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RE: Good, Bad, and Ugly of Coinbase Business Model

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Coinbase is the exchange where I bought my first bitcoin

Some for me for ETH. Saw this new coin popping up at $ 15. Good days!

coinbase transaction

Ha, didn't know that. There's always something new to learn!

I may be biased against Coinbase, just because they haven't even considered listing Hive


A little time after the acquisition, BRD wallet app became unusable. It redirected users of the app to Coinbase

That smells like the good old Microsoft

Robinhood doesn't have the greatest reputation either

Ya, got screwed during the gamestop case. Not a fan either..

Let's just hope that the insider trading news together with a rejection of the 30K level towards lower resistance levels does not put them legs up like Voyager and Celsius. It would send BTC down to 10k 😵


I wouldn't mind seeing btc at 10k.