I'm living proof that long-term consistency equals more interactions on your Hive content

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The proof is in the pudding 😋

It's been quite the journey here on Hive. I started off on Steem back in late 2017 and back then felt like nobody even knew that my content existed. That was a rough period, but I didn't let that disrupt my creative flow.

If you follow my content, then you already know that I do one post every single day. It has been like this from the start. I set the goal of doing a minimum of one solid post daily and here I am continuing that trend for over 5 years.

I've made over 2,000 posts and I have noticed a lot during the time of learning that I love to write and create in many other ways. Most of my posts early on had only a couple of comments usually, but most of the time it was zero. I may have gotten lucky with some big votes every once in a while back then, but I still didn't feel like anybody really cared what I posted. I knew that at least I loved what I was doing and that was all I needed as motivation to continue. Some of my greatest works in the early stages went largely unnoticed. This one here about my tattoos is a perfect example. 3,647 words and hours of work creating the post. Only for 5 people to take the time to leave a comment. Two of which were my own parents.

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Fast forward to now and if you look through all of my most recent posts you will see that they get anywhere from 20-100 comments usually. This of course makes me feel fantastic and I'm so thankful that many of you actually enjoy what I'm creating. It is no longer just myself and a few auto votes. Now I have people that I feel are actually my friends and look forward to what I have to share.

There are so many amazing people here on Hive and I wish I could thank every single one of you face to face. As of now, that's not possible, but hopefully one day it becomes a reality.

If you are looking for a tip on how to find success on Hive, just carve a path and stay on it. Hesitation will lead to stagnation and ultimately failure. We all want to grow as human beings and also watch our Hive accounts grow. Neither of those things will happen if you strive for your goals only 50% of the time. I say go all out and give it 100% every single day.

You don't have to set the same goal as I did for myself. One post a day is a lot, but I think commenting on a few posts a day is a great way to start. Look at @chinito for instance. This guy consumes so much content on Hive and always leaves impactful comments that let you know he really did read your post. There are many other users like him, but he was the first to come to mind while writing this.

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I will continue my daily posts whether I have a dedicated audience or not. At this point, it has become a ritual for me and somewhat meditative. Just typing away on the keyboard and letting my thoughts out to the world feels pretty damn good.

In the past, I never would have believed that I would become a daily writer. Here I am doing exactly that though. I have to give myself credit for being resiliant and continuing to come up with new ideas all of the time. At the same time, I also must thank all of the awesome people who take the time to read my work and leave me a nice comment. Whether it be a question, criticism, or just some casual banter, I'm up for all of it.

I wish you luck on you journey to multiply your Hive Power. It's never going to be easy, but it does get easier the longer you stick with it.

My ultimate advice is to STAY CONSISTENT!


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😊😉😁🤙 Thanks for thinking of me. yea, comments really helped me to get involved as well as i would say i made many great connections that way.. like finding u and getting to read ur stuff, as well as have a kind of hive template to follow..


You are one of the best at it bro. Thanks for getting involved so often with so many different people.

My biggest flaw so far has been failing to be consistent at times. I think it all depends on the mental fortitude you have as a person, because aside from the fact that doing a post a day is not such an easy task after all, I think it's more painful to not see results in the short term.

I've totally failed when I start to believe that my content isn't being valued, and I'd rather get distracted by other things instead of focusing on keeping trying. There have been times where I've commented on as many as 20-30 posts in a day, while when I'm down I can go days without commenting.

Since I started on Hive with this account I've been seeing a lot of posts from you on HiveGC ever since, but for some reason I haven't taken the time to read all of your posts (but I know I've read quite a few over the years haha). But I see I miss tremendous posts like this one:)

We are due our ups and downs throughout life. It’s up to us to find many ways to modulate what’s happening to us on the inside and out.

I go through phases with what types of posts I create. Here lately I haven’t been creating much gaming content outside of some occasional news. I think what keeps me so consistent is the fact that I’m always willing to switch up my content so I don’t lose motivation.

I'm hoping to develop consistency as well. I don't have a lot of time to post often but I do want to post more frequently. Your hard work is admirable. You've participated in this community for a while and that's amazing. I hope to get as much interaction as you one day!

I know what it's like to have little free time. I would be exhausted and still force myself to create something. I feel like now that I have quite a bit more free time, I am able to really put forth my full effort.

I think you can be successful too! We just gotta keep taking steps forward and eventually it'll lead to our final destination.

Discipline is important isn’t it? I should get that mindset. I’m always tired so if I waited around for a moment I was motivated. It would be infrequent. I’ll try to stay on top of things!

We have to fight through the instances where we don’t feel like pushing forward. The more you practice, the easier it’ll become.

Yours is a great work characterized by constancy and commitment and, in my opinion, here on Hive it should be an example for many.
In life, to get results you have to commit yourself 110%, I only know this way and I'm happy to see that there are those who see it and live it like me.

I also hope there will soon be an opportunity to hug and get to know each other in person... but my spoken English is very poor heh heh!

About the post about Your tattoos, I'll read it later, as a tattoo lover I can't miss it😉

There were times where I feel below 100% effort levels, but I never let it drop too low. We always have to find a way to get back up to 100%.

It would be nice if there would be a huge Hive meetup that isn’t all the way in Europe.

Thank you!

Who knows, maybe one day there will be a way to meet, where, how and when we don't know but as they say, never say never!

I believe that in life the secret is to persevere, you can't always go 100% but if you continue, if you don't give up, in the end, even after getting down to 100% a bit, you'll come back.

Thanks to you, always!

The truth is that consistency guarantees long-term success. But in those times when many fewer people commented on his posts, he thought at some point not to write anymore.

Consistency is as close to a guarantee as we can come. Increasing the odds in our favor is always desirable.

Im glad you have endure and grow your account bud, hope one day I can feel and say the same, just started my journey and every day I learn something new from the network or its users, congratulations ✌️

It seemed nearly impossible at the start. Things eventually started going well though. I think you can do the same, just never give up bro!

I really admire your consistency here in HIVE. Creating one post per day is not an easy thing especially when you are already tired after work.

Thank you so much. It is something I'm happy that I'm able to do. It's not for everyone, but I think as long as we all at least show up somewhat frequently, then we all can succeed.

Consistency is most important in hive. Lately I been getting more comments.

It feels nice doesn't it?

Loving seeing successes on hive. Keep talking about it so people can see that it is doable. Nice work!!

It needs to be stated again and again so many can understand what is possible.

In everything we do consistency has always been the watchword even though is quite difficult and stressful for some of us here at the Hive blockchain you still look forward to getting better since we are newbies on the space. But it's amazing that people like you could be there to drop tips about how they survived and your success story just helps us to continue working daily on that I blocked you so yes no people still wants daily who keep commenting as much as I could and watch our consistency drop into puddings

Yes, it is proven that if you are consistent for the long term, Your will interact with more people which will result in more People to come to your blog. Your hive family will grow.

It's an undeniable fact!

Good point! This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon where you need to keep going for longterm. 👍🏻

Gotta build that endurance to be able to last long enough to succeed.

I absolutely agree, the best way to improve on Hive is to consume other content. Interacting with other authors. It's made me grow a lot and I've met a lot of great people and you're one of them 😉.

There is so much out there to consume, so there is no excuse to not be able to find something that you enjoy. The variety on here makes it so that literally anybody can be entertained.

I was talking to my friend about this yesterday and this is the same thing she showed me. She just asked me to keep on engaging with people so accumulate my Hive power qhich I am planning to do now.

Showing up in as many places as possible really is the best strategy. Use a variety of Hive apps. Communicate with many people. And create your own work so people can identify with you.

I think you will do great. Good luck!

Some days I miss a post, but I try to make up for it on other days... in other words, as long as I average over 30 posts per month, I am good!🤓

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That’s a great way to do it. Multiple posts a day is usually so exhausting to me, but some days I knock out 2 or 3 and it feels effortless. Every day is different.

I love pudding.

Rice pudding is the elite pudding.


I see people who just joined hive and in a matter of days, they want boom make it on the platform, it does not work that way

Yeah, too bad it doesn't work like that 99 times out of 100.

your consistency is admirable! Are your parents still active in Hive?

No they are not. They never really were besides the first few weeks of me giving them accounts. Nobody I know IRL will give Hive a chance yet.


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