Canal walk in Bruges, Brussels

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A while ago I posted about my recent trip to Bruges. During that trip hubby and his drinking buddy, my brother in law went whiskey exploring whilst I went for a walk around the city with the rest of my family.

First things first, one must do in Rome as the Romans does ie tourists must eat waffle when visiting Belgium 😉. I choose my favourite chocolate sauce of course! Hubby had caramel sauce. The waffle was devine, freshly made and nice and chewy. Ours in UK are never so tasty and are either over cooked and crumbly or lack taste.

Apart from beer and chocolate, Bruges is also well know for it beautiful network of canals, you're never far away from the waters. It was was autumn, and the lovely array of leaves fell on the ground like a layer of carpet.

We only had a few hours in town, and didn't want to steer too far away from the city centre. Luckily Bruges is pretty small and there was enough places for us to wander around to kill time but not get bored. I mean, who would get bored with such a beautiful canal walk?






I went to Bruges on a cruise holiday, and our cruise ship had over 3000 passengers. Granted that not all (though probably most) go to Bruges, the city didn't feel like it was swamped with tourists at all. In fact as we were walking around, an army of students came marching towards us. They kept on coming and coming and coming, and there must have been hundreds of them. Finally they all stopped and filled up the entire walkway, it sounded like thousands of birds tweeting all at the same time as we walked past. The joys of being young!

We continued with our walk and left the birdies behind. I've been to Bruges before so was sort of the guide for the rest of my siblings. Not that I knew the city better than them, but because they couldn't be bothered to coordinate anything 🙃. Anyway, that was fine with me as I just took them anywhere I thought looked interesting so I can take more photos to share with everyone!!



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Sounds like you had a great trip to Bruges! Enjoyed the whiskey exploration for your husband and brother-in-law, and the city walk with your family.

Thanks, actually I wrote incorrectly, it was actually beer exploration not whisky in Bruges. But whisky is their normal thing. Nevertheless, they still found a fantastic beer that day and had a great time

I really like that part of the canal, very clean the water flowing there. Is it sea water or river water? What's more interesting is how some of the flowers or trees there grow well even though it's in the city. It seems to be a good trend nowadays to have more green areas in the city. Thank you for treating my eyes to the beautiful scenery there. Blessing

Is it sea water or river water?

That's a very good point, I've never thought about it before. The sea is about half an hour away because we came on a cruise ship, but I just looked on Google map there are also rivers that go into the city. Not sure now 😁

Now I know. Thank you sis @livinguktaiwan.

Btw, How stupid I am, Do you know what ? I am just mild shock if your name is Living UK Taiwan. I am sorry.

No apologies needed!!

People get confused with my user name because it is quite long, but if you break it down like you have, it's pretty simple 🙂

Thia placing is ust stunning! And those chocolate sauce looks really delicious.

Chocolate can never go wrong. W went into some chocolate shops and my family bought lots of chocolate Christmas figures and other beautiful chocolate made goods, dunno why I didn't take any photos...

Ahh I love Brugge, it is one of my favourite cities in the world!

Lucky you being so near to Bruges.

Btw I saw your post about Etratat last year and I decided to do a day trip there on this trip. Your post, and a few that others had written on Pinmapple was a great reference for my planning

Ha ha, i love the term 'whiskey exploring' but i have to admit, waffles and city wandering is much more my speed these days.

The pics of the canal with the leaves turning golden in the autumnal fall were wonderful 🍁🙂

It was actually beer exploring as we were in Bruges, dunno why I put whisky by mistake, probably because that's what they normally drink. However, they still had a great time and found one of the best beer they've ever had.

They scenery was lovely, canal in the autumn is so lovely 🙂

Yeah, i love that time of the year when the leaves change colour.

It's also my girlfriend's fav time of the year (although I'm split between autumn and summer tbh 😂), which is nice as we can take walks together in the woods and take in the natural wonder 🙂🌿🍁

P.s. Beer exploration sounds fun 🍻

The canal is similar to Amsterdam...such a pretty place 😊

Yes, the two places are quite similar with the canals but Amsterdam is a lot bigger and busier, like a little and large version

And with prettier architecture along the canals 😊

Truly an amazing collection of photographs, I really enjoyed them. Hope you had enjoyed the meals very much.

Thanks for dropping by

Hubby + Belgium = Beer

He! He! Yeah, they actually went beer not whisky exploring, I made a mistake there 😅

Ours in UK are never so tasty and are either over cooked and crumbly or lack taste.

One could say the same for a lot of UK food, eh? ;) (I joke, I joke)

Anyway, beautiful photos. I'd love to visit there sometime. But unless BTC moons and I find myself unexpectedly rich, it probably won't happen anytime soon. Oh well. I can enjoy the photos at least!

No joke, overall UK food is pretty crap, we have quite low standards compared to other nations.

You're in a beautiful country now, so much variety from north to south, the rest of Asia can't get enough of it!

haha yeah that is what all my Brit friends generally say.

Yeah, in my 20 years here I have never gotten tired of exploring the country. I suppose my next step is to one of these days explore other asian countries. Then Europe is maybe for after retirement.

It's really nice trip. U think you really enjoy. That's for sharing your experience with us. The view was really awesome. The environment are peaceful or comfortable

Thanks for your nice comment!

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Wow, this was the place I heard about when I was in Antwerp many years ago.

Yeah, Bruges is pretty famous as a quaint little city

Lovely city Bruges, I remember doing it by canal, always sticks in my mind, as I was there on the day of the Soham murders, sad how some things stay with you.

Love those waffles

Yeah, it's odd how many years later we can still remember the exact moment when we learnt of a significant event.

That waffle was so nice 😋

yummy scrummy!!

Ever since I watched In Bruges with Colin Farrell, I wanted to go to Bruges. It looks like a beautiful city. Those waffles look devine too 🤤 🤤 I've never been on a Cruise, I must try it sometime.

Bruges, is definitely worth going. Belgium bis so small you can easily do day trips to all the different cities. Just think nof all the beer posts you can write !!!

Cruises are a lot more affordable nowadays, and are great if you want a full board getaway and don't want to plan any itinerary. Not exactly my cup of tea tbh, but not going to complain if it cost £350 for 8 days to western Europe!!

Looks like you had a lovely time - its such a great town. I was there back in the 90s (cant believe it was so long ago) and I really loved that musical clock tower in the town centre - it was pretty epic !

The Belfry? We went up the first time we visited Bruges the views are quite spectacular. It's a pity we couldn't spend more time here this time round

I'd love to visit this beautiful country some day. I work at an airport and I see lots of people entering the airplanes and leaving, when on the other part, I haven't flown in my life XD.
Some day some day.

My first job was working at Heathrow Airport in London! It was very interesting for me to access the airside everyday. I just hated the early morning 0400 start. What do you do at the airport?

If you ever decide to write about your work, we have a community called WorkLife, you can post there. I find airport work very interesting as its different from office work and there's always so much going on

Thanks so much <3. Tomorrow I'll take some pics and post it there.

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It was autumn and the beautiful string of leaves fell to the ground like a layer of carpet.
Eventually they all stopped and filled the entire walkway, like thousands of birds chirping at the same time as we passed by. The joys of being young!

With these words, I can see what a successful writer you are. You are one of the rare people I take as an example by reading your articles. The biggest plus of your canal walk in Brussels is your favorite chocolate sauce 😊

You are doing very well yourself, always bringing interesting content to Hive!

It makes me proud to hear this from your mouth. Thank you so much.

I haven't been to Netherlands but those canals reminds me of the pictures seen from Amsterdam, lol. Anyway, I'm happy for the walk you had around with your close ones and that waffle looks sooooo tasty!!

I guess you have to guide your family the same way you did in Hive lol. Belgium is really a country I would like to live in the future. Even if I can't live there, at least I want to visit and see it. Thanks for sharing great photos. By the way, do you like waffles? Waffle is one of my favorite desserts. I make sure to eat one in every city I visit and if possible, I eat it in the best place.

Hi Pauline, wow Bruges was not on my radar before your post. It looks great. I loved Amsterdam so I am sure I would enjoy Bruges too. Those waffles look yummy!!

Aww nice to see Brugge and hear about your time there. Being relatively close I've been there a few times but the last 2 times were via a boat. Did you do that as well? Maybe I will blog about it one of these days.
The Belgians do make the best waffles, great beer and good chocolate.

What a beautiful city!! I have heard a lot about Brussels so maybe soon I will do a short trip there...Lovely Walk...