It's Crypto Mondays - So You're An Entrepreneur?

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Tonight's topic was near and dear to my heart :0

And yeah, we even ended up speaking about Splinterlands for quite some time LOL

But it was about...Where business is going!

Where is online entrepreneurship headed?

And in my opinion, it's all pointed right here on the blockchain.

Anytime we fight against technology, we lose. Re: the music industry!

So as entrepreneurs...We need to do everything we can to EMBRACE and adopt this changing landscape.

Hope you enjoy the talk :)

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Buy what you can's pretty much great advice.

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Adoption is the key to Success.

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With crypto online entrepreneurship is in for a big change. I mean when you look at Splinterlands and the buy in level they have compared to other similar businesses, it is through the roof. If people see that they can actually earn money with a game, they are also much more willing to spend money in it. I'm very reluctant to use a credit card to pay a service for several reasons. I therefore very seldomly buy anything online. It's totally different with crypto. I spend crypto every day. It's simple, cheap and fast and hardly any risks attached... The funny thing is that you can create products that actually have a value in many new different ways. No need to think about shipping, inventory,...

Great case for crypto entrepreneurship Jon! The trend is clear, those who stay behind are the ones who are losing.

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