The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 98-ish w/ Disregardfiat

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In this week's episode we welcomed back @disregardfiat from

We dove into their brand new project - Honeycomb which will be handling the SPK Network's claim drop in the next few days!

As well we spoke about all the development that's been going on with the Dlux platform including all those juicy NFTs that recently got launched :)

Tons of fantastic information and even more reasons to be bullish on the blockchain..

Hope you guys enjoy the show :)

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This is amazing. We can get some airdrop, it's going to happen soon. The SPK network been updating recently, I like projects that always keep us up to date !

Love what they are building!

Honeycomb sounds quite nice and I like the push towards decentralized technology. It sounds like the 3speak claim might be easier if it's all on Hive also.

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If it goes like they say, this will be easier than upvoting my amazing content LOL :)