i feel it's better suited now to execute my artistic vision.

I was particularly impressed with the image below. So far, that has been one of my best results using AI for art in all of my experimentations.


The ability to participate in the machine learning and artificial intelligence application to the arts at the foundational and ground level is quite a privilege and honor but this type of artistic experimentation requires a particular persistence.

Prompts are the text input used to create the output or artwork. It's an art to craft a prompt in and of itself. I think the repetition of trying over and over in order to get the image desired is commendable and takes some nice wordsmithing. Sometimes, the subtlest change of a word or the order in which it's given can have the most bizarre impact on the overall outcomes.

If at first you don't succeed... try, try again!

~ Bob Ross ~

One of my favorite human beings and greatest influences is Bob Ross. It would be a shame not to incorporate him into anything that i am artistically doing at the moment. So, i tried a prompt including the man, the myth, the legend! I tried the prompt

A hyperrealistic detailed high definition photograph of Bob Ross painting A hyperrealistic detailed high definition painting of Bob Ross painting a hyperrealistic detailed high definition painting of Bob Ross


When i was a child growing up in the 80's i remember loving to watch Bob Ross work his artistic magic of creation on PBS. I watched Bob paint a myriad of paintings throughout the years. If you don't know who he is or much about him you should totally check this stuff out!

You can see the documentary of Bob Ross' life on Youtube here:
Bob Ross: The Happy Painter

There is also a Netflix documentary of Bob Ross and the empire that became his legacy. If you don't have Netflix you can watch the documentary here:
Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed

Then you can decide if you want to watch any (or all as i would recommend) of the episodes and seasons of The Joy of Painting here: The Joy of Painting Full Seasons


Yes, i am still amazed to see him create each and every single one of all these paintings all these years later. The Joy of Painting never ages and neither does the likability of Bob Ross.


Until Bob Ross becomes Chuck Norris like in this next shot! That's when you know the shit just got real.... except that Chuck Norris may be more likeable (to some) than Bob Ross.

With their powers combined...

Chuck Norris is Bob Ross


Ausbit happened to be online at this time and we both were playing around with Bob Ross as a topic in there. It was pretty funny. He helped get me the best image in this section just after my actual prompt that i showed first . Some of the images were more art-like. I enjoyed the range of results.


That look on his face in the next one is hilarious. Don't forget to look at the hand!

Look at that hand!


I just noticed this next one is pointing at you! I was too busy being lost in those eyes.


I liked this one too! It seemed a bit more serious.


I wish Bob Ross was still with us! I would be curious to see what he would make with AI art.


~ One Giant Leap For AI ~

I'm talking about being exploited for holiday purposes. AI's giant leap will be helping us humans create holiday inspired stuff with it's help. Halloween is right around the corner and that will be most fun to see all inspired works in that genre.

You may have notice i changed my profile picture to reflect the season. I have some more of the most creepy Halloween inspired images you will see this time around!


bobross-2446513577 a.png

Aus had the scariest one or two in my opinion. I don't know what is more terrifying in the next image... the smile or the hands again?!?

I don't know why this one scares me so much... but perhaps it's because i see Dog the Bounty Hunter as Bob Ross...


So, of all the novel and most revolutionary ideas that this technology could be used for to expand the human experience... i'm over here getting some Bob Ross Halloween decor generated up! HAhahaha Giant leaps i tell ya!

Artificial Intelligence Artwork

~ Inspiration Comes ~

The one thing i can say is that inspiration comes as you have to sit and thing about a decent prompt. Results come and aren't what you expect that make you think of other things. Then you weave some of those into your prompts and the next thin you know... you have a giant Frankenstein prompt that you're crossing your fingers to get a decent output of!

For instance, after seeing Bob Ross become Chuck Norris, i was reminded of a famous, if not the most famous of all time, fight scene. I had an image in my mind and came up with this prompt...

A film scene screenshot of Bob Ross wearing the yellow jumpsuit that Bruce Lee wore in his last film, The Game of Death, having a martial arts duel against Chuck Norris.


That look on his face was similar to mine. Just having the name Bruce Lee in the prompt made it merge the images together. I wanted Bob Ross in Bruce's Yellow JumpSuit having an epic fight scene with Chuck Norris. What i got was Bruce Lee with Bob Ross' afro merged with Jim Kelly's character from Enter The Dragon. I had one or two others but this was as good as it got, for now. I guess beggars can't be choosers!


Then there was the claymation Bob Ross Precious Moments figurine prompts... look at that hand again! hahaha


I thought this was an amazing result. Though... it could have been a bit more Bob Rossy!


And last, but not least, i have a simple prompt. Bob Ross is Richard Simmons


It was pretty good but not worth trying harder! Hahaha Sometimes, it's just a stupid idea. Other times, it's something with epic potential. You never know until you run a few tries. I can say that the inspiration and creativity that this process causes has been something beneficial to me as an artist.

Cool Story Bro.....

There are many prompts i want to challenge myself with in the analog art realm. This helps brainstorm ideas and/or develop constructs a lof faster. If anything, it makes for a most fun and intersting thought experiment.

I have some more to share with you all but i will save those for their own respective posts. Halloween is one inspiration and the book of Revelation is another. So, keep an eye out for future posts and until then... come check out the discord bot and see for yourself.

Thanks For Joining Me Today

I do appreciate you stopping by to check out my post! Thanks for reading and scrolling through all of my babblings. If anything, i hope it was visually intersting to you and i look forward to sharing even more intersting art to come.

Until next time, take care and cheers!


honeybackg - Copy.png


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That Bob looks funny and scary at the same time 😅... I was just curious to see his hands because i always see a lot of memes on facebook about ai's hands. And it's so true! hahaha. I must say that Ai is a super interesting tool for designers, to get our own sources and references to make photo manipulations and so on. At some point i must try it, probably for a good laugh i'll start with the word "hands" lol. BTW, i didn't know there was a Bob Ross documentary on netflix, I watched it last night ... but i guess i shouldn't have watched it, it left me kind of depressed. I think it was a couple of years ago that i finally watched one of his shows on youtube, and i was impressed with how fast he painted and makes it all look so easy. I think he is one of the first ASMR artists, his voice and the sounds he made while painting definitely left me a little hypnotized 😁, he was definitely a genius. This world didn't deserve him💔

I love the one with the yellow tree... perfect for his quote "There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend"

*WTF his hair was a permanent?? that was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

Bob Ross was the hero and artist the world didn't deserve! Don't be depressed... and to be honest... i will and still do watch his videos on Youtube. The bad guys will get the money anyways. So, why not... a bit of adrevenue is minimal compared to actually supporting the company thinking it's what Bob would have wanted. If you haven't seen the other documentary, the Happy Painter, on Youtube (i linked as well) watch it. It's good too! I have spoken about Bob and his influence on me as a person in many posts.. Not so much in art but just life in general as his art style and mediums aren't similar to mine (yet).

One thing i considered was the part about Bob missing a finger or two on the hand he holds the palette with. I thought maybe AI was honing in on that.... but meh... it's probably just the hands like you mentioned. Thanks for taking time to actually read the post. Thanks even more for exploring some of the links i dropped. And thank you the most for a thoughtful and meaningful comment. Cheers!

😯Oh I thought it was the same documentary... I will watch it!! thanks to you for sharing this info with us...cheers! ;)

It's a bit more light hearted! Hahaha I think you will love it. Have fun.

Thanks dear friend for the heads up comment on my post - I certainly check it out. I think your Bob Ross variations are great.
As for sites of AI, as I explained in my last post, Deep Dream is really great to use. I did recommend it to an artist friend on Facebook, and he replied that it takes credits to create and he doesn't want to pay for it. My answer was that it is free, but beginners cannot do very much since they are not given much credits. Myself, I had been on Deep Dream since they first started, then just a one-trick-pony, open for everyone. But as they evolved to more features, you had to sign up and log in. Still free, but then later they made a paid pro service. Again, I haver seniority built up being there for years already, and being on the free program, I have a basic 70 credits that quickly regenerate as I use it, usually within a day. Now they recently added the Text 2 Dream feature, and a basic use costs 5 credits (re-generate that another 4 credits), higher resolution 10 credits.
If you sign up/sign in, you can check out what all I created over the years:

Just checking back for my URL, I find this on the start page (by another user):
Pavel Replicon

Bob Ross turned out to be funny and very cute, in general, I have long heard about artificial intelligence and that it can make interesting images, but I myself have not tried it, although it looks rather curious. Some of my friends have already shown me their experiments with AI, I saw how they make pictures from hundreds of different images using AI, I found it interesting, you could find a lot of details in which there is something. I hope I find the time and also try to get to know this better. Thanks for sharing bro!

When you get some time just follow the links i provide in the post, especially the one about Ausbit's discord post. There you can follow the invites to Discord and trying it out is as simple as typing up your prompt. Come give it a try and thanks for stopping by.

These things that AI is doing are amazing. I tried some crazy stuff like that on one of the discord servers and it turned out really cool. I can't imagine what will happen a year from now.

Well, you can look at a couple of my old posts and see some of the stuff it was doing last year compared to the stuff i will put in my next few posts. I can't imagine what it will be capable of next year! hahaha You should come check out Ausbit's discord bot! Cheers homie! Watch out for them trolls... hahaha

Oh, wow. It's really a remarkable improvement from the past. I'm really excited for next year.

I hope I don't get killed by a troll.

It is officially troll season... so be very careful. Thanks for going back and checking out my old stuff. it is remarkable.

Cool! Even Bob Ross painting is blended with nature haha. Looks like you had a lot of fun with it!

Yes, that was rad! His hair was a little happy tree! You should come try it out. You can use your art as a starting point and use the AI to play with your art. I think you and Acid would have some fun playing around with it! =) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

Hello incredible how I managed to merge the faces to make them recognizable by the pose the attitude. When I saw bruce lee's I recognized him immediately. The photos of you in front of a painting of you are also very surprising. I had the opportunity to use an AI on the web to create a face and it had me invent a person who had never lived on earth. Thanks for sharing, I'll have fun with it.

That's awesome! I would love to see what kind of results you would get playing around with prompts and AI art. It's not that tough to join on Discord and enter some prompts. Hope to see you there. Thanks for stopping by my friend. =)

This is awesome!! I heard about that kind f AI generated Art before, but never got the chance to try. Must be a whole new experience hahah as I see.. I ll have to go and try it out:))

Yes, i have a lot of the links to try free stuff in the old posts from last year and then those other links to try out this bot in those two places on Discord. It's all soooooo much easier now. I do hope you give it a try.

Glad to hear your grandma hooked you up with some material. Your post was super cool and the photos were great. I bet with your fabric-minded style... your prompts with the AI would be extra interesting. hmmmm

Ahh cool, well I ll check out the older post too then:) for sure I am quite curious what you can do with it...
And thank you!! I am glad to hear you enjoyed it:)
Have a good week!!

You and AI = Lethal Combination! It's amazing where technology and development is today and it's even more scarier to foresee where it's going to be in a few years.

You're a magician 😂

I love your work.

I haven't really gotten started using it in the way i see for my own art's sake. I have some ideas but it would take some dedication. I am planning on using my artwork as a starting point and then using AI like a tool to modify and/or enhance my own art. When you get some time you can check out some of those older posts about this stuff from last year and see how far it's come so far. I give most of the credit to Bob Ross and the rest to AI. Hahaha

I need to dedicate some time to it as I'm totally green in this regard and would like to see what is possible, so thanks for the recommendations :) Have a nice weekend!

It was a bit more confusing last year if you weren't using one of the apps or websites. The collab notebooks were cool, free, but a bit challenging. Now, with the bot in discord... it's so much faster, easier, and more accurate. Feel free to not answer this comment as i'm heading over to the PL curation post to respond there. hahaha

Hello my dear friend Tim, it is indeed super interesting (and super crazy at the same time) what can be achieved with a bot that is given instructions to make art. Sometimes very disastrous works are achieved with which you crack up laughing and sometimes sublime and very beautiful works are achieved.

I have seen in different NFT markets how AI Art has been becoming a trend for a couple of years and bidding hard since 2021. I have talked and exchanged comments with several friends and other artists about it; some believe that it will even replace the arts that we were already familiar with and that the role of the artist will be less relevant, and others think that it is just a trend that will be replaced by another trend.

I personally believe that it is something that is here to stay, but that fact does not imply that what I do by hand will be irrelevant; on the contrary, that it will only be another artistic genre and another valid form of creativity in the immense ocean that is the panorama of artistic proposals today.

Also, I want to say that I see that apart from painting, taking excellent photographs, and playing a little with the AI; you also try other artistic styles and you venture to share and publish. I identify with you a lot because I do the same and I think that is one of the reasons why I follow your work; I love innovative people who dare to do something new and different every day while continuing to do what they did before.

As always it is a pleasure to read you and see your work my dear friend.

I tried it to. I love your results.. Amazing results how AI can preform all of those images

It's a weird process of going into a database of images, or a specific archive online... and returning to your prompt to see how things look.... and going back for more images/imagery... and coming back and adding that. It's a process (way more detailed than i explain) like that where after so many back and forths you end up with a result. The AI tries to make your prompt as best it can so that's why it's an art how to instruct the process. The results i haven't shared yet are even better! Cheers

I have few of them. Indeed its a big process but at the end its super fun

 last year  


Thanks for stopping by! Bob Ross art was extremely funny to play around with. Cheers!

each time technology surprises us more, it is very interesting how art can be created in this way, these are quite good pieces, brothers, I have tried some other intelligence that has really surprised me similar that they can create art, it is a wonderful subject and we really are at the beginning of a new era, excellent post brother, greetings

It's kind of cool being on that cutting edge for a change. With crypto, ai art, and many other developments we are pioneering a new future. It's pretty exciting times!

AI is amazing and I've tried out midjourney a couple of times, the output is insanely great. I currently use AI generated images as reference and it helps. You're so good at this, funny and cool images👍

Thanks! That's cool. You should come try out the bot in the Alien Art Hive discord or in Ausbit's discord. You would have fun with it for sure! Cheers

I'll definitely check it out, I need it

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It is really nice and I love every part of it.


incredible works of art with that original and innovative style that makes me happy to see this professional work, greetings and success


It's the first time I've seen AI work as funny and cool as this, it's really amazing🤣