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Ian Bartholomew Summers knew his time was coming. He had a deadline to meet, and it was very fast approaching.

He was at a turning point in his career and knew that if he got this right, it would catapult him into the next stage of his plan to become the CEO of this company. He had spent many years climbing the ladder and finally 3 years ago he got his own office on the 2nd floor of the building and knew his next step would get him to the top

The funniest thing about all this was that Ian never really understood what the company did or what it was about, however he still found himself one of the most favoured employees and one of the most sought after whenever anything needed fixing, or fellow employees needed a hand generating this document or that. He would look at what had been presented to him and make small changes here and there, correct spelling errors, generate statistics on the data presented to him and finalise procedures for departments he had never even heard of before.

Ian was the one, Mr Fixit they would say when he walked into the lunchroom. Everyone would pat him on the back and say Good Job Ian. He always felt that he had a place here.

Then one day two weeks ago, Shaun the boss came in and asked Ian to look over the latest document and make any changes that he felt were relevant.

I know you can do it Ian, Shaun said.
Counting on you, do this right and it could mean a step up for you. I need it a week on Friday.

It was a Monday when Shaun gave him this task and it was now or never, he had just hours to go.
Ian studiously typed and typed, corrected here, and suggested there, critiqued, and rearranged like no one had done before. He knew he had nailed it and was very proud of his work, as he knew Shaun would also be proud.

Ian handed his document in to the secretary and awaited a call from Shaun, ever hopeful.

The call came, Well done Ian, Shaun said, I told you if this went well it would mean a step up, please come and see me in my office.

Ian hurriedly went to Shaun’s office where he was greeted not only by Shaun but also Keith, the other partner in the business.

Well Ian, Shaun said, we are now going to assign you an office on the top floor, follow me and I will show you, you will have plenty to do up there.

Ian followed Shaun and Keith up to the Top Floor.

It was not as Ian had thought, it was a bit darker and not so many windows, but an Office he was going to get.

Shaun reached a door and opened it.

Well Ian, Shaun said. Here it is, your new office.

Ian looked in and saw a great big piece of machinery.

This, said Shaun is the cruncher 22max, your new job is to help us destroy many documents that we have been producing for many years, don’t worry Ian, these are not top secret documents, but all meaningless pieces of paper with empty ideas that we no longer need.

Ian looked deeper and saw piles and piles and piles of documents, he picked one up and saw an unmistakable mark. Edited and corrected by Ian Bartholomew Summers.

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Love the ending of this. Well written piece, too!

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Thanks for the read , much appreciated

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