Hidden Wild Charm of Bar, Montenegro deep through the pine forest🌳 Bird fly vision 🦅

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In the bustling coastal town of Bar, Montenegro, where social beaches often resemble overflowing cans of herring, that I called "colorful hell" in my previous article, I embarked on a personal quest for a quieter, more authentic haven.



Although I've already explored the famous busy beaches, my latest visit revealed a hidden gem on the outskirts of town. It was a chance encounter that led us to this unique gem. As we descended the hill, we entered a coniferous forest, a blanket of pines that foreshadowed an unusual experience.


This forest became the threshold to a wild beach, secluded and unlike anything I had explored before. The unique access through the pine forest became a feature of this paradise corner.


Anticipation grew as we made our way down the winding path, and when we reached the end we were greeted with an amazing sight. In front of us stretched a cozy bay, bathed in sunshine and bordered by a calm sea, with a giant branch lying near the shore in the water, adding a touch of wildness to the place.


And also this naughty branch separate people space from wild space and it's clearly visible on Zelya's shots. You can see nice quiet beach with cute stones in water illuminated by sun and right there after those buildings the main long beach starts.


The natural landscapes surrounding the beach were a real treat for the senses. The rich vegetation gave the scene a vibrant palette of colors, creating a fascinating contrast with the calmness of the water.


The stones on the seabed added an aesthetic dimension, polished by the tide and whimsically arranged, like natural art in the middle of the blue infinity. Sunset is the perfect time to explore this hidden paradise from a unique vantage point.


With the help of my drone, nicknamed Zelya, we took pictures from a bird's eye view, highlighting the unexplored beauty of this special corner of Bar.


As the sun slowly dipped below the horizon, the warm hues of the sky painted a magical picture over the beach, creating an indelible memory. In my research, I found an additional corner of charm in the form of a cozy cafe that was strategically located on the bay.


This corner offered the opportunity to enjoy a coffee in a peaceful environment, complementing the unique experience of the bay. This cafe overlooking the calm water surrounded by the surrounding nature added comfort to the adventure.


The relaxed atmosphere of the cafe was a perfect contrast to the bustling energy of the city. The aroma of coffee mixes with the sea breeze, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The outdoor tables created the perfect place to enjoy a hot drink while admiring the natural beauty around us.


The sun began to descend, painting the sky in warm shades and scattering golden sparkles over the bay. The stillness of the water reflected the color palette of the sunset, creating a picture worthy of contemplation.


The bay, surrounded by the surrounding nature, revealed itself as an idyllic corner, where civilization harmoniously merged with the wild essence. This discovery not only highlighted the diversity of the Bar, but also showed the importance of going beyond the usual tourist spots.


Here, on this secluded beach, we experience the authentic essence of Montenegro, where nature and tranquility converge to offer a unique and enriching experience. In retrospect, my visit to Baru was a journey of contrasts, from the bustling social beaches to this quiet and wild corner.


This experience underscores the importance of exploring the beaten path, as often the most valuable treasures are found in the least expected places.



Bar Montenegro continues to be a place full of surprises and I am grateful to have found a hidden gem that I now share with those looking for a more authentic and unique experience.



Як завжди, казково!))) От молодці!!!

Ох дякую, і як завжди хороші слова🙏🏻💕💕

The perspective given from up in the air is pure fantastic. Makes you discover and rediscover a place in a completely new way than you did so far. Stunning shots!

You described this perfectly, nothing to add, appreciating your nice words 🙏🏻💕💕

It's a wonderful bay @bugavi. The photos you take with the drone are magnificent, it's like heaven. It is very nice of you to share this narrative with us. 💐

oh thank you so much, Zelya is glad to hear🙏🏻💕

Wow, nature is indeed beautiful. Great photos by the way, the did a great job capturing the scenes.

Oh thanks a lot, I'm pleased you think like this 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕

Amazing photography,....you exploring this one.

thank you 💕🙏🏻

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