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Unless you have been elsewhere, you may have already been aware of the #WeekendBattle that ensued in LeoThreads on Friday at 00:00 UTC time. But for those who still don't know about it, the challenge was to SLAY (outrank) 4 people with respect to the number of threads made within a 72-hour timeframe. The four were rmsadkri, taskmaster4450le, anomadsoul and none other than the king of the jungle (LeoFinance's founder), khaleelkazi.

So what's the catch for those who will be able to slay them? XP points on the Adoption Campaign which is running on Zealy where a $10k USD is in the prize pool, NFTs, HP Delegations among others. These extra XP can boost one's rank on the campaign's leaderboard.

Anyway, the battle has just concluded a little while ago (midnight Sunday, UTC) and here is the final leaderboard.

Whilst some people went on to work the moment the game started, others may have learnt about it after some time or may have just watched for things to happen. Nevertheless, most people specially those on the top 60 ranks have done their best if I may say so. It had been fun and the challenge made me learn some really good things.

The UI held quite well but...

The number of threads soared compared to the previous days from just about 5k to 10k to 15k and more. The last 24 hours alone, threads created may have been above 20k. The LeoFinance UI which is still on beta handled the activities quite well.

Except that it suffered a gateway error for about 2 hours yesterday. With just a few hundred people creating threads, the UI had such an issue. I'm not sure what the exact reason of the outage but the developers may have already checked and gauged how the infrastructure would be able to handle a lot more pressure as the userbase and the activities or transactions on it increase.

On a personal note, it has been proven that one can do or achieve things when he sets his mind into it and do the work. This may sound cliché but that's what this challenge has shown and I believe one can see that just by looking at the charts and the numbers therein. Some people have become committed, driven, consistent, dedicated to the extent of sacrificing their weekend, sleep and other things just to get what they want. While some stayed in the game and kept on to the end, others may have just given up and resigned.

I'm sure most of those who worked hard for this will agree that we can discover our own capability too when we decide to not quit and give it all we can to see things through. Of course, some good strategies employed help a lot. And we can't discount a good teamwork as the Spanish community have proven as well.

Anyhow, congratulations to all who made it! You all rock!

If you are yet to come aboard the Adoption Campaign, I invite you to do so by visiting this link. Do check out LeoThreads as well if you aren't there yet.

Screenshots from LeoGrowth update sheet. 22052023/10:30ph

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I was supposed to slay anomadsoul but he started threading again in night when I was sleeping. I didn't expect it. It gave me a shock in the morning 🥺. My efforts gone meaningless. 😭😭😭.

Sorry about that. Your effort won't go meaningless though because the threads you did will count on the total ones you make for the whole month and you can claim XP points when you reach them. I have forgotten the numbers but you can check them on your zealy board.

Can I slay them anytime🙂?

The slaying game has past. But you can claim the other quests when you reach certain amounts of threads.

Let me see can I make it or not. If I became active in threads, time flies so fast that I can't notice. And my other hive activity remain unfinished which is a problem. I think I need to make e routine for it..

Sorry about that. And better luck next time.

Wow! Ang taas ng rank. Congratulations!

Salamuch :D

Well done CJ.
A complete disaster for me. Not only did I get the down time like everyone else, but for many periods I was unable to post to threads, the threads would actually vanish into the void. A huge lesson learnt for me.
Congratulations to everyone that took part.

Thank you, Tito Ed and I'm sorry to hear. There had been some who say they are losing their threads. It was also odd that while the UI was on Bad Gateway error for 2 hours, I was still able to make threads and they had been indexed on the chain. We can only hope these things won't happen again as they work on them.


Yeah it happens CJ, was just glad you could do it and keep the flag flying high!
Oh well until the UI is stable once and for all for me, I will stick to my fun mantra!

You really rocking this and at this point, I have taken the seat of cheerleader.

Seeing you at the top everywhere is inspiring and a big shout out to every participant in the challenge. I love the fact that you said when we put our hearts into things, we can achieve it.

Good luck on the journey...

Many thanks George for your kind words. It feels good to have made it to the weekend challenge, but then there are still quests to complete while the campaign is still going on. I'm not sure whether I'd be able to cope up. Will keep trying though :)


10k usd price is a big and huge amount. Hopefully deserving man win this contest. Best of luck to all the participents.

Indeed. And the prize is not just for one person. I'm not sure how it is going to be distributed but we might learn about it early next month.

Thank you.


Most welcome and for sharing this informative detail with us


$PIZZA slices delivered:
ifarmgirl tipped george-dee
@ifarmgirl(4/5) tipped @djbravo
ifarmgirl tipped b-hive

Sorry about that. And better luck next time.Wow! Ang taas ng rank. Congratulations.☺️☺️☺️

Hey girl, why would you be copying other people's comments?🤔

Well darn, I was 81st last time, now knocked off the top 100.

Really rocking this and at this point, I have taken the seat of cheerleader.

Seeing you at the top everywhere is inspiring and a big shout out to every participant in the challenge. I love the fact that you said when we put our hearts into things, we can achieve it.

Good luck on the journey...🥰😊😊😊🥰

It's great to see your Battle Report. Congratulations on successfully slaying all four giants! 🤣

I appear in the top 100 and I even try to compete LOL, maybe next weekend I focus more on this Quest.