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Over the past couple of months, I've been growing my personal Splinterlands deck while also working with a leased set of monsters with the Seed Project. To grow my personal deck, I've been moving the reward monsters to my wife's Hive account which I also use as my personal Splinterlands account.

As the SPS airdrop slowly comes to an end, I feel like there's a bit to think about concerning buying and renting monsters. I say this because these days, the reward for aggressive brawling is much higher, so any time you waste can be expensive.

Anyway, my short-term goal is to grow my personal deck to ensure that I can at least compete in the Silver leagues. This has proven to be more complicated and stressful than I envisioned.

For starters, the quality of brawlers in lower leagues is quite impressive. I run into some players that have some impressive assets in their collection and their lineup will astound you.

Some considerations

So anyway, with the end of the SPS airdrop on the horizon, I wonder if buying monsters now is the best move.

There's no way to tell where the market will go but I reckon that the price of assets will drop. The question is will it be significant enough to wait for two more seasons to end?

I have a couple of dollars worth of credits that I converted in anticipation of a drop in the price of assets. My plan is to improve my deck by adding some cheap epic monsters in the Chaos Legion collection


Using Summoner Lab, I streamlined my search to ensure I add monsters that will have an instant impact on my battles.

I have to consider a variety of variables including my strongest splinters and my budget. I need epic monsters that can walk into my collection and immediately have an impact on the direction of battles.

Picking monsters

When the daily focus is the issue, having just one deck as your strongest deck doesn't quite cut it. If you want to ensure that you're covered, you need to have at least four strong splinters.

Right now, my priority is to improve my Fire, Death and Life Splinter. I'll also add one Neutral to the collection.

Summoner lab makes it a lot easier to decide which monster to add to the collection.

Since there are three epic monsters per Splinter, I just need to work with the available variables.

Since Summoner lab shows the win rate for each monster, it makes it easier to cross-reference it with the price of the monster.

Keep in mind that my plan is to improve my deck's battle proficiency, so I have to ensure that the three monsters I add to my collection considerably improve my decks.

If we were to go simply by the win rate of each monster, the best options will be Inferni, Necrosi, Magi and Temporal master as displayed in the image below.


These are the monsters with the highest win rate of the Splinters that I require. So I'll simply just go with them.

The rationale behind my decision is quite simplistic because I'm competing in Bronze league. Assuming I was in Silver league or higher, I would have handled things differently.

Now or Later?

The last thing to decide is whether to buy now or later.

From a battling point of view, it doesn't actually matter when I buy. If it upgrades my deck, I could easily earn the funds I invest back.

From a card trading point of View, Summoner Lab offers some insight into the trading activities of each card that could guide me.

According to charts Djinn Inferno is some distance away from it's 30-day ATH of $1.75. So, adding it to your deck now could still turn out to be a profitable venture


At $1.19, Necrosis is the second most expensive Epic Chaos Legion monster of the lot. The charts show that despite that price, the monster is still at least 49% lower than its 30-day high. Getting it now could also prove to be profitable in the long term.


Magi of Chaos is a neutral magic monster that I highly recommend. As expected, it is the most expensive of the lot because of the high demand. The demand for this particular monster has been fairly consistent but it does have a one year ATH of slightly over $3. However, the current price is a pretty decent rate to add to your collection.


Finally, Temporal master,which is also the cheapest of the lot, is currently valued at around$0.27. It's somewhat closer to its ATL than the rest of the lot but it also has a yearly ATH of around $2, so it could be flipped for profit. I tell you this though, it is not one of my favourite monsters but it does have potential.

The point of this exercise is that if you're looking to upgrade your deck's battling capacity, you could just add some cheap monsters to your deck from the chaos legion and chaos legion reward collection.

If you're looking to flip monsters, then you might need to be a bit more methodical about how handle business and Summoner Lab charts makes it a lot easier.

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I had never seen summoner labs before so set a book mark and will check it out properly later.

As for deck building it's all buy to rent at the moment so anything that's earning me 100 - 300% APR is on the shopping list right now.

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In the current down card market it is tough to decide to either buy more cards or just hold what is available. I didn't know about 'Summoner Labs', I'll have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

That’s some deep research just to decide on which cards you should invest in. Be careful with the win rate data, it is useful for sure but you have to bare in mind how often will you realistically use those cards. I’m diamond II and I rarely use any of those because they’re niche cards.

Take a good look at your playing style and available summoners. Those are the two most important things to build a deck around. After investing in the “main” cards for you strategy try to buy some niche cards (good for very specific rulesets) to add some depth to your deck. That way you will be able to outplay higher level players that get too focused around maximizing a small number of cards.
That’s the most financially efficient strategy in my opinion.

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Be careful with the win rate data, it is useful for sure but you have to bare in mind how often will you realistically use those cards

You are absolutely right! That's why on Summoner Lab you can find win rate by league and also the number of battles upon which the win rate was calculated

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I saw Summoner Labs in one of your posts and started utilizing it. It looks nice and useful so far.

Sometimes I cannot see the charts or flip illustrated cards. Is it about membership or a bug?

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Hey! Summoner Lab creator here, I'm not sure what you mean with "flip illustrated cards", but it can happen that some charts do not load. If you find yourself in that situation refreshing the page should fix the problem. For any other question/bug report you can join our discord

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Thank you for your guidance, because of Brave Shield, I used to have problems while viewing the cards. Problem fixed 🤙🏼

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I also play at Splinterlands, I already feel that I will miss the SPS airdrop ... soon there will be no more airdrop distribution. I will buy some NFT Splinterlands now and more later

Nice idea. I'll be adding to my deck as well.

If you can afford it now without hassle, I’ll say why not..

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