What Makes Up the LeoVerse?

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For most, LeoFinance is a community on Hive, for others it's a frontend on the blockchain that focuses mainly on Finance or money, cryptocurrency and related subjects. For those who have been around here for a while, they may have already learned that it is not only any of the above but more.

Why so?

There is more to it than just the social media or the blogging side. In this post, we are going to delve into the various applications that make up (part of) the LeoVerse or Leo Finance ecosystem.

Leo Finance projects or applications built on the Hive Blockchain

  • Leo Finance as a Frontend

    (Click here for the website.)

    It offers a Web 3 social media platform built on the Hive blockchain and it allows short-form and long-form blogging where authors and or creators can monetize their contents. It was initially focused more heavily on contents that are mostly about crypto, Finance, investing, money among other things. This has been so for years until the introduction of LeoThreads which shifted the platform (frontend) to a more threads-centric UI. Microblogging (threading) has taken the center stage when the new user interface was rolled out into production phase earlier this month.

    LeoThreads aims to grow the number of active userbase and also to offer a more seamless onboarding channel to the Hive blockchain by facilitating the creation of Hive accounts through traditional Web 2.0 sign up methods (via Twitter or Email signups)

    Leo Finance is the top 6 frontend in terms of the number of posts. active users. Statistics by Dalz show that whilst the active users of other Hive frontends have decreased during the bear season, Leo Finance has maintained its userbase. And with LeoThreads, the number may have increased too.

    Stats by Dalz indicated that 6.3k unique accounts have posted from the LeoFinance as of 8th May 2023. With LeoThreads buzzing daily, the numbers may have gone up already.

  • Leo Finance as a Hive Community

    The community page can be accessed through the following links on Peakd or on Ecency or on Hive Blog.

    Users on Hive can post or read contents in the LeoFinance community through any of the other top Hive frontends like Peakd, Ecency and Hive Blog. As of February 2023 on Dalz stats report for the periods January-February, the community ranked 4th in the top communities in terms of subscriber numbers, 3rd by subscribers' stakes or Hive Power, 2nd by numbers of activities or posts (next to Actifit) and 5th in terms of active users.

  • Hivestats

    This is a comprehensive account tracker, an application built on the Hive blockchain that allows anyone to see, monitor, track and analyze the statistics and progress of their own accounts (or any other Hive accounts). Through this app, one can view the wallet holdings, earning histories, Layer 2 (Hive-Engine) assets, voting power or mana including the vote value, author and curation rewards, user reputation, delegations (both in and out), power downs, Resource Credits, number of posts created (inclusive of comments and replies), the total number of followers and following, curation APR, pending rewards both on Layer 1 and Layer 2, account transactions and or operations, and a lot more.

    It shows an almost complete analytics of an account with respect to earnings on a 7-day and 30-day timeframe including the HBD interest earned, witness rewards, curation and author rewards in both dollar and Hive Power amounts as well as in graphical charts.

    Additionally, the page also shows the live price feed of HIVE, HBD, of the LeoVerse tokens like LEO, CUB, POLYCUB, XPOLYCUB and the APRs or APYs of CUB and its pairings on the DeFi side of the market off the chain.

    It also features the top 15 curated Leo Finance long-form contents in a carousel at the topmost section of the Hivestats page.

  • Leodex

    Websites: LeoDex or Dex LeoFinance

    This is a decentralized exchange which is built by LeoFinance, still on the Hive blockchain where users can trade or swap Layer 2 assets and also deposit HIVE to exchange it with Swap.Hive which is the main trading asset on the DEX.

    The application has various tabs including the Tokens Menu which features the Hive Engine tokens including their price, market capitalization, price change in percentage and the 24-hour volume. Additionally, the tokens' rich lists can also be viewed on that page.

    The "Wallet" menu shows the account's balance, USD value, amount staked. It also allows operations such as sending tokens to another user or account, shortcut access to the token market, staking, delegating, undelegating, token history and rich list.

    In the "Rewards" menu, one can view the tokens staked, pending rewards, voting power. One of the special features of this menu is that it allows users to set the voting multiplier of the Layer 2 tokens.

    This is very useful especially when one is upvoting and or curating contents in various tribes. Setting the multiplier to a number greater than 1 will help to not easily deplete the voting mana of the account's Hive Power.

  • LeoFi

    The decentralized leasing platform or application built by LeoFinance where users can lease their Leo Power in their own terms or in various timeframes and APY to earn passive income.

  • LeoPedia

    This is an informational application designed to provide valuable resources or information to the community about the Leoverse and various topics like cryptocurrency, blockchains, economics, security. There are also some tutorials. It also has the most viewed page which is the Complete Guide to Hive.

  • LeoFinance Hive Witness Node

    At the time of this writing, the community node (@leofinance) ranks 28th on the Hive network's governance body. Users can vote for it via PeakD or through Hivesigner

  • Multi-Token Bridge (MTB or LeoBridges)

    This is another very useful tool and or application that uses decentralized smart contracts which allow the permissionless swapping system and transfer or movement of various assets between Hive and other networks or blockchains like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The bridges serve as a gateway or channel for users to move funds or tokens to and from Hive.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications by Leo Finance on other chains

  • Cub Finance

    This is a staking platform on Binance Smart Chain. It enables some Hive assets like LEO (bLEO), HIVE (bHIVE) and HBD (bHBD) to be pooled with other network assets like BUSD and farm CUB through staking them on the farming pools which at the time of this writing has USD828.5k Total Value Locked.

    CubFinance was the first DeFi project in the LEO ecosystem.

  • PolyCUB

    The second farming and staking platform in the Leo Finance umbrella built on the Polygon network. This also enables LEO (pLEO), HIVE (pHIVE), HBD (pHBD) and SPS (pSPS) to be staked and farm POLYCUB, the farm's main token.

LEO Token

LEO is a layer 2 token and native to the LeoFinance platform. It is one of the main reward tokens on the frontend.

Circulating Supply: 15.5 million
Total Staked: 12,963,172.967


  • Users can stake LEO into Leo Power and earn a share of the rewards pool in the form of curation rewards when they curate LeoFinance related contents. The Leo Power can also be delegated to other curating accounts or can be leased on LeoFi.

  • LEO can be paired with other Layer 2 assets on the Diesel Pool to earn rewards in various tokens.

  • Apart from staking and providing liquidity onchain, LEO token can also be wrapped and pooled with MATIC on Polycub (WLEO-MATIC) to earn farming rewards or paired with BNB on Cub Finance (bLEO-BNB) or with ETH on Uniswap (wLEO-ETH).

    Per stats by Dalz as of 8th May 2023, 68% of the token is staked on chain, 12% are liquid, 2% on Polycub, 13% on Uniswap and 4% on Cub Finance.


Leo Finance community and the "Everything App"

One of the best part of the LEO ecosystem is the community that supports and rallies behind it. The fact that LEO whales and the LeoVerse's very own founder Khaleelkazi are active on the frontend speak a lot. Add to that, majority of the circulating supply of the LEO token being staked show that the support on the project is quite solid.

In addition, the involvement of the userbase with respect to the implementation of features, changes and such does make LeoVerse unique.

Not to forget mentioning the various initiatives, the cooperation amongst various communities on Hive add more to the LeoVerse personality.

There was a shift in the direction of the project towards building the Everything App on the Hive blockchain. With the record of the LEO team and the developments through the years, it will be interesting to witness and experience how this project evolves as the months and years go on.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • The Leo Finance ecosystem (LeoVerse) isn't only limited to content creation. It has built and is running various useful tools and applications on the Hive blockchain (Hivestats, Leodex, LeoPedia, LeoFi, LeoFinance Frontend) and on other chains too (Polycub, CubFinance). Also has cross-chain bridge (Multi-Token Bridge).
  • The new UI is more centered on LeoThreads (short-form contents).
  • LEO is the native token of the Leo ecosystem and can be staked, delegated or pooled.
  • The LeoVerse continues to build with the purpose of improving user experience, to facilitate easier onboarding of users to Hive.
  • The LEO team aims to build the everything app.

DISCLAIMER: For infotainment only. Images sourced as acknowledged above. Screenshots from Leodex and Hivestats. Lead photo created on Canva. 30052023/09:30ph

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