The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 139 w/ Brian of London

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He's back for his 974th appearance on the podcast!

Wait a minute...This is only Episode 139?

No matter what it is, we're always honored and thankful when @brianoflondon stops by and shares with us what he's been working on!

From PodPing to lunch with Bitcoin Maxis....Brian dove into a wide range of topics and it was just a blast having him on the show.

Hope you guys enjoy Brian and all his knowledge and experience :)

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Brian is right, especially when asked him why Hive with all it's capabilities and they'd still choose medium. It's only logical, people who stily write about crypto there don't know that their content on crypto will be banned should any government place a ban on Crypto. It's so sad to see Task go, due to issues with power. Lovely time you all had.

I am used to my connection being horrible...But Task was the victim this episode lol


It was a great episode and I like how he shows that the lightning network won't really be able to do high valued transactions.

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It's funny because Bitcoin can, but Lightning can't too lol Too funny.


Good chapter as usual and interesting contributions from @brianoflondon
I'm already hooked.

Thanks for checking out the show!


Great episode guys!

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!


Great show! Couldn't catch it live but just watched the recording. Brian always has something interesting to share and I don't mind if he ends up becoming a third host lol

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Oh man, he would be awesome lol


Love the idea of a self-sustaining boat!