Visit To The Temple Of The God Of Justice (Chitai Golu Devta)

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Visit to the Temple of the God of Justice (Chitai Golu Devta)

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Hello friends, how are you guys, i hope you all are good and doing well in your life and enjoying your #tavelling...


Friends, today I went to visit a place which is a very famous temple and is famous as the temple of the God of Justice and is located in Almora. If the wish is fulfilled, then he puts the bell in the temple as a gift, due to which there are more than 10 lakh bells here, which you can see in the pictures also, here people bring their problems by writing on a paper. And put it in front of the temple or say in front of God and request him that God help him to get justice.








Thousands of people come here every day and come from far and wide, people from different parts of the country come here for darshan. There are beautiful flower trees which give you a unique peace. I went here with my family in which I went with my parents and elder brother and we enjoyed a lot here.







This temple is several hundred years old, as the wishes of the people were fulfilled, people worked to make it beautiful, there is also a big bell, although I forgot to take a picture of it, we went to visit the temple at around 7 in the morning. Had reached because there is no crowd in the temple at that time and one can easily get inside the temple.


There are many things here which are ancient, but every day one or two people here also play traditional instruments, which is very good to hear, you can easily reach here with the help of Google Map, yet I will tell you how you can reach here
To reach here, you must first reach any main station of India like Delhi from there you can reach Haldwani with the help of bus, train or plane. You will have to travel further from Haldwani by bus or taxi. Haldwani to Almora is approximately 90 kms. Where it will take you about 4 hours to reach, Chitai village is about 20 kilometers away from there, where this temple is located, which is famous as the god of justice. You can also see about this temple on Google.



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