JMBullion No Longer an Option for Crypto - > Gold... But they did pay me $5000

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

That's right folks, JM Bullion is no longer on my list of potential precious metals sellers, and neither is APMEX. Both of them still accept crypto, but now they have both begun requiring proof of strawman for their orders.

APMex says everyone has to verify - F%#K that!

JM Bullion says only orders over $3000... so I placed 4 different orders (different names, addresses, emails, etc.)

One package showed up literally two days later...

The other three orders were all cancelled yesterday...

And now they are refunding me... in BCH... at the price it was when I sent it weeks ago (~$800)...

So I sent them 8.5 BCH for 3.5 ounces of gold (around $7k)...

and now they're giving me back 8.5 BCH, currently around $12k.

Works for me :-)

Unfortunately it still requires KYC (because it's all BitPay, and they are fully onboard with organized crime syndicates), so I had to have someone else put in their strawman info to get it back.

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Where is the frowny-face vote icon?

That is really sad. We must know who has the moneys and where it is.

Pretty soon it will backfire on them.

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