They Are Scared Of A Levelling of the Playing Field

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Hey Jesscardy cats

If you haven’t already realized it was, the game of life is rigged. Unfortunately, as much as you can try to deny it, we are all tied to money in some way, shape, or form.

We need one another to survive, and money is the lubricant we use to pass value between one another, so we all benefit.

The capitalist model is based on everyone becoming a specialist in a certain skill or talent the world needs and then using money to redistribute that value so we all can enjoy it.

It’s a great theory, but there’s one problem, the method we use to value the productivity and creation of society is pardoning my French, Le Fucked!


You can have fairness when 50% of all decisions are manipulated

In every decision and transaction we make, money is the measuring stick; we sell our skills, time and productivity for money; most of us in fiat money of our country we are born into and remain in.

Regardless of the fiat currency you earn, it’s being manipulated, some just on lower levels than others. Distorting price signals and having those who sell their labour and save being punished while those who hold assets and speculate with debt are rewarded in increased amounts.

The privileged class

  • It’s no surprise that as government gets bigger, more people gravitate to working there.

  • It’s no surprise the most “profitable” companies are those with government contracts

  • It's no surprise that corruption is rife amount those with no check on the balance of power

  • It's no surprise people are angry as governments fail them while the individuals inside them get paid to fail

  • It's no surprise that the wealth gap continues to grow the further you are from the money printer

These are all symptoms of the unfair playing ground. Governments worldwide talk about equality, but they don’t work towards it because if they did, they’d be out on their arses.

In a world of equal opportunity, it’s all about your merit and value you create and with most governments and workers in these fields and adjacent companies not producing much, they would be pushed down the pecking order and forced to compete.

You can never have fair anything without a fair system of money.

They don’t want to level the playing field. For me, who lives on the wrong side of the trade, we are more robust; we hustle, we save, we work hard, we have built survival skills that we'll make a living in a hard money world so much easier.

Those who have benefitted from printing have no hunger. They have no skill, and they have no value, so they will fight to protect a system they benefit from by any means necessary.

They are scared, and they should be

Socialism for the rich will eventually end as we all gravitate to hard money over time. You can deny it, you can fight it, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

It was inevitable!

I, for one, hope to live under a hard money standard; I’ve been bred for this, I’ve been moulded for it!

The question is, will you be ready to move to hard money?

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Hello friend @chekohler, how have you been?
I feel very surprised to have received a negative vote (downvote) from you on my last post.

Maybe you belong to a negative voting trail?
They are using your account to harm honest and humble people like me.
I beg you to reconsider the use of these trails.

Thanks, dear friend.

honest and humble

top kek

Yea I do follow a few downvote trails I don’t really get into the politics really you’ll have to take it up with those curators

"’ll have to take it up with those curators"

Sorry, I will not. They are dark persons.

I don't think it will ever be completely fair. After all people want convenience and it doesn't come without a price. With the digital world though, the government should have less effect so the gap should decrease but I don't know if a hard money standard would be the way to go. I personally think that we can have multiple different currencies/cryptos and not just one.

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It will never be completely fair because some people dont believe the crypto dream. Some people dont have their financial education.
These are the people who might be left behind. Those who believe in the fiat system despite seeing the reduction in the purchasing power of their currency

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Exactly there are so many variables, education, access to information, skill level, ability to work, country you live in, access to resources like electricity and so on, it's not a silver bullet, but I still think it is a step forward

Absolutely, we will never get to a point where it's fair, but a little fairer than we have now is something I think we should strive for,

I also don't think we should have 1 currency, that would just be centralisation, having multiple currencies is fine, but having 1 hard currency that can be a measuring stick and keep bad monetary policy in check and exposed quicker is good in my opinoin

A level field is a difficult task because this will is disadvantageous to the people who are in the power now. They will not be able to enjoy the privileges they have now. A gap is what differentiate them and make them special. So they will keep working on increasing the gap.
Very sad 😞

Indeed, the gap is massive, I don't think it closes any time soon, it will take decades to reserve this and work out all the misallocation, I just think that its either a slow and steady bridge or all-out war

I guess I am getting prepared for the hard money life already.

The government does not want that shift of power to the people but it is inevitable

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Me too, working hard, stacking sats and just trying to stay out of trouble for now, ofcourse they are going to fight it, but I think it's not about who has the best attack, this time its about who has the best defence, each day a new Bitcoiner is made, a new holder that believes, a new node runner, and the defence becomes stronger

I hope I am able to stack btc but I don't even know where to start from.

Get yourself a lightning wallet could be breeze, muun, open up a Bittrex account, sell some hive for BTC send your BTC via the lightning network from Bitrex to your lightning wallet.

You won't pay any fees in sending it

What is "a hard money standard"?

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That the amount of currency units can’t be changed (in Bitcoin terms) or it’s really hard to add more units like in (gold terms) hard money means printing at will and giving it to your friends


hard money means printing at will and giving it to your friends

isn't that the opposite of

the amount of currency units can’t be changed (in Bitcoin terms) or it’s really hard to add more units like in (gold terms)

You said you

hope to live under a hard money standard

but I would have thought you would have preferred the second quote over the first quote


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You make some good points about the majority of wealthy people being tied to the government in some way shape or form. Too bad it wasn't the same for public education employees. That is probably one of the few public sector jobs that doesn't pay like you would think it does.

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Indeed, the ones on the ground get shafted, but I wonder how much the school administrators are getting and those that dictate those salaries. Additionally, there's no incentive to be a good teacher, if you a shit one you get the same salary, so its hard to get consistency for the money spent too

Yeah, admins make some good money. I am sort of an admin, but I make crap money. Especially when you consider everything I am in charge of. I blame the unions :)

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