We all need inspiration to write

Yes, we all need the inspiration to write. Now writing on Hive has become a part of my life and the inspiration has come after seeing a lot of great posts out there. Though I will lie if I say that I write only for the love of writing, getting paid for writing is an inspiration too. When we see some articles earning quite well, our inspiration grows much bigger and we write hoping that someday we can earn something like that.

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As I have already mentioned in one of my previous articles Hive is like a second home to me and I love writing on the platform. For some people, it is their 'IKIGAI' that means a motivating force that gives a sense of purpose for their life. There are a lot of people on Hive where their Ikigai is the love of writing. The good thing is that we can chase a lot of things and think we should stick to something but again if there is no inspiration or driving force you might not succeed or even you will stop that halfway.

I was not continuously writing on Hive in 2020 or early 2021 because I was lost. I wanted to do too many things and was not concentrated on one thing. But as they say, the inspiration comes from within and thus when the inspiration came by seeing so many good people writing such great posts and earning. I tend to bring my focus back on writing and by the mid of 2021, I was back in writing. Though I know I am not that great in writing or not a professional blogger still wanted to put my thoughts across the table for the readers out there.

Again along with money, I am actually getting knowledgeable after writing or even becoming better day by day so that I can now express my thoughts in a much better and clear way than what I used to do a few years back. When we get older, we have very limited time as you have a family which needs your time, as well as your day job and other things but again when you spend half an hour to 1 hour on yourself that is the best gift you can give to yourself. And that gift I am giving is by writing on Hive.

Along with writing, I am passionate about clicking photos, but again the Covid has changed a lot of things. Now I cannot go out every weekend for clicking photos so what is left for me is to write. And again if you ask me, it's not that I will choose writing over clicking photos or vice versa but again it's all about where you will get the motivation. I am getting the motivation to write daily which is actually great for me so that I can express whatever I am thinking or doing with my portfolio.

I am trying to write at least one article per day and will continue doing that. But as a human, I cannot commit it, but still, I will try my level best to at least write once a day. The only thing which is missing is that I am not sure how many people are reading my articles, as there is no data analytics and also the content is scattered in so many frontends, but still, if we get some kind of a total number of views would be great as well as a kind of motivation to write more to earn more views.

If you are enjoying what you are doing, do a lot fo it like in my case write and write, enjoy the process along try to provide benefits for others. Because impacting the lives of others through your writing is a great thing to do.


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