The CryptoManiacs Podcast featuring Mcfarhat of ActiFit

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What app on the blockchain has helped people discover crypto while actually losing weight and developing healthy habits?

This isn't just a claim to get you guys to check out the podcast ;)

I'm speaking from personal experience as I share my personal weight loss journey, using.....The @ActiFit app!

Today we were joined by @mcfarhat the creator of ActiFit and we spoke about the apps history plus the exciting developments he's building when it comes to DeFi in the fitness industry!

You won't want to miss this episode....I'm biased because of how much I use this app, but let's be honest....This episode was amazing :)

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@actifit has put another BIG tool in my toolbox for my recovery. I use it nearly everyday, although I don;t always post, but I still track my steps during my walks with it.

In fact, it has now become a part of my business model with the Rhino Walk-N-Talks. #kickass

I just got to get smaller thumbs for the user interface. I also wish you could save drafts from the phone app, and then edit and post from the desktop app.

Yeah I think @elianaicgomes does that. She'll edit the entire post on her desktop.

Yeah but you have to post it live from the mobile app first before you can edit it from the desktop. I would prefer it not go live until I’m ready to post it.

I use PeakD on Drafts to edit the entire post through my desktop and then on the phone, I'll go to PeakD again copy the draft and paste on Actifit.
Then add the pictures I took from the phone and voila!
Maybe is too much work but I don't mind at all and it's much easier for me to get a better report post for Actifit :)

That's a great idea. I may try that with Ecency, then access using Ecency mobile app, cut and paste over to Actifit.

Hopefully, Actifit makes it to where we can save drafts on the mobile app and they create a desktop app and can synch between the two and save drafts.

Yeah you can try! Not sure if Ecency saves drafts but the desktop version at least you have the preview on the side and you can easily check how the post is going. PeakD has the advantage to save the drafts and you can grab it like a template and change the parts you need and keep others like the footer and such that are always the same.
Drafts on Actifit would be a nice addition for sure :)

Yes, Ecency saves drafts and allows you to schedule posts. As far as I can tell no templates. It does allow for snippets though. Personally, I like both PeakD and Ecency and use both at different times. Anyway, thanks for the tip, much appreciated.

Pleasure to help :)


I'm going to need to take some time tonight and soak this one up. Been wanting to get back into AciFit and might do it under a alt account. Not so much for rewards but honestly just to hold me accountable each day to get up and not sit here from when I open my eyes to when I go to bed lol

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Man, it really helped me lose a ton of weight this year. 40 lbs and counting. And sure, diet played a big role but the thought of trying to hit 5k on ActiFit everyday...Fired me up!

I make sure to do my actifit everyday but man it sure sucks up some time. On busy days, my comment counts slip when I have to go out and walk.

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ha ha ha ha the life of the blockchain's all star engager!

Great show, lot s of good info!!

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Appreciate that, thanks for tuning in!







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You guys rock! Thanks!

No you!

Wow. I will be adding this to be on my favorite podcasts. Finally I could listen to something I am very interested about. Keep it up! More power on your team. :D


I was searching for this post all over hive blockchain with Actifit tag. Finally found it! Great show guys! Keep it up!!

will try to use actifit