Verified Profile Pictures, Account Creation with HIVE and more!

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Authored by @asgarth

A new release of is now available. Keep reading to discover the new features and check the full list of improvements ;)

The new release is now live at


1. Verified Profile Pictures

With this release we are adding support for verified profile pictures backed by NFTs on the Hive Engine sidechain.
Currently this feature is supported for @punksonhive (, but the idea is to allow more NFT projects in the future as the foundations are now built into the platform.

This is how a verified profile picture will look like.


Please keep in mind that the the green checkmark will be shown only if you use the correct image link for your profile picture. For Punks the link looks like:

You can easily set a punk as your profile picture both on PeakD:


Or directly on


Thanks to @themarkymark for providing all the required integrations to make this possible 👍

More details on the verification process for validating NFT ownership and profile pictures are available here.

2. New option to create Hive Account with HIVE

It is now possible to create a new account burning HIVE. This is very similar to creating an account using an "Account Creation Token", but the creation fee will be paid in HIVE using the current amount defined by the witnesses (currently 3 HIVE).

Create new Hive Account - Step 1

Create new Hive Account - Step 2

Kudos to @ecoinstant for suggesting this feature a few days ago 🙏

3. Users can now remove themselves from shared drafts

Before this change only the draft owner was able to remove other users from a shared draft. Now an user can always remove himself from the list:

Shared Draft

4. Witnesses votes in HP instead of VESTS

To make it easier to read the witnesses page the votes are now displayed in HP instead of MV.

Witnesses Page

This is similar to what is used on other frontends and hopefully it will make the whole page easier to read and understand.


# New Features
- [new] Verified Profile Pictures
- [new] Create Account with HIVE fee
- [new] Allow users to remove themselves from shared drafts
- [new] Show witnesses votes in HP instead of VESTS

#Improvements and Fixes
- [update] Improve logic to compute max HP available for power down in Wallet page
- [update] Add linkedin "share" option to posts
- [update] Change URl to @arcange recovery tool
- [fix] Fix removing a recurrent transfer with less than 2 remaining occurrences


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Great job guys!
Should add the Beez and Hive Folks from the dlux app... I guess its on the way.

I reached out to @disregardfiat 👍

Great idea... also NFT Showroom and would be very nice.

I wrote a message to @crimsonclad for NFTShowroom. Not sure who is behind

Next will be the blue check for verified accounts if that is still a thing or just the green check will do . .

Badges are a way for people to put their own stamp of verification on certain things... but we haven't seen a ton of badges going that direction except to verify action in communities or ownership. But the badges are just doing them in a very centralized manner for the most part not many badge owners developing more indepth ways to verify and prove that the person who owns a badge should own the badge. For example i was give the Ukraine badge and had to request for it to not be given to me because I've never even been to ukraine.

I look forward to the day when there are some next level badge projects who take seriously the idea of automated or decentralized verification. I think that will prompt us to push a bunch of updates to badges that have long been needed.

Some of these types of badges could be even more interesting and useful than verification marks on other social media. But also not sure we'll see them happen terribly soon. They do take a lot of work and ingenuity and usually developer skills

I would agree with the centralised thingy as the main purpose of decentralisation is that you own the account.. but i guess badges would just serve as additional identification or verification of authenticity..

OOOH I do like the HP display for witnesses.. Makes me feel a lot better about being a witness when there is almost 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS worth of assets backing me. xD

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Verified avatars is huge !!!

nice work. so happy for this feature.

Kudos to @ecoinstant for suggesting this feature a few days ago 🙏

So many balls to allow this to exist easy for everyone =) thank you!

So we have the option of making accounts for people, would this count toward referred users to hive badge or not count, like hive onboarding will auto set you as a beneficiary from everything they do, im guessing it wouldn't be the case.

Otherwise this solves a lot of problems i was experiencing under a week ago

I bet in hindsight the 3 hive account option is one of those things where you wonder why it was just never from the start. I think a feature like that is a great one to have as part of a standards specification for all interfaces. Nice work.

Yep, probably should have been included earlier 😄

Yea that option is a no brainer as well :)

I've thought about it for a long time... but didn't realize it was gonna be that quick of an addition so didn't push for it.

It is always great to get news like this. Always good to see evolution happening. Thanks for the updates. :D

Awesome Updates! The MVest Change to Hive Power is a great Update imo.

Thanks <3

This is a nice improvement. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for the update.

These are all cool and much needed as well, so thank you guys for the hard work you are putting in to this. It is much appreciated 🙂

This is a cool update. Keep it up!

I just tried swapping Punk avatars on the market and it worked great!

Although one thing I have noticed is a time delay, for instance: I switch avatars, but it takes hive a half hour before it recognizes the change, but if I open Hive in incognito mode, then the change happens instantaneous.

I assume that this has something to do with the cache or some other sci-fi term that devs use to make me feel small, what do you guys think?

Yep, probably the browser cache the old image for a while before checking if a new version is available. But glad it worked out also if with a small delay 💪

Always churning out some awesome stuff! Why I love you guys :D keep it up! Love the witness in HP view, mVests are confusing for me to calculate lol so this helps!

Looks like a great update, guys! I'm excited for the possibilities of verified profile photos. I missed out on Punks and am not going to buy any now, but the possibility is open for other NFT services, eh? Such as on Opensea? I have minted many NFTs there.

Anyway, keep up the great work.


Is opensea still fully ETH?

You can also mint with Polygon instead, which is what I do.


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I love using Peakd, best hive blog!

The green tick looks much better than the blue tick 👍 - decentralized vs centralized.

I lean towards putting a BORDER around the image. The checkmark makes it look like we've validated their account or something like that. A border puts more emphasis on image itself being unique. BUT the question then because will people try to put border around the image themselves to fake the look? So it has to extend beyond the image space i suppose. So maybe the check is ok.
cc @asgarth

You can always hover with the mouse to read the tooltip. I hope that solve most of the doubts about what we have verified (image and not account).

Nice 👍🏻

Great developments! I particularly love the idea of verified profile pictures.

I tried to set a punk of mine as avatar and it's not working. I click on the option and nothing happened. Is this a punk problem or PeakD?

Which option? The option to set a punk?


Sorry, no and that's my bad :) I used the one from and that is Marky's business.

I tried it from PeakD and it is working, so sorry to bother you and thanks for the assistance :)

Oh, I can see your verified avatar now 👍

Yes, I made it! Another quick question if I may. Can someone get a verified profile photo using a Punk that does not own? It's not clear to me, or my headache is too strong.

If we implemented it correctly the answer is: NO

I've just posted a short explanation of how the NFT verification process works. Hopefully it's understandable for everyone:

I've just tested it, it says update successful but indeed, not visible.


Thanks for the link, I'm going to check it out. 👍

We cannot prevent users from setting whatever they want as their profile image. But if invalid the green checkmark will not be visible and in this case even the image is broken 👍

Bye bye old awesome logo...

C'mon! @forykw. Just mint quickly your "awesome logo" with some Hive on NFT Showroom and get rid of that creepy pixelated punk asap. Hahahaha

I love the NFT verification process, can’t wait to use it, so I can finally feel unique as I get the verification mark on my profile picture

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You always improving the ecosystem and making it easier for us. Keep up the good work

With #edenos and nerf super face id GIFs ... and communities we can make our own web of trusts with moderators as verififcation witnesses and just collevt check mark nfts limited to a few per person over 1 or 5 or 10k HP etc

Haha yeah we should have at least 6 axis tararian rotation

Dont worry... we can always fork hive like we forked steemit.. didnt thomas jefferson say every 4 years we must water the tree of liberty with old dpos blockchains?

Just one question, can I get a verified picture that's not offensively ugly? I can commission an artist to make one and show the receipt if that's necessary.

As i believe that hive is developing in a great way and for that i love hive. We will see more development in a short way i think.

I am especially excited by the fast and easy way to create a new account, now.

In fact, I just created one for my neighbor and friend, in a couple of clicks. Something I hadn't been able to do ( easily ) and had been postponing for quite a while, due to him not having time to sit down with me to do it together and me thinking that I needed his email for it and several steps all that stuff.

Keep up the good work! :<)

I like all the improvements, thanks!

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I joined recently , but created the hive account through the free method. I'm not able to change the profile picture. There is no place shown to insert the image URL in the settings section. What can be the possible reason?

This is interesting, but can't one place an image of oneself? and that is not caricature?

Sure, you can use whatever image you want. Just it's not a "verified" image as there is nothing on the blockchain to verify that picture.

Those are some great updates and will really add to the user experience.

I remember a while ago that there was some talk of ads being integrated to the platform. After seeing Leofinance plans for ad revenue i was wondering if there was any advancement on those plans or if there will be ad revenue for the site?

The idea that Jk laid out was a great one: have the automated LeoAds system take the ad revenue each month (it's paid in BTC), buy LEO on one of the 4 exchanges it is listed - whichever has the cheapest arbitrage price (wLEO, bLEO, pLEO or LEO) - then stake it all as LEO POWER into the accounts of everyone already holding LEO POWER.

I think that this would be an amazing way to reward hive users and to encourage more people to join and create content for a share of the ad revenue generated by the site or something similar.

Could we see something like this in the future @asgarth?