It's Crypto Mondays - Red Days, Yodin Zaku Dreamin' & Big Guild Plans!

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It wouldn't be a Monday without....



And doubt!

Yeah the markets did a plunge today, but we're used to it. It's crypto LOL

I also had quite a day with my favorite card in Splinterlands - Yodin Zaku!

You've got to hear the story to believe it :)

And finally....We talk SPS, the Index Guild we're planning and so much more!

Have an awesome Monday and thanks so much for tuning in!

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I'll go check out the index post and give my feedback. I don't have a huge stake...but I do have some INDEX.

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Red days are always the best days, it's like opportunity come knocking once again

So true!

And we look back and say...I wish prices were cheap lol

Lol... Exactly



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