My Instacart Financial Report - Week 10

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My 10th Instacart paycheck 💸 🛒

Week 10 ended up being my slowest week of the past month. I was able to take a few days off which was nice, but I didn't earn quite as much as I usually do. It was far from my worst week though.


I plan on doing a weekly Instacart Financial Report like this one, so if you enjoy this kind of content be sure to follow me if you aren't already doing so.

I'm going to be breaking down each day of work individually. Luckily, the Instacart Shopper app makes that extremely easy to do. Let's go ahead and get things started.

Monday, March 13th


I was unable to accept any worthwhile orders pretty much all day on Monday. My first one wasn't until almost 4pm. Luckily, It turned out to be a really good one that only took me 30 minutes. Shortly after I finished it, I had another awesome order. While I was doing my second shop I got the option to add an additional order, which I don't always accept, but did this time.

I made about $50.05/hr on this day.

This was the first day that I managed to get over $50/hr. I've gotten close before, but I think the most before this was $48 or $49. Although I didn't even get to work a full two hours on Monday, I did still make some pretty good money.

I love how this job forces me to take time off when there are no good orders. Otherwise, I'd be working way too much and I don't want to get back into that routine of living to work. I now work to live!

Tuesday, March 14th


Tuesday began pretty great. I got two really good orders in a row. Then all of a sudden my day was cut short and I had to stop working.

I made about $38.97/hr on this day.

The reason I had to stop working is that I noticed one of my tires had a massive gash in it. It somehow wasn't losing air, but I wasn't about to risk getting a flat tire and decided to rush straight to the tire shop and get a replacement. I'm really not too sure how the hell my tire got torn up like that. For all I know somebody slashed it, I was outside of the ghetto grocery store when I noticed it.


The tire set me back a staggering $300. There went half of this week's earnings. I had no clue that tires for this new car of mine would be so expensive. Let's hope I don't need another anytime soon. Luckily, my last customer of the day did decide to increase my tip after I delivered her groceries. She must have just appreciated how quick I was and the fact that I actually took the time to wave to her as I left her house.

Wednesday, March 15th

This was another mandatory day off for the sake of not working for half of what I normally earn. Wednesday was a very slow day and I only saw one good order despite having the app online for about six hours. That one batch I did accept but was immediately alerted that it had already been accepted by another shopper.

Thursday, March 16th

Thursday made two days in a row of nothing but shit batches. I didn't work any. It was honestly nice to have two days off in a row for the first time in a long time.

Friday, March 17th


After taking the previous two days off, Friday finally offered me a chance to make some decent money. It was still slow in comparison to previous Fridays, but I did at least get over $100.

I made about $38.27/hr on this day.

It seems like once I get one good order, then the rest of the day goes well. Some mornings are super busy and on others there just isn't anybody ordering. I have no control over what the customers need and when. I also don't have much say as to which batches get shown to me before another shopper sees them first.

I'll always be thankful for good tippers. From where I usually only accept really good orders, I am starting to deliver to a lot of the same people. This means that they consistently tip very well. I'm lucky to have them as customers.

Saturday, March 18th


Saturday was a long day, but at least I made good money and didn't have any super hard orders. I got lucky and started the day off with a massive $50 order. I'm still waiting on my first $100+ order.

I made about $36.50/hr on this day.

I got my first order done in only 50 minutes. If I could have kept up that pace and continued to get great tips like that all day, I'd have been at around $64/hr. Alas, that did not happen and my hourly dipped own a little bit by the end of the day.

I'm exhausted by the end of a day like this. I have so much downtime, so I'm really now working a full day like I used to. I never want to go back to being exhausted 24/7 and working 40+ strenuous hours a week.

Sunday, March 19th


Sunday is usually the best day for earnings, but not this week. At least my hourly rate was pretty good, but there was a severe lack of orders.

I made about $46.59/hr on this day.

I passed on two very high-paying batches that just didn't seem worth it to me. One of them was a triple shop that would have been in the range of 30-40 miles by the time I finished with it. Then there was another that had very low items and decent mileage, but I was far from the Sam's Club and it wouldn't let me start at the Kroger where I was parked. It felt like I'd be wasting too much gas going back and forth like that. Both together would have been $160 added to my earnings. I made the difficult choice to pass on them though.


I got some great tips on Sunday, but the lack of orders kept me from hitting $200 in one day. It's all good because a new week is about to start and I trust that things will turn up in a big way.

End of week hours and pay 🤑


My weekly pay was slightly over $500 and I barely worked only 12.5 hours. moretextmaybe

I made about $41.54/hr on average this past week.

I really hope to be able to get back up to 20-25 hours next week. It all depends on which batches I am lucky enough to see and accept. I will be keeping the app online for many hours daily as I have been doing.

Doing it again next week 👀


Now that I'm multiple months into this job, you can get a better idea of what the earnings typically are. It started out slow for me, but I've not gotten to where I'm earning some pretty good money for some very light work. Damn, this is such an enjoyable job.

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I hope you have enjoyed this insider look at what kind of pay is possible while working for Instacart.


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:) all good. sorry about the tires tho..

but the power of a wave. 👋 that's so awesome!

At least it was just one tire. I’m pretty sure I will be able to find cheaper ones online in the future. I just needed it done quickly so I could continue working.

The biggest advantage of such jobs is that if a person does not feel like going to work today, then it is not online. Doing their work very hard and very well. It's great to see that you are earning a good amount of money by working hard.

I am so happy to never have to ask if I can take off work. Thanks bro!

Most welcome dear.

Damn that's a crazy gash in the tire. I can't understand how it didn't deflate.

Nice to see that earnings are mostly going up each week. That's awesome 👌

I have no idea how it was still driving just fine with that huge hole in it. Makes no sense to me. For all I know it’s been like that since I bought the car.

Yeah that is strange indeed.

Yes no doubt it is a wonderful job. 522 $ in a week is still great.
Are you working 5 days a week ? or 7 days a week ?

Typically 7 days a week for 3 or 4 hours every day. This week it was only 5 days though.

Now, imagine if you were putting in 40 hours, which is what an average employee puts in. It would completely outperform traditional employment models... crazy!

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40 hours would be crazy! There just aren't enough orders in my area to support that amount of hours. If I did work that much, my hourly rate would drop drastically because I'd have to accept a bunch of crap orders. It's still better than most jobs.

So... less is more!😉😎

It was far from my worst week though

Well, provided we keep making progress, it will always call for a thing of joy.
I really wish you a better week if greater earning this week.

Wow, your weekend earnings were mind-blowing indeed.

What exactly is Instacart?
A courier service?

The weekend is always the best time to work on this job.

Instacart is a grocery delivery service. Customers put together their shopping lists through an app. Then I go to the store for them, gather everything, and then deliver it to their front door.

Wow..... That's really a good job and wonderfully have a great pay.

Would have enrolled immediately if I was in your country

Fifty dollars an hour is really cool. It's a pretty good income.

I am shocked that I'm managing to get that high with my hourly rate on some days. It's a good feeling to enjoy the work and also be rewarded handsomely.

Really cool, I mean fifty dollars x hour it's great, hope it will get better for you!

If only every day was that amazing. Although yesterday definitely was close to $50/hr too.

Super cool!

I love how this job forces me to take time off when there are no good orders. Otherwise, I'd be working way too much and I don't want to get back into that routine of living to work. I now work to live!

That's great to read @daltono! And a good approach not to get sucked into the routine you dreaded before.

Had to laugh here:

My weekly pay was slightly over $500 and I barely worked only 12.5 hours. moretextmaybe

Were you drafting this and wondering if you should add more text? :)

I think this job is great, and many would want to do the same thing, never heard of it here though and not in Hungary either. They have the delivery services but from what I heard it's a shit pay and now that the ones in Hungary can't use the previous "KATA" system for tax purposes, they lose the flat tax and these jobs are not worth it anymore.

Loved this update!