This May Be The Secret To Long Life: Black Eggs of Hakone

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This year's Golden Week, I was traveling to Fuji Shibazakura Festival and Hakone with my friends. These 2 places are just close to Tokyo so if you want to escape the city life, I recommend Hakone.

I haven't summarized my post about Hakone yet but next time, I will. For now, you can refer to my post about Hakone Shrine.

And well, if you are in Hakone, you should not miss this one place and have a taste of their black eggs!

Let's travel to Owakudani

About Black Eggs

Yes, there are black eggs in Japan!

And don't worry - they're the regular type of eggs!

These black eggs are called kuro-tamago (in kanji: 黒玉子 which means black eggs LOL it's the same). They are boiled eggs, but they are cooked differently.

See? Kuro-tamago is a boiled egg

Quick trivia about the kanji of たまご (read as tamago, in english: egg). There are 2 kanjis for writing tamago.

卵 - refers to eggs that hatches like offspring, be it chickens, fishes, humans, etc
玉子 - refers to eggs that are edible and cooked 

Few exceptions though,
卵 can be used for eggs not yet cooked like:
- 生卵 [nama tamago] which means raw egg (we eat them here!)
- 卵かけご飯 [tamago kake gohan] which is egg on top of rice with a little soy sauce

Little complicated but you get the gist of it.

The eggs are boiled for 60 minutes at about 80 degrees celsius in hot spring water which contains sulfur and iron. Then, it is steamed at 100 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.[1] After that, it's ready to be sold!

Photo by Stefan K from Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

The process in cooking the egg produces its black egg shell. No artificial coloring or artists involved. Purely science.

Black egg of Hakone

I tried smelling it and well, it smells awful. Must be the sulfur. The taste isn't any different from normal boiled eggs we cook at home - still delicious. Unless you don't cook boiled egg well. 😏

One pack which contains 5 eggs is sold for 500 yen. That's alright, you can share it with your peers or you can take it home. Make sure to consume it within 2 days. The eggs sold on that day are actually made that day so it's really fresh.

Tip: There's a long line outside the shop where you can buy it, but inside the shop there's not a lot of people and you're buying the same eggs. Follow my advice and go buy it from inside the shop, including your souvenirs.

1 pack 500 yen for 5 eggs

They said eating these black eggs will add 7 years to your life span. I don't know though if it's per egg but let's assume it is. Since I ate 4 eggs, does that mean 28 years have been added to my life span?! Viva, long life! Do note that there aren't studies to back up this claim but imagine if it's true. That's what the locals believe so let's leave it that way.

Am I their new endorser? LOL

Don't worry, the egg beside me is not edible. 😂

Where To Find Them: Owakudani

Black eggs are found in Owakudani (大涌谷). Owakudani is an active volcanic zone. This area is the result of the eruption of Mount Hakone 3,000 years ago.

Arriving at Owakudani

Owakudani is known as Jigokudani (地獄谷 translated as Valley of Hell) to the locals because well, just see the english translation. Steam is constantly up so you're reminded that it is indeed an active volcanic valley. There's a walking trail to get a closer look of the area but I think it needs an advance reservation. It must be so interesting not just to see the volcanic gases closer but also to see the egg boiling site.

Volcanic gases

Looks hot, feels hot

Off limits area for tourists

On clear days, you can see Mount Fuji from here. It was cloudy when we came so no good views of Mount Fuji.

Mountains of Hakone

The area for guests are not really that wide but there are plenty of shops where you can buy food and drinks and souvenirs of course! As I have mentioned earlier, where you can buy the eggs, that's also a shop where you can buy souvenirs including sulfur soap, black facial wash, facial masks limited to this area, and of course food items specially made by the locals. There are a lot so prepare your wallet. Hehe

Around Owakudani

In the Owakudani station building, there's also a restaurant where you can have lunch. I got myself the Special Owakudani Katsu Curry (特製大涌谷カツカレー read as Tokusei Owakudani Katsu Kare) which is inspired by the place, with Onsen Tamago (温泉たまご) as topping. It's so delicious but I need more curry sauce. 😅 Don't ask about the price. It's not so cheap, but it's not so expensive either.

Special Owakudani Katsu Curry with Onsen Tamago

Getting To Owakudani

There's a road leading to Owakudani so you can use your car to go there. However, I think the road will always be congested so I won't recommend this route.

Traffic as seen from the cable car ride

Easiest way to get there is to take the Hakone Ropeway (箱根ロープウェイ, read as Hakone Ropuwei). If you are coming from Togendai station (桃源台駅, read as Togendai-eki), you can take the cable car to go to Owakudani for a round trip fare of 2,250 yen. I didn’t check the time from Togendai to Owakudani but I think it’s around 10-15 minutes. Be careful not to get off on the first stop because that’s still Ubako station (姥子駅 read as Ubako-eki). The second and last stop is Owakudani.

Cable car from Togendai station

Luscious green view from the ride

View of Lake Ashi from the cable car ride

Look at these colors from inside the cable car

Almost there!

Likewise you can get to Owakudani from Gora but I’m not so familiar with this route.

Be careful not to take the wrong ropeway. There’s another one going to Komagatake from Hakone-en.

Before, the boat cruise from Moto-Hakone will take you to Togendai but when we were there, they can only go up to Hakone-en.

We were there for around 1-2 hours enjoying the view and eating lunch. I forgot to mention I'm actually afraid of heights, so riding the ropeway is usually a scary experience for me. But the Hakone Ropeway's smooth ride and big cable car calmed me. Though I still keep holding on to something in case something happens. Hehe

Pretending to be okay and not afraid

Anyways it was a short tour to Owakudani but I enjoyed it!
The ropeway was also scaryfun for me.

If you're in Hakone, don't forget to eat the black eggs at Owakudani!
It's nothing special but it's one unique experience.
And oh, it extends your life span too! 😅

If you have been to Hakone, please share your experience!
Or if you are more interested about Hakone or Japan in general, leave a comment below and let's talk about anything!
I'll be more than happy to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!
See you around! またね!

Next time, I'll be sharing our itinerary of this trip!
Stay tuned!

[1] Source:

Japanese font used in cover photo is Yuji Boku downloaded from Google Fonts designed by Kinuta Font Factory.

All photos are taken using my phone unless stated otherwise.


I was already laughing when you mentioned the belief of long life surrounding the black egg, I knew next thing was for you to do the maths and boom!!! You did😂

The Black egg is fascinating, I thought Japan too had chickens that laid back eggs (there're black chicken who lay back eggs with black yokes, very rare breed).
To think they boil for 60mins using sulphur and irons? I'm curious about the taste now.

Beautiful photos, you look stunning as always😍

So many places to visit, amazing as travel and tour post as always❤️

@queenstarr Thank you my dear! 🤗

I can't help but do the math. 😅 There's a legend about this but I'm not too knowledgeable. It's in Japanese. Limited japanese skills here. LOL

I didn't know about black chickens actually laying black eggs. Must be some kind of expensive chickens because it's very rare to find one.


The Ayam Cemani Black Chickens of Indonesia. Cost about $5000 and also a belief about them having extraordinary powers too😂

Woah! Those are really so black! And so expensive!
The eggs must also be sold at a high price.

Wonder what their superpowers are. 🤔
And I wonder if people worship these chickens.

Your bet is as good as mine, big chance some people worship them😂

But again, what if its photoshopped? Someone has got to go prove that this chickens exist, just the way we know now that the Black eggs of Japan do.

We must travel to Indonesia to find out! And blog about it too. 😅

It is Fascinating indeed and glad you took the time to visit. I've only read about Mount Fuji in books, lovely to see some close shots of it. You had fun, you make us fall I love with Japan each post❤️

@queenstarr Glad I made you fall in love with Japan! Mount Fuji is really stunning especially up close! Haven't climb but just looking at it will really make you at ease. Hope you can see it in real life, not just from the books!

awe fantastic. Yeah hopefully🤞
much Love💗

Awesome post. There are so many interesting places and food in Japan. Such a rich heritage and culture. The black eggs are dope; this must be what ninjas eat so that it won't be seen when they are on a mission. LOL. !LUV !hivebits

There are a lot! That's why Japan is greatly affected by the covid situation. No tourists means a loss. But situation here is getting better (I hope), we can travel freely around the country so local tourism is starting to get back up.

I don't know about the ninjas coz I haven't seen one. They're hiding maybe with their black egg as their meal. 😂

Yeah. Covid-19 really hit the tourism industry. That's why all of us really need to be careful because getting sick means that we also affect other people and their livelihood. The ninjas are out there hiding in plain sight among the common people. 😁

Ninjas are so good at their disguise then 🥷

Are you a ninja? 😲

@juanvegetarian Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. 🙊

So, this is how ninjas talk. You also look like a ninja with your mask on. 😷

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Such a great blog and I see so many new things. I wasn’t sure if this was an April fools thing , I have never see black eggs in my life before. Like unread in the comments I am not the only one that hasn’t seen this before. The smell of the fosfor must be as I imagine…. Indeed awful. Great blog. Maybe next time use some other tags. And did you know blogs directly into hive. So nature travel travelfeed and photography would be more visible tags. Just an idea. Let me know in the termknal if you want more advice.

Have a great weekend and love the picture of you standing with the black huge egg

@brittandjosie Oh thanks for the tip! I haven’t been using but I’ll give it a try next time. I also thought the black egg is an easter thing, but then Japan doesn’t really celebrate easter.

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Fink Balls next please? I mean Fink Eggs sorry lol

Looking at the black eggs I instinctively thought black balls 😂

Hooooy! 🤣 Balls ka dyan! hahaha

I have yet to find the pink eggs. Is this some kind of easter egg contest? 😅

I have yet to find the pink eggs

You better start looking then 😂, that's your next quest to find those Fink Balls/Eggs

Roger that! 😅


Nice blog, I was first think 🤔 what this black eggs and then got it while reading hehe

Guess I successfully made you curious! Thanks for reading and dropping by!

😄 yeah, Always welcome 😌

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Love looking at your trip photos. Got to know about those black eggs today!

Thank you! They are really popular in this area.

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naks naman may pa ganito! thank you @low-key103!

Saludos muy curioso lo de los huevos negros, si me gustaría conocer japón un abrazo desde Venezuela.

El sabor es como un huevo cocido normal pero el olor es horrible. Si alguna vez decides venir a Japón, ¡pruébalo!

¡Gracias por visitarnos!

I think I can understand it now
Maybe the iron containing water made it turn black because iron deposits in ulcer patients even make the wound area black

Wow, that's really a great practical science

The price is friendly too
Wow beautiful pictures also

When will I be to this area😢

I don't know much science but I guess you're right. It's a good experiment in a science class too, 😅

Place is really nice. Thanks for the compliment!

Don't worry, in time, you can visit this area! Let's just keep doing our best!

I guess all I have again is still the hope 😂
Thanks for your nice reply

We should never cease to be hopeful 😅

This is a very interesting ride, I hope I can ride it also someday.


A little bit scary but actually people aren't scared at all! Hope you could try riding it one day! 🤞

WOW! I've never seen these eggs before. At first I thought they were Century Eggs. 🤣

Hahaha! They are 1hour eggs! 🤣


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Ha, i gonna try and live forever... hehehe. Thanks for that awesome "soulfood" 😏

Soulfood, is this you? 😅
Hurry, eat many black eggs! 🤣

Thanks for visiting! :D

The pleasure is mine... Happy Times Tokyo!

I read it as "Times Japan". LOL
Did you know that "Times Japan" is a car rental service in Japan? HAHAHA

Spectacular, bellisimooo.... 😍💖

Thanks for stopping by @dayadam! It was really breathtaking!

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