CONTEST: Who is your favorite actor and actress?

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It's been a while since our last contest. As in the previous one, we wanted to turn to the community active on twitter to contribute ideas and decide the theme of the community contest. there were many proposals and opinions that will be taken into account for future contests. that the community users themselves make suggestions for the contests is a way of integrating us more as a community.

This is a sample of the different opinions, among which there were several that predominated on the theme chosen for the current contest.

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Many would like to see a contest where people talk about their favorite actors and actresses and all the amazing things people have to say about them.

Who is your favorite actor and actress? Tell us why they are your favorite and what are their best performances in movies or series. What they have made you feel, your experience watching them, why you like so much their characters they have played and the movies you like the most about them.


Contest Rules

  • Your post must be related to your favorite actor and actress and the movies that impacted you the most with their performances (NO biographies or technical data that are on the internet).
  • Your post must include an actor and an actress
  • You must post your entry in the Movies & TV Shows Community (no crossposting).
  • No plagiarised content will be accepted.
  • You must use image sources or use your own screenshots and images.
  • You must post a link to your entries in the comments section of this post.
  • You must use the #actorscontest tag.
  • Entries must be posted before July16.

The top four posts will receive the following:

  • 1st place: 15 HBD.
  • 2nd place: 10 HBD.
  • 3rd place: 5 HBD.


Post Presentation

While there's no word limit for this contest, we'll be looking out for the posts that really into the actors and actresses you feature in your posts. So whether you like Johnny Depp's style, Zendaya's talent, Tom Cruise's smile, Charlize Theron's beauty, Jennifer Lawrence's movies or George Clooney's hair, it's your time to express it! We want people to talk about what they like about their favorite actors and actresses: What are their performances like? What movies or series do they like the most? Why do you think they are good actors and actresses? What don't you like about them? What kind of characters do you want them to play in the future? There is a lot to talk about, just be creative. Please don't post biographical data, that information already exists on thousands of websites. We want to see original posts.

Hopefully this will help give you a general framework to work with in the event you aren't quite sure what to write about and need a little help.

Engagement and Contest Scoring

Our scoring process takes into consideration multiple factors in people's posting habits. Not everyone is capable of writing extensive posts that take hours to create, and we understand that. We do look into post length and quality of formatting and presentation, but we also look deep into how people engage with others in the community: do they upvote other people's posts? Do they leave thoughtful and interactive comments and interact with those who comment on their posts?

Engagement is important here on Hive, and we'll be scouting for comments and rewarding them all throughout the contest, as well as nominating your entries to OCD as we always do. Remember, we also have a curation trail so you can earn curation rewards from the posts we curate!

Good luck to you all! We look forward to seeing all of the incredible posts and interactions that make this community so great. If you have any questions, you can contact us over in the Discord channel and we'll assist you.



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waoo this difficult to choose, an interesting contest, a dynamic that will make us even think a little about those details of our favorite actors.

you already do your post of this contest? i will try to do it today :D

hi! i have not, i need to work on it

 last year  

Hello, good morning folks, does it necessarily have to be only 2? And if I have more actors that I like, couldn't they also be in my post?

The contest is excellent, interesting things are coming, super interesting. hahahahahaha I have promised myself not to be separated any longer. 😀😀

 last year  

Minimum two (one actor and one actress) but if you want to expand and talk about others, you can include them in your entry.

I was wondering the same thing myself, as I have many favorite actresses haha :D

Another contest woohoo!!!😁😁💃

Wonderful! Although I hate to compete, my love for this community is such that I only do it for the love of it.

I love these contests because they generate motivation in people. Thank you @moviesonhive 📽🎬🥰💞.

Sería genial participar, aunque no se si pueda hacerlo. De todos modos, lo pensaré. Es una iniciativa interesante :)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @ilazramusic ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

This is an interesting challenge. Good luck to everyone who join.

I never knew about the contests in this community till now. And I'm glad super glad I didn't miss this one.

Let's go!

Now this is going to be a tough one. There are just so many out there that I love. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to choose a few.

I'll try my best to engage with others too. My life has gotten a lot busier but I'm still devoted to the community😁

This is an interesting Contest.


How great that you opened a new contest I think that more than a competition it is an opportunity to encourage healthy debate and recommendations, regardless of whether there is a final winner.

I will be thinking about my participation and attentive to the publications of one of my favorite communities in hive.
Success everyone is a winner.

Me encantan sus concursos, la verdad siento que incentivan la participación de todos los miembros, aunque yo aún no participo no por nada malo, si no más bien por la falta de tiempo que me queda a causa de mi trabajo, pero espero tomarme el tiempo en esta ocasión para participar, ya que estaba esperando algo parecido para crear algo propio y entrar, excelente concurso, saludos.

Hey there, I'm writing on behalf of Leo Finance. We'd like to sponsor some LEO as a prize for this contest, can someone please get in touch with me on discord at @anomadsoul#8455, thanks!

I would love to participate in this!

Let's do this, I like this initiative :D good luck to all.

Wow, I'll have to reduce my top 10 to only two, this is not going to be easy. Excellent incentive with this interesting theme you have chosen for this contest. Congratulations and I look forward to participating soon. Regards 👋👋

Love to see this!
I might never meet some of my faves(or maybe not anytime soon), but it’ll be surreal to rave about them!😍😍😍😍

Hola comunidad @moviesonhive, me encanta el concurso, hace algún tiempo me uní a una iniciativa de tu actor favorita, pero claro que tengo muchos más. Espero esta vez también poder escribir mi entrada al concurso.

Me acabo de unir a su trail. Me encanta esta comunidad y el trabajo que realizan. Saludos 🤗

Oh my I have never thought of this before. Lol. I don't think I have a favorite actor/actress but I'd love to join. Maybe I need to think about which movies made me feel more.. or something. Hmmm. 🤔

Saludos amigos! Me gusta esta iniciativa para participar... Sería mi primera vez en esta comunidad.

Hello, good morning... Choosing two is a challenge.
But I have something in mind.
I attach my entry to the contest:
Thank you @moviesonhive

Hello everyone! Here's my entry to this contest--

Thank you! 🙂

I believe that competitions offer opportunities and I will definitely participate. Both actor and actress, it will be quite interesting. Thanks for the opportunity.

 last year (edited) 

Estaba leyendo el post del concurso y siempre he dicho de que se me hace difícil decir si tengo o no un actriz o un actor favorito; soy más seguidor de guionistas y directores, pero mientras leía comentarios me llegó dos actores que son muy polifacéticos y voy a ver cómo cuadro mi publicación para concursar.

Si el concurso se tratara de los actores que menos te gustan, ahí hago un post largo de varios; tal vez para la próxima ese deba ser el concurso

Fan de este concurso 😍 Me encanta hablar sobre actores así que aquí está mi participación.

Happy day, here I leave my entry to the contest, ¡good luck to all!

Hi there! This is my entry for the contest. Thanks for the opportunity! 🤗🙌


I love this contest! The theme this time is simply spectacular and I couldn't stay out of it, I think it even got out of hand, here's my participation!

¡Amo este concurso! La temática de esta ocasión es simplemente espectacular y yo no pude quedarme por fuera, creo que inclusive se me salió de las manos, ¡acá está mi participación!

My participation and preferences for the favourite actor and actress contest;

Hello, hello, hello, here is my entry for this contest POST.

I had a lot of fun remembering what I like the most about these actors, I hope more people are encouraged to participate.

Thank you very much for organizing this dynamic, it is the first in which I participate in this community and I liked it very much ❤️

Hello friends of the community, here I share my entry to the favorite actress and actor contest:


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