From Sunrise to Sunset: Traveling and Exploring Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines

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Happy Tuesday Hivers!

Traveling at dawn can be a bit challenging, especially when one is planning to spend the night at the seaport terminal. On the other hand, it has advantages because you won't have to endure the scorching hot weather, and you get to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings and witness the beautiful sunrise.

It was dawn when I traveled from Bohol to Cebu via Tubigon. I had a lack of sleep as I stayed at the seaport terminal from night until dawn to catch the 4:00 AM trip bound for Cebu. I had an important matter to attend to on Saturday, so I had no choice but to stay at the seaport the whole night.

When we boarded the vessel, I immediately went to sleep as it was still dark outside. However, after 2 hours, my tired body became energized when I saw the beautiful sky. We had already arrived at Cebu port, and the sun was about to rise.

We rarely experienced such weather because most of the time it was gloomy. I was lucky that, during my travels, I had the chance to witness this stunning scenery. The sea was calm, and the surroundings were filled with serenity. Who wouldn't love to witness such beautiful creations of God?





My elder brother and his wife were supposed to pick me up at Cebu port, and we were supposed to go together to Dalaguete for an important matter. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, I had to go there alone. It was not my plan to check in at the resort, but I had no choice because I was already tired and had my two luggages with me. When I arrived in Dalaguete, I asked the tricycle driver to take me to Ocean Bay Beach Resort.

Dalaguete is located in the southern part of Cebu. It is situated between the towns of Argao and Alcoy. It takes around 3 hours to travel from Cebu City to Dalaguete. If one doesn't have a car, they can take a bus from Cebu Bus Terminal. The fare for an air-conditioned bus is Php198.00, but if you opt for a non-air-conditioned bus, it is much cheaper.


After I took a rest, I went outside to check the resort. The ambiance was so relaxing. I went downstairs as I wanted to stay in their native cottage while savoring the scenery of the sea.


While checking around, I noticed that most of their guests were foreigners. Some were enjoying jet ski riding, while others were enjoying the pool area.







I was not in the mood to swim in the pool because my body was still tired after a long journey, and I hadn't gotten enough sleep yet. I was content just to check and stroll around.


Since my friend mentioned that Dalaguete has a festive park, I also visited their park, which has similarities to Dumaguete Boulevard. There were many different foods displayed, ranging from salty to sweet delights.


While strolling around, I noticed that the Dalaguete Watchtower and their old church and belfry are also located near the park. Although the park is not as huge as the Boulevard in Dumaguete, it is still big enough to cater to a big event.







I agree with my friend's statement that Dalaguete has a booming economy. Soon, they will have their own seaport, and the construction is currently ongoing. The Metro Gaisano mall will have its groundbreaking ceremony, and soon it will rise near the University of the Visayas-Dalaguete Campus. This is indeed a nice place to start a business, hopefully soon.








After strolling around, I looked for a vacant bench so I could rest and eat my food. But since it started drizzling, I had no choice but to go back to the resort. I wanted to stay there at night because my friend told me that the ambiance at night is different; it gets festive. Soon, I will experience visiting the Dalaguete park at nighttime. Surely, one will have a great time.


Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Roald Dahl

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Some photos were edited using Canva

Note: I use Grammarly to help me check and fix grammar.



Namaste! I am fond of reading books, watching korean, american and filipino series/movies and I am also fond of gardening. I love listening to different life stories and I am always captivated with the beauty of nature so travel is my escape when life turns into blue. But hey, how could I forget my photography hobby? It is one of the best, so follow me as I will be featuring my experiences of the stuff that I am passionate with.


Nindot juf kaau ng sunrise sa pier sa Cebu jud. Nice dha sa Dalagauete. Kalma kaau ug peaceful ang lugar. Murag y samok.

Timing kaau pagkabyahia lagi nice ang weather. Yes mem nice sad didto.

That's great ate, I also love travelling atleast now I have the ideas hehe

really? a port in Dalaguete soon? that's exciting! And would be a great help for the farmers of Dalaguete they'll have a chance for a larger target market for their produce as they can ship them to other provinces.

Yes, the construction is actually ongoing. As per information I got from the locals, this is also in preparation for the sea bus operation. There will also be vessel trips going to Bohol and Tacloban, Leyte. However, I don't know yet which shipping lines.

wow! that would be awesome! more efficiency in traveling to the neighboring provinces

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That looks like a full day indeed! I call it bliss when I wake up early enough to catch the sunrise and end up seeing the sunset too in the same day. It just feels like I haven't lost any moment of that day!

The day is complete after witnessing both the sunrise and sunset @gabrielatravels.

Wow!! The South of Dalaguete is very beautiful! It’s great that you could walk around and visit different parts of the place. Also if you shared it with family, is even better!

Yeah, I agree; it would be better with family @belug!

I would say that I could spend my life in this beautiful place once I retire

It's not impossible @stefano.massari!

Just came for the portrait, nice post @kellyane ! Every photo has something incredible! Congrats!

Oh, I'm beyond grateful that you appreciate those photos.

Salamat kaayo sa pag showcase sa kanindot sa dalaguete sa akong yutang nataw-han.

Walay sapayan sir @gohenry!

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