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RE: Community Improvements, Testnet support and 15 More Updates

in About PeakDlast year

Hey there @peakd team just a quick question...
After the update, I lost the setting of the channel...
So I need to add the channel ID again...
But I just can't remember how I did it the last time :)
Thanks in advance...

Screenshot (248).png


Strange, that should not be related to the update. Can you generate a new channel ID using the green button?
Or do you want to use the previous one?

I would prefer to use the previous one if that is possible :)
Thanks in advance.
Namaste :)

You can probably find the correct number (channel ID) here:

Login and go to to your settings ( You should see all the channels created by your account.

Thank you I think the problem was that I was not logged in via peaklock in here in peaked.
I was allowed to make everything else thru the setting via Hivesigner.


Yep, unfortunately Beechat (the system we use for the messaging system) does not support Hivesigner :(