Epic Sunset Hike to Black Peak

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Hi there Hive Family,

In the last 2 weeks we were surprised with a lot of snow and really cold weather conditions reaching -20 degrees along with high speed wind. The wind makes it feel like -30 degrees. Really freezing temperatures. It was not suitable for alpine hiking and cliff climbing so we decided to do a very rarely walked route from a village called Bosnek to the highest peak in Vitosha mountain - Black Peak.

2023-02-07 07.32.02.jpg

We were prepared with snowshoes and a lot of thermal clothing to protect ourselves against the cold. In the beginning, we were very fortunate to hike the first 8 km. relatively easy because high terrain vechicles had already made trail. It was comfortable.


We were advancing pretty fast. That were very good news because the route is very long and we really wanted to catch the sunset near the peak.


Out initial plan and drawn route was a little different than what the circumstances welcomed us. So we had to re-route and follow the amazing trail instead of going for the wild and losing precious time that we could spend on the peak itself.


Sooner or later all things come to an end.. sadly, in our case, the trail came to an end. The last picture showed that the trucks and ATV just had some fun in the plains and that was it. We were now completely on our own. Thank you for the pleasant 8 km. though.


The fun part has begun. Manual trail creation. This is a very taxing and exhausting activity. Let alone the hike and the denivelation... We had to do it, otherwise we cannot just teleport ourselves to the peak.


After hefty and slowly digging through the snow, we finaly began our ascend, fortunately in the upper regions, the surface is harder and frozen so we could increase our pace.


Another bonus of our higher altitude is that the wind began to increase its velocity and now we were even more overwhelmed the cold. There was no turning back. We had to endure.


The most interesting and beautiful part of our hike has just begun. It always happens when we are most tired. After prolonged hours of constant moving and overcoming obsticles.

2023-02-07 16.25.27.jpg

The highest part were full of clouds and mist. But occasinally the sun could rip itself out and create stunning views. We felt the upper Earth and its influence on us. That was rather emotional and spiritual. We forgot quickly about the cold and the wind.


We were prepared with a standalone GPS and 2 smartwatch GPSes along with our phones. The region was very hard to navigate and we could get lost at any point. We can't afford to lose any more time because the sunset is coming.


It is 30 minutes before the sunset and I can officially say: We made it! The Lodge in the distance is actually the Shelter Black Peak. We made it, and yet just in time for the spectacular panoramic views. Because of the freezing cold, we were about to experience the most amazing views that we had ever witnessed.


We gathered the last of our virtually exhaused strength to reach the shelter, where we prepared ourselves for the sunset.

2023-02-07 17.40.51.jpg
2023-02-07 17.38.53.jpg
2023-02-07 17.42.18.jpg

Here are some epic pictures of the cloudy and foggy sunset. But this is not the end! I have even more impressive stuff to show. I thought that the sunset would be the culmination, the best pictures, the cherry on top. But actually, the Moon was the one which really took our breath away.

2023-02-07 19.27.29.jpg

Can you imagine a bloody red vast Moon just appearing out of nowhere and shining so powerful, it could well compete with the Sun? Well we witnessed interplanetary views that could never be explained with single words. One word that could begly try is - Grandiose.

2023-02-07 20.12.47.jpg
2023-02-07 19.30.19.jpg
2023-02-07 19.52.48.jpg
2023-02-07 20.12.22.jpg

And also the surrouding forest was simply surreal. So much frozen snow, the nature paitings far exceeding any famous painter depictions. The nature just can't be copied. It can be obseved and that is it. And that is what we did. We were enveloped by the beauty and mesmerized by the virginity and its spontenuerty. It paints pictures that noone could replicate.

2023-02-07 17.24.18.jpg
2023-02-07 17.25.42.jpg

This was just epic!

Thank you for checking out my blog :)

Stay happy, be peaceful!





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Wow, I always saw this on movies and never witness it for once and I hope you enjoy your trip and that's a very lovely and nice pictures

Saludos, tus fotos parecen de películas, son verdaderamente hermosas, algunas me dieron temor por tanta nieve y tanto frio, yo particularmente no hago ese recorrido por miedo, de verdad te felicito porque es muy arriesgado, y mas de noche, pero lo que no se puede negar es hermoso que están las fotos, inclusive fotos para National Geografi, muchas gracias por mostrar las fotos. 👍

What a day! Hiking in snow is exhausting, especially when there is no trail yet. I have done it in the past and it's the best workout one could get 🙂 but it also makes you very tired.

I love those sunset pictures. You captured it perfectly. We didn't have any snow this year, so I'm a bit jealous now..

Thank you for sharing! It was a fun trip! 🙂

Really cool place

being in the snow area seems so much fun, and the mind can also be more relaxed when you are in nature full of snow. @velinov86

Some amazing images in this post fantastic work 👌

Damn guys, what a hike you had there! So many beautiful memories were created up there! You have my respect for this :)

We recently experienced the same temperature (-31 celsius degrees) but in town so no one got out of their house unless it was an emergency. I can't imagine what the weather would be up in the mountains. Anyway, stay safe and have amazing hikes!

Wow!!! I can't stand the cold and snow but those scenes are absolutely out of this world and magical. That sunset on the snowy landscape is inspiring. I'm happy to look at them inside my heated apartment.

Wow! You and your friends really a great time having some hike during this season. Glad you did it safe.

Hmm I am curious about this picture. What is this?

Upon looking at it, I remember Lot's wife who became a pillar of salt.

Hi there @jenthoughts! This is a coniferous tree tilted to a side because it holds too much snow :)

Ah okay, now I understand. It cannot hold all the snow that gather in it's body. Thanks for the answer.

Уникакен пост както винаги братле! Поздравления! 🔥💪🇧🇬😊🙏

Oh my! These are breathtaking! I felt how rewarding it is to get on top after that exhausting trial. The sunset, the moon, and the experience of doing it with friends are all worth it.

Your and your friend's endurance is quite impressive. You've got the best moment there on top!

Браво,уникално евала!🙏

These photos are amazing. It looks like you were on another planet!

how wonderful! It can be seen that it was a great winter adventure and extreme to others, just by looking at the photos I'm cold, I don't even want to imagine what you felt. But it looks like they had a good time

Beautiful pictures😍

Low temperatures, cold wind but you enjoyed it. Beautiful scenes and photos.

Really epic. I haven't more comment. Just want to look at that photos...

I admire you guys so much. Under that weather condition, I think I cannot survive. By the way, the scenery over there is awsome. Wish to see snow once in my life.

Такава красота. Изумителни картини. Такива невероятни природни хубости не съм виждала скоро. Чудесен пост.
Браво 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤

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Qué maravilloso paisaje nevado, gracias por compartirlo

What a wonderful snowy landscape, thanks for sharing.

I have been hiking but this looks taxing. However it would be a nice challenge. The views and surreal forest and moon makes it all worthwhile. Indeed it can only be summarised in 1 word - EPIC!!!

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Hi there @fairyberry! Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, older version phones are not designed to handle freezing temperatures. My advice would be to have a higher end device. They are certainly manufactured to withstand colder temperatures.