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There is a "situation" or maybe it's an "opportunity" or maybe to some an "issue" that will be only be a thing for the next 6 days (actually 5.5) we want to explain how it works so EVERYONE can take advantage of it.

btw did you know we released a lot of new features for yesterday?
Check them out in this post

curation op.jpg

Before we continue we want to say we will be helping stabilize curation rewards and We will be donating all our Curation Rewards for the next 6 days to the via @hbdstabilizer
Both from @peakd and our witness account @steempeak

We will likely power up some of our FUNDING money. But we will need to immediately power it down so it goes to it's intended cause but it will help secure more HP for during this 6 day period.

One of the unintended consequences of switching to a new curation curve with HF25 is that it negatively impacts voters who voted on posts written during the 7 day period leading up to Hard Fork 25.

It does not impact authors of those posts (aka author reward)... if anything they're likely going to see an uptick in votes

IN SHORT: During the next 6 days you are going to see a big increase of users voting on posts



The reality is that once one user votes on a post from that specifically effected time period (aka June 24-30th) we believe everyone should jump in and vote to help stabilize the curation rewards.
Here's a post by @acidyo about it


  1. If you were a VOTER of a post from that time period we believe it is best if you assume you will not get any curation rewards. And IF you do then consider it a bonus.

  2. But the good news to VOTERS who are interested in curation rewards is that you can vote on different posts from that time period and likely get more curation rewards than you would have gotten previously anyway.

  3. If you were an AUTHOR during that time period congrats because you will likely see an increase of votes.

  4. To EVERYONE feel free to vote on posts written June 24-30th you will be helping to stabilize curation rewards and there is likely something in it for you. You do NOT have to donate your curation rewards to but it is appreciated.

  5. If you are an AUTHOR creating a post right now consider a decent amount of users may decide to use their votes on this for the next 6 days but that will not impact the amount of author or curator rewards that are set aside for your posts it just means less users may be determining the final result.


Curation Trails
If you know of an account who is voting on these posts and you want to find them faster use this url but change the username. It will give you a visual feed of those posts.

Here is an example of a search for the word "and" filtered by a week and sorted by top curated then with a quick ctrl+f you can find all those "6 days ago"

Curation Results
We show past payouts for curation votes so you can see some old votes are getting way less than expected.

Example: normally our vote would bring in about 2hp but if someone else voted then we will get .001 to .4hp. But on the other hand if we vote on posts in that we can get 2hp and much more at times.

Already completed and will be on the next release

We will add the expected curation amount per user in the advanced details of voting results for each post. This will continue to be helpful in the future.
This will be found on this page.


Search by custom date and choose which of those posts you'd like to reward (and be rewarded from)

We wanted to share this post BEFORE doing those features so that no one misses out on the curation rewards that are basically now up for grabs for 6 days.

Ask your questions below and we will try our best to answer them... we understand this is a temporary thing but it may impact about who gets the expected 200k HP in curation rewards that are going to be given out during the next 6 days.

  • It does not impact posts written before 24th and after 2pm GMT on June 30th.

ADDENDUM: Erased all mentions of "last 24hrs" because it had nothing to do with it. Just that the new curation curve had a higher voting weight average and so new votes after HF got much larger portion of the curation... basically it acted like a reset of curation rewards.


Thanks alot for the information. I'm still learning form each and everyone of you

@peakd, Thank you for your advice, I get pretty sick. I don't know what is really happens? With @steemit? Could you explain more Please!? I have cancer and I am very difficult with hospitals every other week! Thank you

We will likely power up some of our FUNDING money.

I'd think that the larger crabs here would do the bucket a favor by not powering up stake so that they can maximize rewards during this bonanza for the little crabs, but I guess that is too much to ask of some folks.
You know, leave some crumbs for the less fortunate.

It's not you guys, in particular, but you talk to many people that need to hear this message.

Sucking up as much as you can, because you can, is web 2.0 thinking, iyam.

It does nothing to improve the reputation of the entire platform like acting altruistically for less than a week could.

Well we are donating all the proceeds so we we just wish we could have powered up more.

Taking from the weak to give to the strong seems to be the way of things around here.
Is it any wonder that most that have tried the game have rejected it as unsustainable?

While the one that won't be named was around I understood scavenging the pool to block his take over, but what is the excuse now?
Those same people are now doing to us what he was doing, but their legitimacy as
'defenders of the pool' is now gone.
No longer do they defend the pool from an abuser, they abuse it for themselves, and those that brown nose them well enough.

It isn't just me that thinks this, look at all the inactive accounts that found this game not worth their bother.
Do you think they are helping our rep in the market place?

I hope you reexamine your stance backing the haves over the havenots.

The game is a small small part in our minds. If the hive reward pool all went away it wouldn't change the goals and focus of peakd... but it is one of the games so we try to also support it. Hopefully people start to realize it's just a small part of hive

It's true, the pool is small potatoes.
Defi will take us away.

Ya'll are doing great with all the changes pushed through.
No fears of losing me back to

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Yep, if only we could find out how much the top 50 pull out each day, that would be a bonus.
I've tried to get these reports repeated but I guess pulling vote data from the chain is resource intensive.

This experiment wasn't designed with success in mind.
Soon™ the shine will be off the toy and we will have to float without bourgeois disposable income as a means of support.
The people that launched this will take their leave.
It is inevitable.

That won't be the end of the hive, just the easy price support.

You might like this post:

Don't kid yourself, just because they have gone silent doesn't mean they don't still control enough coins to tank the project, if they wanted to do that.

Ned said he was hiding his stake when they threatened to fork is ass out, I refuse to believe that somebody that sets themselves up with 80% of the coins lets enough go to not still have control over what is happening, if only silently.
Somebody owns the 1/3rd of the hive on exchanges.

There are still people here from the launch, just most of the stincy ones are gone.
Not all, yet.

The current frontends are so basic and static..

You are using

It's funny how this thing is essentially imitating real world societies.

Yes, it was designed to expose that, and help fix it.

I mean, what would have been if ned and his ilk hadn't kneecapped us?
We were the number 3 coin.

We are just now getting to where we don't have to look over our shoulder, or bite our tongues.
Our accounts are not on the line like they once were for having a dissenting opinion.

Not that it might be so clearly visible to you.

How is about voting slider, @peakd?

The curators trail tool is going to come in very clutch for this situation! Thanks you all.

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And the new changes to the SEARCH ... we will add a new time filter in there so you can look only at those days. Then just do a search for the word "a" or something.

in essence, everyone (voters) most probably lost curation in the last 6 days and people will now vote on older posts because of the curve? (or is there a "bug" for something happening in the last 24h of posts before the HF?)
so if you don't really really care, you can continue voting on new posts as you did or is there a huge benefit for voting on "older" posts?

reading acidyo post, maybe i will understand :D

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It's basically a big reset of curation reward distribution on posts from the 24th-30th

And yes if you don't care about curation rewards then this has zero impact on you most likely

But also it's worth noting that voting on preHF posts might be beneficial (it depends when you vote and how many people does the same)

i think reading acidyo post helped understanding what is happening. if you find a post that has decent payout and no one voted after HF you could get a big chunk of that payout. Sounds nice, not technical enough and lazy enough to not try to exploit it, most probably.

good thing is i am just rendering a video to publish, will see how many people are chasing the old curation :D

I noticed two "search" options now. Clicking my profile picture and just above before the website, there's a search tool as well. I'm just wondering what's the difference with them?

I don’t feel like going through old posts just to “farm” rewards, but I know I am now “curating” posts talking about it so more people do it and there is less on the table for bots! Haha

What happens if I remove the 'and' and add 3 spaces in place and click SEARCH?

We are adding the ability to use * to search all... will be in next update

This is solid, thank you for sharing! I was wondering why I was randomly getting more upvotes suddenly on my T-12hr to payout post, and this perfectly explains it!

Thank you for this information @peakd

I see a vote of mine to got around 1+ HP in Curation Rewards even when my vote not worth it

look the photo for what i saying


awesome! and thanks for making everyone aware about this problem

Gracias por compartir

Expected curation amount is a great feature! Excited for it.

Me and puppy dog definitely approve.

We don't extend our knowledge to all of the math and so forth however we've learned something about curations today and we will try to process it.

Meanwhile we're having a beautiful day today.

Thank you very much for the hard work and for the additional tools.


As an author, I was wondering what in the world was going on ... people have been hitting my posts from last week HARD ... not complaining, though ... vote on, good people!