Koi To waterfall - A hidden gem in the forest of Kon Ray, Kon Tum, Vietnam

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Hi dear Hivers in Pinmapple community, with the hobby of travelling around, exploring new places and taking photos, today I would like to take you to another beautiful place, which is Koi To waterfall, a hidden gem in the forest of Dak Koi commune, Kon Ray district, Kon Tum province. Yesterday was Sunday, so I and my friends had a wonderful time to discover its beauty. The waterfall is about 28km from the center of Kon Ray district, and about 50km from my place. It's not really far, but because of its hidden location, I didn't hear about it until recent conversation with my friend. After that we decided to have a exploraiton to the waterfall. The journey was quite tough, but the reward was totally worthy.

3000x2000 (37).jpg

Koi To waterfall is itself a masterpiece of Mother Nature. But firstly, I want to mention the journey to get there. There are many interesting things on the way there. To get to the waterfall, we had to go through several different villages. And with the pristine beauty, those villages are worthy to pay a visit and have look. I learned something new from those villages even though I'm a local guy. One thing that we can easily realize is that the people here lead a simple life and they live in small houses.










With the life harmony with nature, there are many different trees and plants around the villages.






People in the village make a living by planting agricultural crops such as rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, corn,...Besides, raising livestocks such as buffalos, cows, pigs, chicken, ducks,...is the main income of the villages. We can see many different kinds of animal on the way to the waterfall.






Located next to a river, there are villages isolated from the main road because of a river. To get to the villages, we have no choice except crossing over the suspension bridge.






The boys in the photos below are just in their thirteen years old. But look at them, they drive motorbiles professional and work very hard. The man carrying the stem is 69 years old, how can he be strong like that? And look at the man wading the river with a heavy bag of cassava on his back, can you do that? They often go to the forest with the dogs and they come back with a lot of firewood on their backs.







Despite of difficult life, villagers here are happy people. On the way to the waterfall, I stopped several times to say hello to local people, and they welcomed me by friendly smiles.






Do you know what is this? This is the public gong of the village. The leader of the village will hit the public to gather the villages in common events of the village. Of the villagers also use the public gong to let people know that you need some help or emergency situation.


We saw some children on their way home from the school. And they were so cute on their small bicycles.



And on the way to the waterfall, we come across a big lonely tree in the middle of the meadow. We then stopped to take photos with the tree.




There are so many interesting things, right? And the main purpose of the trip today is exploring Koi To waterfall. To get to the fall, we have to go through small path to go deep into the forest. Then we rented local guys to take us there by their motorbikes. And when we set foot at the fall, all of us were "WOW" with the majestic beauty of the waterfall. Really, I didn't think and know that there is a beautiful waterfall like that in this area. Enjoy some photos of the Koi To in the photos below.








And below are some photos that I took of my friends during the trip today. I hope you enjoy them. For me, making them happy by the photos is also a fun part of the trip.


And I was also taken some photo by my friends. And I'm so happy about that.



In short, we had a great time exploring a beautiful hidden waterfall, Koi To. I hope you had a good time during the trip with me today too. Thank you very much for taking reading my post. Wish you a nice day.

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The photos have the national geographic feel. <3

Thank you very much for your lovely comment @itravelrox

You're welcome :D

I like the countryside pictures. I love to go to waterfalls as well, just that I have limited time to explore to waterfalls here in the region.

I hope your time will be free soon, and then you can enjoy yourself at one of the beautiful waterfalls in your region.

some beautiful photos, I see residents in your area are the same as in my area, children go to school using bicycles, and there is a flyover too, another beautiful thing is a waterfall, even though you have to travel a long way, there is satisfaction when you see it the waterfall and the air are so fresh

I'm happy that we share a lot in common. And yeah even though the journey is quite long, the reward is totally worthy.

The waterfall is a beautiful place and I love the way the water snakes down the rocks in hasty descent. The bridge looks like it's suspended with thick ropes, It would be fun walking along it.
The simplicity of life and the Pure and Natural things around these people is what makes your trip very worthy. Thank you for sharing these beautiful places.

I always enjoy your posts so much! The places that you visit are so different to what I'm used to and people always seem so happy even though they have so little.

Thanks a lot for showing us these places, so that we can learn about your culture a bit 😊

This is pure beauty
All the pictures are lovely
Koi To waterfall is indeed a nice place to visit

Excellent quality. The description and all feel too real. It was like I was also travelling with you. Thanks for sharing this.

Ps:I would like to share this on Twitter and give credit to you. Thank you 😊.

This is really a beautiful place to explore around I strongly believe

One of the best experience when traveling is seeing and interacting with the locals and get to know their amazing stories. What a wonderful stroll and photos!

I see you've shared a wonderful post about your exploration of Koi To waterfall in Kon Ray, Kon Tum, Vietnam. The journey to the waterfall sounds like an adventure in itself, passing through various villages and experiencing the simplicity of life. The photos capture the essence of rural life, and it's heartwarming to see the joy and resilience of the people you encountered.

Yay! 🤗
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Wow wonderful place and beautiful people photography. Really looking nice

These pictures are of great quality and I really enjoyed viewing all the photos. Koi To Waterfall is really a beautiful place to visit. It's really beautiful to see that the villagers are happy.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful place. I love nature ❤️

Very beautiful colorful photos. These are unusual colorful landscapes for my eyes.

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