Why should you go to tuscany? The richness is in the details 💼

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Authored by @Joao Parmagnani

Yo, Hello everyone, all good ? :)

Today marks 1 year and 5 months since I left Tuscany, and I decided to talk a little about my experience there, as well as recommending all of you to enjoy this paradise in the middle of Italy at some point in your life.

I think a good way to do this is to show a slightly different side of Tuscany, in addition to master tourism in well-known spots. It's about allowing yourself, and nothing fairer than metaphorizing together these images recorded with due information about the places and description. I hope you enjoy it and it awakens something positive in you.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.48 (1).jpeg

This image was something that had a great impact on me in the Florence region, Tuscany. Basically we have an architecture from the medieval period with ancient art of a saint, in theory Hail Mary with her son, with a somewhat melancholy countenance. It's funny because when we analyze the direction of the eyes of everyone involved in the art, from the saint, the son and the angels, everyone is looking down. What made me create this poetic phrase referring to this image:

"Look carefully my son, avoid trash and plastic as much as possible in your life, it promotes imbalance and pollution."

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This other image is a photo that I admire a lot. It was taken in the Colle Val Delsa region, Colle district, also in Tuscany, near a small town called Poggibonsi. In Colle there is a sequence of preserved green area with extremely clear water. They say that this water was used as a raw material, in order to extract the minerals present in the water, providing a future alloy with another material in order to make the glass windows of large basilicas and churches, museums around Italy and France.

A curious fact was that I swam to the other side of the bank to take this photo from the front, focused on the falling water as well as on a group of Pakistanis who were very happy, but while I was swimming, they despaired at the fact that I was with cell phone in my hands...that's when I reached the other side without much hassle and pointed the camera at them with a big smile, the result is this image.

Pakistanis are nice.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.48.jpeg

Then, we arrived at a beautiful beach. Ok, we passed through a classic street with European architecture, we passed by a secret well of water with a lot of history involved located in the middle of Tuscany and now it's time for the Mediterranean.

Fine sand, crystal clear water and not that cold. I would say it is perfect for carrying out mental cleaning and purification work using salvaged water.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.47 (3).jpeg
(That's me on the island at sunset on an ordinary day in follonica, thinking that in front of me was supposedly Spain.)

The truth is that all the beaches I went to in Italy are incredible, and the water is different, the Mediterranean sea is a kind of large lagoon, not as rough, almost like the Pacific. On this beach called Follonica I was able to meet great people, Italian masters around 80 to 90 years old, walking along the beach every morning, telling me that the best food of their day was the dose of vitamin D, coming from the sun, and all the stimulation that his body received when he got home after 1% more done per day. The crazy thing is that I saw these elderly people walking on 40 degree days as well as on 10 degree days. No bad weather for them. Showing me a culture a little warmer than in the northern parts of Italy, where I felt a little more closed energy in people, similar to the Germans and Danes.

This was in contrast because I'm Brazilian, and here things are a little more "hectic", we can say

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.47 (1).jpeg

Medieval fortresses. I saw many of these there, generally in provinces, villages, places that have gone through bad and good times throughout their evolution in the period ruled by the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, fiefdoms and then the Renaissance itself.

The most interesting thing is to think that the same monuments, places that went through significant moments in history, are now largely tourist attractions that are largely globalized under the great influence of capitalism. This fortress was in San Gimignano, an incredible place with churches, museums, open parks and much more. Very well known for its Tuscan ham, it is a rich place by nature and there was a lot that happened there too.

Many people think of Pisa, Florence and Siena, but Tuscany is even richer in details.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.47 (4).jpeg

Rectoside. We left the external environment and entered a classic church. There were so many churches visited there and one point to consider is, never doubt a "smaller" or "less touristy" church. They present incredible arts, and they are often older than the greatest... it was a great investment both in the Baroque era and in the Renaissance, where artists came together with this new vision of the world and materialized it in the arts, under the portrait of gods, geometries, symbolism, paintings, expressions that honestly require no comment.

It's about contemplation.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.47.jpeg

This was an incredible discovery. The melody of nature. I was walking in 40 degree heat, thinking how interesting it would be if there was a stream or a water crossing close to my house. That's when I decided to follow a small, micro, tiny stream that crossed the main avenue, that's when I kept following, following, and often I couldn't stay on the bank of the stream or it would disappear by itself. Tuscany is a relatively quiet place, I say, without a lot of noise, so I could hear the sound of water blowing in the background, and I found this incredible place with several local residents who had been bathing there for years.

I used to go and measure at this well, and I was presented with this photo taken by a partner made in the area, FX7, graziemille ragazzi.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.23.47 (2).jpeg

Full of surprises, I was walking through Tuscany when I found this kind of temple, at least I remembered it. But no, the name is Fonte della Fatte, which theoretically means, Fountain of the fairies. And honestly, the place was a bit of a mystery, I always saw bambis jumping around this place, like a different kind of solitude.

The only architectural evidence on the looming hillock known as Poggio Bonizio, the Fonte delle Fate or Fonte di Vallepiatta is for dimensions the largest public fountain in travertine of the entire territory of Siena, as well as an extraordinary example of medieval hydraulic archaeology. Erected around the first years of the 13th century, probably by the unknown "Magister lapidum" Balugano da Crema, it was interred in 1484 to make room for the construction site of the Medici Fortress ordered by Lorenzo the Magnificent. Following excavation work, in 1803 it was brought to light and later restored. It is formed by a portico with six double round arches supported by pilasters. A canalization system collects the waters from the hill and conveys it to basins situated inside. Sited in an archaeological-environmental park, the fountain today is on the itineraries of villages and castles of the area. I recommend this place. It is located inside a park, but has access through the forest, which was the access I discovered due to an error.

The incredible art of finding yourself while getting lost.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 16.26.10 (3).jpeg

Castello Di Badia, is an incredible castle surrounded by grape vines, sunset, animals, wild fruits, speechless. I would like to go to di Badia, which is nowadays a hotel, simply to stand and analyze the entire city from the top of the fort. It was incredible how simple the people of Tuscany were, despite some being a little resentful due to their conservative past. I was in a "private" environment, but rich in nature, therefore, touristy, playing an indigenous Brazilian flute, called pifaro dos guaranis, a type of Indian flute, making a certain noise, and the people around showed love. So twice a week I would watch the sunset from this place and talk a little with the old residents.

We have reached the end. I could have put here a sequence of perhaps more eye-catching images, edited, about more photogenic work, but what I wanted to show here is that a place goes far beyond the pre-written tourist spots on maps or on the internet, it's about waking up , if allowed, respected and danced together with the local culture, attentive to the senses and the intuitive movement of the heart, people tend to find themselves. And Tuscany is a place I highly recommend going. Choose 2 villages to stay in, rent a car or travel by public bus, train when possible, taking advantage of all the richness hidden in the dynamic details of a place rich in history and.. go on!

Buon viaggio amico.


Interesting! I love how you describe the different scenes and tell us a brief story about most of them. Thank you for sharing this. I would consider visiting Tuscany in the future.

you are welcome :) thanks!!! Buona jornada

wooow! What an incredible experience in Tuscany! Loved the photos and the stories behind them. Thanks for shariiiing!

I'm happy that u liked my friend. Thank u. You are always welcome here and congrats for all work around this year ⚡️🙏❤️

What a magic land. As an Italian living in Emilia-Romagna for some years, I had the chance to visit this region many times and I still feel like I’m missing a lot 😂 thank you for sharing this! I actually didn’t know this. I particularly appreciated your historical information, but let me also tell you that your pics are stunning!

yooo! grazie mille amico. Mi sono davvero divertito molto in Italia, sono metà brasiliano e metà italiano di Bologna, isola rizza! Sono stato accolto molto bene e ben collegato, grazie! È bello averti qui. Aloha :) ciao ciao

Che meraviglia allora! Wow! Sono davvero felice di sapere che sei stato bene qui. Torna presto 😁 io sono cresciuto con il Brasile nel cuore perché a sei anni ero un fanatico di Ronaldo il Fenomeno 🖤💙
Mi piace tantissimo la vostra cultura, la lingua, la bossa nova e il cibo! Spero di poter viaggiare lì prima o poi :)

Bello hermano. Mi garba molto anche Ronaldo e che bela legame con il Brasile! Lo sai che in Sardegna ci sono delle belle onde, vero? Amazing barrels. Ho conosciuto un grande amico lì chiamato Dado, attualmente vive in Portogallo... grazie per buona atmosfera amico.. Andiamo!!! You are welcome here bro. Try to listen Rosinha de Valença, Novos Baianos, pretty nice old song.. como la bossa.

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