3 Reasons Why Hive Continues To Thrive

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I was poking around Twitter tonight, like the majority of crypto addicts tend to do on the daily. And then I saw this tweet from the 'HiveBlocks' Twitter account...


I see what you guys did there...All time Hive ;)

But yes, here we are....24 hours after an all time high for our glorious little blockchain, along comes yet another...All time high!

These have been the images I've included in the past few Tweets I've sent out myself lol





At the time of me writing this post we're 'back' at $1.78, but what a journey...

Just think where we were at this time last year?

Need a reminder?

13 cents!

On November 25th, 2020 the Hive token was trading at 13 cents lol

For those keeping track, that's a 1219% increase according to the good folks at @coingecko

Excuse me while I say it again but...


Yeah for a lot of us here on Hive that didn't abandon ship during those 13 cent days, today is pretty sweet. But why the pump? What's going on with this blockchain? Is it all because of Splinterlands? Maybe it's all those sweet SPK airdrops that are headed or way?

I think Hive captures a few things that most other chains never seem to get right...It's 3 phases of a successful blockchain project and they go like this:


Sure we're not Ethereum or whichever smart contract blockchain du jour, but we've got some of the most amazing devs on the planet. And they are always doing awesome work.

From the dapps to the back end development, to the games to the Hive Engine eco-system, there is always something being built and developed!

Actual Use Case

This is funny, because you'd think by 2021 use case would be a no brainer for crypto adoption and popularity....Obviously, you have never heard of a memecoin?

Seriously though, Hive is jam packed with every day use case with...Wait for it...Actual users!

Games, applications, trading, social media, whatever you can think of, seems to have a use case here on the chain.


And finally, without the people here, Hive would have never been born. Literally, formed from the ashes of the previous blockchain this place has risen like a phoenix and continued to grow with the battle scars to prove it.

People...Are Hive's greatest asset! And community will always be king here. True decentralization, no ninja mine, no one person behind the curtain pulling the strings. We truly are (as my good friend @NathanMars always states) Hive OWNERS!

So here's my thinking, looking back at WHY Hive is doing so well these past 12 months. It's because we capture everything here, development, use case and community.

Other blockchain projects might have 1 or 2 of these, but rarely do you find all 3. Add the fact that, we've got zero fees and 3 second transactions, it's like icing on the cake!!

Excuse my 'fan boy-ism' because I haven't written a good ol' fashioned shilling post in a while, but today is a day to celebrate. And hey, maybe we go back to a dollar, maybe we go to 5 bucks...

I really don't care LOL

I'm much more interested in...

The development. The use case. And the community!

And no matter what the price of Hive will end up being in a year from now, you can almost guarantee those 3 things will always be front and center...


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And the 3$ upvote is so sick on my case… just to think that upvoting someone could basically buy someone a snack. Crazy 😝

It really feels great and worth celebrating.

I imagine you walking down the street throwing snacks at people. I knew crypto is just a conspiracy of the dentists.


Like a printing machine... but with food =)

!BEER and !PIZZA for that thought!

Thanks man!

I just can't believe I forgot to go to the Gym again yesterday.
That's six years in a row now.

@amirl, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @forykw
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Been on here for 4 years, beginning with Steemit $8 days & sticking through 13 cents days, posting pretty much daily. These are days to celebrate 🎊

Definitely. !WINE to that.

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Thanks, for the good cheer, @forykw. 🍷 Wafting warm ocean breeze your way from sunny Florida & hope my posts might keep you good company ✌🏼


$3 upvote? That would buy me a lunch. I mean a complete menu. Soup + something else. There are some restaurants, where you can get this for 1000 Hungarian Forint (HUF), and that is currently $3.04 USD, because $1 USD is currently 328.60 Hungarian Forint (HUF).

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings from Hungary.

Yeah man lol

It's a crazy feeling for sure. If we get to those old Steem levels...8 bucks for an all time high, think how much your vote will be worth then ;)

Exactly… and being able to showcase those moments will be definitely what I will be looking for to curate because I know it will make a huge difference on creating very solid foundations for the future of the entire community. Along with it, teaching one another and helping initiatives.

So true!!!

Waiting for the Hive to surpass the Steem ATH.

Oh wow...Imagine lol

I think it'll happen one day for sure :)

It's so frigg'n awesome. I love the part about having actual humans on Hive. That's what makes Hive as amazing as it is.

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Agreed :)

Real people, real community!!

Lol hive market value,is getting upvotes on the market 😂
Like I’m about to get upvotes for this comment....

a new world ! thank you for all these very useful informations

@sashac1 remember who voted you first! I expect you will mint me a NFT with you first upvote on your way to the top ;)

You captured the spirit of why HIVE is so successful. I've been involved with crypto for many years, and even though i read about new tokens and blockchains every day, lately I just keep coming back to HIVE as the thing I actually use, all the time. I read and comment on blogs on the HIVE ecosystem. I play Splinterlands for hours. I watch videos of members of this great community and really feel like I'm a part of something special, not just another fanboy of a pump and dump meme coin. Thanks for putting so perfectly into writing what I've been feeling for a while now!

this is exactly why I sold all my ETH. Why did I hold it? I ealized it was just speculation. But Hive I actually use :D

Deep words

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It really does have something for everyone here. That truly is the power of Hive. No matter what your passion, there is a community here for you!

Beautifully written, I smiled at the end of all you said... The price going back to a dollar or even 50 bucks doesn't matter 👌 I agree with you on that.

Aside all the other reasons for the pump, the community reason is so valid and I felt appreciated while reading it.

Thanks for this post you shared this morning, now I think I should go check my wallet to see something 😃🤣

Thanks for the comments, and glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Love this, and well said!
I was wondering where all the shilling posts were at LOL!

There used to be shilling all the time on S***m, back in the day. It was constant posts about the platform itself.. however these days I don’t see that much at all. The content has really diversified and matured.
But I do miss these kinds of posts that big up our eloped Hive!

I remember the 13 cent days. Also the 8 cent!! 😬
We’ve come through everything, through all the odds and held on tight! I’ve finally reached the point where my vote is now worth we’ll over $1! Which blows my mind I’ve built to this point.

Lastly, as you say; Development, Use Case and Community really are the magic components!
Use Case is the one I’m excited to explore for a new Hive promo video 😀

Great post man, cheers to the future 🍻

LOL Thanks man, appreciate the comments!

Yeah when Hive first forked, we had a good month or two of nothing but Hive shilling posts lol

But you are right, it's very much diversified now. I love it. Communities are being formed and there is some amazing content being created here!

Hive is a virus. Once you are contaminated, you never want to get rid of it because it make the life more beautiful and our economies better. No wonder we all work to contaminate as many people as possible :-). In the long run it will spread exponentially !

It really is....Very addictive LOL

A $3 Upvote would for a lot more here in Africa, with exchange rates very high. A dollar is at approximately #500 Nigerian naira. $3 hehehe, do the math

And that to me, is amazing to think about. Upvotes like that, can really help people out across the planet! Hive is amazing for that!

when I was introduced to hive blog, I blogged a little and stop until I came across hive on my finance app and I saw the future of hive, I felt have really cheated myself, am fully back to hiveblog to blog and get as much hive as possible, Hive will soon rule the world, it is hitting 3$ per hive this morning

I still think we are so early to this...More people will discover Hive along the way!

What are your expectations about its price after a year?

LOL No idea...I guarantee it'll be higher...Or lower lol

All people here expect HIVE to go up.
Only one problem is HIVE goes up too fast :)

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Maybe, but maybe not. It's a market, no idea what will happen next lol

Maybe we should have called ourselves Swarm? Join the Swarm has a cool ring to it.
"Hive" is already taken by several major projects and companies. Then again, Swarm probably is too.
Hiveswarm to the moons :)

Yeah when it was first announced, I was meh with the brand Hive...But I'm all for it now lol

The Hive Platform is the greatest. As Hive gets more exposure, it will gain on the others and become the go to crypto. I am hoping this pump creates a new bottom which next year we will be talking about "remember when it was at $3".... Those will be the days.

Man, a year ago, we would have been happy as heck at 50 cents lol Everything after a dollar is a bonus for me lol

I am very happy that I joined when I did.

Let's revisit this post next year! Hehe!

It will be very interesting to do that.

OMG @coingeko has an account here. These people knows their sh*t

Oh yeah, they've had one for years now. Just need to post more lol

I guess now many will return to post

Great post and there is a lot to celebrate. I’m so happy to be part of this community. I learn something new each day from the posts on Hive. Anyway just wanted to say Thanks for the summary and I am sure many people will be able to relate to your sentiments and thoughts about how much Hive has to offer.

Oh my pleasure, thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Very welcome, I just connected on Twitter also.

It's USD 3.20 now! Haha. Nice insights! Hope HIVE will continue to rise over the medium term.

Yeah it's crazy. Anything over a dollar for me, I'm rubbing my eyes lol

Shoutout to all the amazing devs on the planet!! For me development and this community is important too. You know building something great! Without the people of Hive there wouldn't be Hive, but I do want to thank Hive for making us KING.
Keep growing Hive, keep growing and glowing!!

They truly are remarkable people and we're lucky to have them!

Kudos to the developers for their effort and time, the price doesn't matter anymore as long as we live by hive daily we'll always have snack

They are so important to this chain and one of the constants...Even at 13 cents, developers were still here building!

But why the pump? What's going on with this blockchain? Is it all because of Splinterlands? Maybe it's all those sweet SPK airdrops that are headed or way?

This child (Hive) is already on his feet and beginning to move on his own, think for himself and grow, pleasing his parents. And his parents are the best on the web!

Very inspiring post! I'm new to Hive, but I decided to stay here at $0.3. Saw this beauty and the prospect of growth).

Oh wow, a lot of us would really like 30 cent Hive now, to stack up lol

Yes) those were good times))

Yes) those were good times))

Hive is jam packed with every day use case with

True. Most of the crypto projects out there don't have any real life use case and neither do they have a real base of users. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Elrond are some of the few top dogs with that.

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True, they are just looking for funding it seems.

Screenshot 20211125 at 21.54.08.png

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LOL Crazy to think!!!

You never lost faith, Nathan! Validation tastes sweet🤗

Well said @jongolson
'The development. The use case. And the community!'
Agreed my friend:)
The price going up is awesome may it continue along with all the Tokens on Hive.
However prices don't mean shit if there is no development, use case or community.
As long as that is the focus and people don't go all crazy when the prices go up it will continue in my humble opinion LOL

It's a 3 way dance that seems to benefit us greatly! We need them all!

Absolutely brother you will get no argument from me.

3$ upvote? I think here in my place I can get KFC Zinger Burger.
Hive definitely has come a long way. Considering Splinterlands is at the top chart. It's good to see the progress. I am sure someday I'd become dolphin here and get to enjoy this platform lot better than what I am enjoying right now :)

Slow and steady. That's how to eat a Zinger Burger or even hitting Dolphin ;)

we are almost $3 keep pumping 😎

LOL That's just nuts

and we did hit the mark 😍

The price pump up is really awesome and I can't wait to see it reach $2 before the year runs out.

🎄 Christmas rally is running. 2 $ are almost reached, maybe we even see the 3$ 👏🏻

It's coming!!! lol

Wow that will be a good present for Christmas.

The rate it's going, we might hit 2 bucks tomorrow lol

2 bucks done and dusted 😏

LOL Ancient news!

Sure base on believe

Everything seems great, glad to see how the community is confident and behind Hive after all those dips, now the price is at the top. I can’t wait for us to $2 a dip

Yeah that'll be interesting to find out what the new floor for Hive will be.

We need all three to succeed and everyone can participate in their own way. In a way, so long as the three continue to be here, HIVE's price will be higher than what it is today.

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I remember when I first joined the chain...There was a post that stuck with me...The author made a case that without these 3 things (development, content creators and investors) a project will fail...I think we're finally seeing the investors start showing up in droves.

I think I would wait a bit to see if the investors stay. After all we don't know if they are here just for the airdrops and if they will stick around. However I think they made a good choice by investing in HIVE since it has a lot of potential.

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I had a conversation with a friend of mine, he's just starting to get into blockchain and crypto investing but plans to go big into some projects...He's thinking Hive now because I've been bugging him for years LOL

Once they 'see' what's being built here, people will stay :)

I hope lol

#HIVE soon to be used as a consumer payment. People can earn and spend - making #HIVE as an everyday crypto. What is the current status of Hive pay ?

Working perfectly, has been since day one :)

Recently, one of our product started using crypto by doing partnership with https://www.rocketfuelblockchain.com/ and I am trying to explore, if #HIVE can be listed there as well. It would be nice to see this new use case for #HIVE - huge potential there.

Absolutely. If there's anything HivePay can do for it, let us know!

I also think that the HIVE community is the greatest in the blockchain ecosystem.

It really is. Lots of places say they have a great community but it's usually because they hope their investment gives them a good return in 90 days or less lol

Haha! Cool reply! You are absolutely right 😊

Well said, the only thing we need is some major spotlight and then the sky really is the limit.

Agreed. And I think that's coming. Splinterlands is really shining a light on the chain like never before.

It's a great change, I think that's one of the reasons why I see HIVE is so great is because of its users, its diversity of its publications and its community. I think you can find a little bit of everything and yes those who trusted the platform and have been contributing since before, are now better off than ever!

And it's only going to get better...I truly believe that :)

indeed! :)

Seems like it's all coming together now once we understood that Hive was not just about blogging

From a TA we should reach about 3$ (for now ;)



LOL Way above my pay grade. But hey, if TA says it's so...Let's goooooo!

Wow, it's so true :)
New ATH is $3.4

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It is crazy to see how it keeps on growing! Wonder what it will be like in a few months time

That's what is so exciting! Even if we're down, it's shaken things up for sure and showed the world Hive is here!

Hive is the future.

Indeed it is!

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@jongolson very. Interesting and informative article very well explained thanks for sharing this information with us

Thanks for stopping by!

@jongolson you are always welcome bro 💕❤️

Spread love.

Hive and Love....A great match lol

Recent developments on hive have path way for many good thing here, the best is yet to come.

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100000% Agree!!

Hehe, am stacking up already😁😋

Slow and steady :)

Upvoted and rehived!

Thanks very much for the support!

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