Bataan World War II Museum

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Taking you back to a historical place in the Philippines that serves as remnants of the World War II where Japan conquered Philippines for four years. Visiting museum that allows us to revisit the past always leaves a pang in our chest. As we went inside the museum we saw a lot of items that were used during the World War II and saw a heart breaking scene during the Bataan Death March. As we have imagined those worst things they have to endure during those times made us all emotional.



The museum attendant have explained each remnants and what exactly happened during those heartbreaking moments. Right after, she played a video of what had happened during the World War II. There was bombing everywhere, a lot of blood shed, the death march that lasted five to ten days where the captives were beaten, shot, bayotened and the worst case were beheaded. It was an absolute tragedy for the Filipinos.


We were also guided by the attendant to the old structure outside the museum that happens to be the torture room. I know this might sound surreal but when you see it in person you won't dare to go inside or even take a peek. I was too heartbroken to do that. Imagine those suffering souls begging for mercy when they suffered injustice with the Japanese hands. It didn't end there though, a few steps away stands this huge tree where they used to hang hundreds or thousands of people. I immediately take a pause and offered a prayer to all the poor souls that suffered injustice.

The witness of the hanging
The Torture room

I am just glad and grateful for all those brave souls back then and fought for the independence that we are enjoying right now. Visiting such historical places really make us appreciate our lives more. Living today is such an amazing gift and I will always be grateful for it.


If you haven't visited the museum yet, it was uniquely located at the back portion of the Balanga Elementary School in Bataan.

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