The Rebrand is Upon Us | We're Giving Away 500 HBD for the Best Name

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Have You Ever Heard of LeoFinance?

It's definitely one of the most recognized brands in the Hive Ecosystem. Even if you have never used LeoFinance because it's got a big, bold, intimidating Finance right there in the name.

Odds are, if you have been on Hive for more than two days, you've heard of LeoFinance. The power of this brand is amazing and it took us 4 years to build it...

But We Are Getting Rid of It

LeoFinance is getting rebranded.

And we want the community to get involved in this process.

The community - both the Leo and the Hive community - has asked us countless times to ditch the Finance off Leo and become a more friendly brand towards the masses. After all, the finance up there scares and alienates a lot of people.

Our mission statement to democratize knowledge and access to finance is something that we still live and die by. That being said, the vision for our social media application has widened.

Instead of focusing solely on crypto & finance content, LeoFinance was recently opened up to all sorts of content.

You also have likely seen the tens of thousands of dollars spent on marketing initiatives including the $10k Zealy Campaign we ran in May. We also launched a DHF Proposal - which if you are not yet supporting, we would greatly appreciate your vote on.

We're taking off in so many ways. The LEO Community has recently grown by 3x and we now have more Monthly Active Users on our UI than ever before.

You have likely noticed that "LeoFinance" has become less and less utilized by our team in official communications. We have been opting to refer to everything as "LEO" or "LeoVerse" in most of our official comms.

This is all no accident and no coincidence. Our rebrand is upon us.

Leo has been taking a different focus as of late. We are still focused in Democratizing access and Knowledge to Finance and we plan to keep doing it. After all, and this is Khal by the way, I've always had the vision to provide a place where the average person can have access to the tools and information so they have the best chances at becoming financially independent and economically free. This is something that has always been a deep passion of mine.

But the truth is, as more time passes and Leo gets more features and dApps within dApps - like Threads, Polls, Customized communities - it only makes sense to go through a rebrand and make the parent company a much more appealing and friendly space for the masses.

LeoFinance is Dead... Long Live LeoFinance?

LeoFinance as a community about finance, crypto, alpha finding, blockchain projects and related will continue to exist and we will still focus in encouraging users to write and consume content related to these topics. It's just that LeoFinance will be a Hive community that lives inside this new, broader brand.

LeoFinance is now and always will be accessible via the Leo UI from the Communities Tab. This Community is focused on Crypto & Finance Content.

The UI that we have and the parent company that we refer to needs a broader name. As we aim to attract the masses to Hive, this has become more important now than ever before.

Rebranding is Not Easy

Twitter recently rebranded to X. This has caused a lot of controversy in the world. Some hate it and some love it.

We have been juggling around with tons of ideas for this new brand and it's been difficult to land on a name that we feel encompasses everything that the LeoVerse has to offer as a parent company and Everything App Social UI built on Hive.

This brand will be our parent brand, our main brand and it will host the User Interface you are so familiar with.

And then, LeoFinance as a community for crypto and finance will continue to exist as the perfect place to share content about all the money-related topics you love writing about, we will still encourage and empower users to share content that is finance related, and you will still earn $LEO by posting in the LeoFinance community or tagging your posts 'leofinance'.

So basically, everything in our current User Interface will stay the same, but it won't be called LeoFinance anymore, it will be called...

Wait, why don't you get involved in this process...?

Come up with Our New Brand name: win $500 HBD!

Our community is the base layer of LEO new brand.

We know this, and that is what makes it so powerful and why we are so excited about this whole process, because what better way to rebrand than by getting the very community that is so supportive, to get involved in this process?

Think of a new Brand Name and take into account the following characteristics we want the brand to have:

  1. We have a blockchain-based alternative for mainstream platforms like Medium, Reddit, and Twitter with Polls included, and we will have an alternative to Substack, Google Forms, DappRaddar, Bitcointalk, CoinTelegraph and many more. We are The True, decentralized, Everything App
  2. We are a tech oriented company, with blockchain technology called Hive underpinning us
  3. We are friendly to the masses and want a name that can go mainstream (wonky, techy names might not be the vibe we want. Consider the friendliness and simplicity of mainstream Web2 platforms)
  4. Everyone can post about everything on this new Brand, it's not for only finance related content
  5. Short Brand names are better. We don't want to be called
  6. Two-word Brand names are acceptable (but not required), but they have to be very creative! Insta+Gram, Face+Book are one in a million ideas
  7. Leo-related Brand names are cool, but don't get stuck on this. Try several approaches. If we can retain the LEO / Lion branding that'd be awesome, but don't silo yourself to this idea alone

*anything and everything goes. That's our point here. Get as creative as possible with your entries. feel free to do as many entries as you like.

Put on your creative hoodie, read about rebranding, and submit your entry!

It can be in the comment section on this post, or you can make a post on with your Rebranding Ideas and just drop a link to said post in this comment section.

You have until Sunday, August 13 to submit your ideas!

We will only pick 1 winner who will get the full $500 if we pick their idea, or it directly inspires us to come up with the new Brand name, so bring your A game, Lions!


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BLURT, what a nice name. I like it!

You are king, ser

No you

I am deeply hurt by this targeted attack

damn idk how you do it

Natural talet

that's awesome buddy. You did with ease, I think I like it....❤️



Whatever it’s to become, a .com domain name needs to be available for it! Yeah, .io domains are easier to acquire, but .com is the gold standard.

We've done tens of hours of research, while a .com is ideal, in terms of SEO it makes no difference, the only positive side is that .com domains are the more known and trusted, so it would help us with the social perception. The problem is, if we want .com domains we need to come up with new words because virtually every .com domain with common words and two-word domains are taken.

MAke sure to check out this post for some activities during the weekend on Leo!

Thank you for all your feedback @preparedwombat!

THIS. 100%. THIS.

omg!!! omg!!! omg!!! Got several ideas, here I go:


Here is just my suggestion =)

3RA Social

The Brand Essence

  • The essence of 3RA Social is encapsulated in the term "Era Social." This signifies the dawn of a new era in content creation, one that breaks away from traditional certifications and empowers individuals to share their unique perspectives.


  • Empowerment: 3RA Social believes in the power of every individual to create meaningful content regardless of formal certifications.
  • Inclusivity: The platform welcomes content creators from all walks of life, promoting diverse voices and perspectives.
  • Decentralization: 3RA Social is built on decentralized principles, ensuring fairness, transparency, and autonomy for content creators.
  • Innovation: The brand values pushing boundaries, embracing new technologies, and redefining the content landscape.

Suggested Taglines

- "Empowering Voices, Unleashing Perspectives"

- "embrace the era of content without boundaries"


cheers @bitrocker2020

I actually like your use of LeoVerse. A Web2 friend of mine has been planning departing Twitter which he has lived and breathed since the beginning. He's been talking to me about his plans and has asked me a few times about Hive. He'd actually like to give Hive a try but he prefers to stay married more and his wife is vehemently opposed to anything smelling like crypto.

He was asking me if I"d tried out the 'Fediverse' and course my response was .. what's that As he explained it to me, my response was, "You realize you're describing what the Hive ecosystem already is except we earn?" He agreed.

This morning I was reading the DHF proposal you guys put out and my thought was that by the time you implement your plans, you'll have a fediverse inside the Hive ecosystem fediverse Thus, when I saw the LeoVerse reference.. it totally resonated with me as your rebrand choice.

My idea is: Umbrella.

  • It refers to the 'everything app' - everything under the same umbrella
  • It also creates impression of safety, safe place during the crypto storms
  • If I was to design a logo for that it would be in a style of Chaplin(or even Mary Poppins) holding an umbrella as a cool, simple, siluette.


Your Crypto Umbrella

Unfortunatelly, there is already a caligraphy marketplace on so I would also consider Crylla (even though that blurs the Umbrella part of the name)

Or why not "LeoVerse" like u referred to it as?

I guess the main factors are;

  • not necessarily HIVE centric because u want to be able to pivot to other coins
  • not necessarily Crypto Centric
  • you want community, like a HUB


Then you can split Leo & Hub to say LeoCryptoHub, LeoHobbyHub, LeoStoryHub

My suggestion: DenRights

Sounds similar to the word dendrites, the receiving end of our nerve cells. The everything is poise to receive everything the world has to offer.

This is still our Den, LEO's den.

Because we are Web3, we get to keep our rights.



I rather like the name LEOFINANCE, but I am all about finance, so that appeals to me, but I get that LEO is for everyone, not just us money nerds.. :P

How about LEO hub, or just L-hub.. it looks friendly and is easy to remember. then people can go and find out more about the finance part if they want..

Here are a few ideas:

Freest (as in the most free)
Freer (as in more free)

This is a great idea to revolve around, maybe not these specifically but I think revolving around freedom is a good concept, thank you for the feedback and I hope these inspire to come up with a great brand fren, I just added them to the list.

Make sure to check out this post for some activities during the weekend on Leo!

FreeCompliments 😉

  • Roarizy!
  • Leonetw / Lionetw (netw = network)
  • Leosfeer / Liosfeer

L (lol)


THRISE aka There Really is Everything

It's been a while since LEO has been about more than just finance even though it was the focus at the beginning, and the adoption campaign proved that with numerous interesting designs and quirky threads.

I still believe that just changing it to Leo or LeoVerse would be right, what would we do about the tokens and articles of the same name LEO?

Perhaps we could also call it Lions Mane, LIMANE Or simply LL

I just thought the name LEOblog
,LEOpride, LEOcubs.


Another could be LeoBond, LeoLink, LeoHub, LeoCircle, Leo&Co, LeoCircuit, Centrix, LeoCentrix,

Since your first inspiration was Leo, and as the Sun, the ruler of Leo, is in Leo for the duration of this contest, it seems meet and right that we stay close to that first inspiration and change the name to Soleo ("Sol" = the Roman personification of the Sun).

Wanna blog? So Leo. Wanna thread? So Leo... etc.

If that domain is not available, an alternative might be which is almost an anagram for "helios" and "leo" - the perfect anagram would be for those who want a more hellish or hello-ish feel to the name!

So there you go:



With my favourite being Omni.

It means everything in Latin but is much shorter than everything. Eventually you can see it as an acronym aswell as it's only 4 letters long.
But the best reason: it's simple and can be easily pronouciated in different languages (while representing what the company is building: everything although in web3 formula)

Hello! I suggest these two names:

*LeoCosmos or CosmosLeo

The word cosmos perfectly integrates the new LeoFinance concept 🙂.

This is an awesome move ! i'm game will make a post and share ithere soon good luck to everyone and looking forward to seeing what we can come up with 💪

LeoVerse is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the announcement. Then I thought of making it simpler with just LEO. Then I came to this part and thought; "that is already perfect"

You have likely noticed that "LeoFinance" has become less and less utilized by our team in official communications. We have been opting to refer to everything as "LEO" or "LeoVerse" in most of our official comms.

I feel like you have come to the right name on your own. "LEO" is a short name that instantly create a bold image of a lion. We already have the branding ready. Let's stick with it! Domain for such a short name would be expensive though.

Few other names I can think of:

  • Pride
  • Roar
  • Umbrella

Here I leave my proposal, I hope you like it.


I immediately thought of the phrase HearMeRoar...domain taken (for sale for a mere $500,000)





Happy day, changes are always positive so welcome the transformation.

I leave my brand name proposal, thanks for the contest and the opportunity.


untitled.gif or .app

Les tengo el nombre corto y preciso, LionWorld o LionWorldwide

I submit the name: GRIFFINDORF. As opposed to J.K. Rowling's Gryffindor, this still connects with the Griffin/LEO related branding, and "dorf" means village in German. So it's like saying Leo Community but in a more marketable language. TLD domain names are all available. If this isn't chosen, I call dibs. :) It's simple, friendly, and easily remembered. There's no word for it in the dictionary but it somehow sounds familiar (maybe because it sounds like the Harry Potter house. LOL). This name can represent any content because its meaning will be what we want it to be.

I think my idea is kind of embedded among some comments here, but not too obvious so I will state it clearly here with my reasons. Here it is. My proposed brand name would be ...


Just One. sometimes can be abbreviated as O (in contrast to "X"!?). A possible longer version can still be "One by Leo".
Reasons being:

  • It's one syllable word like Leo. Easy to pronounce (I considered Uno but it's two syllables).
  • The meaning is straightforward and convey the Everything App message.
  • The domain name could be a problem. But as I checked, is up for grabs for 10k. The domain looks cute as there is a lion inside: le(o.o)ne 😆
  • Leo is lion and lion is king. There is only ONE king. The two concepts work well together.
  • Some possible slogans: Make One Yourself! (which interestingly can be abbreviated as MOneY). Leo has become One. The Decentralized One - DONE.

Just my One cent.

Decentra Social = everyone wants and talk about decentralized social network on internet but no one knows it exist since there's not a single name or brand in existence.

I guess this sounds simple and clear would be good for rebrand imo!.

The "Finance" part is the main reason that I've never really posted much on Leo. I don't really have much useful to say about financial topics. That being said, from my understanding that is what Leo was about. It will be interesting to see what the rebranding brings. Perhaps I'll have more to contribute. I definitely already use various tools such as threads (just recently) and Hivestats.

Thanks for the feedback man, this is exactly why the 'finance' has to go, so the perception changes and users realize there's much more to Leo than just the money side of things. Glad you like it! (anomad)

I already have 2 great ideas and I'll make a post about them before the final date... if I had more time I could make a brand manual but it's Father's Day weekend in Brazil and I have an event today, tomorrow and Sunday so I'll make one simple post!

Xeo, Leot
or LEA (Leo Everything App 😛)

The first thing that came to mind was that "Leo Verse" because everything has "-verse" nowadays. If that's out of the question, then my top 3 would be.

  1. Alpha - Logo would still be a lion because what's the most alpha animal out there? The lion logo would survive reminding you of LeoFinance while being rebranded into something else.
  2. Dandy Leo - The logo would be a dandelion with a face of a lion in the middle. More friendly than the current one.
  3. L.E.O. (Laugh Earn Own) - Laugh and engage with everyone as you traverse each blogs and stories. Earn cryptocurrency while supporting others with a click of the upvote button. Own the articles you write and get rewards for everything that you do in the app. - I am not sure how the lion logo would fit in here though but I do like the idea.

Check out what I have in mind concerning an appropriate name for the rebrand of leofinance.

whatever it is it shouldn't be a homophone, should be easy to spell. Leo is a good name because it is a 3 letter word that is hard to misspell

Omnia is a Latin word that means “everything” or “all”. It is used in various contexts such as in business, music, technology... everything.

Thanks for the opportunity, you can check to see my second Propounded name for the rebrand.

Astrology references are rooted deeply in culture and global conciousness, at the end it's not about star reading thing but about archetypes, about our common human experience. This fact doesn't need to be used in marketing efforts and it's so broad it goes beyond astrology. (i.e. FB's Libra thing, not even a word about astrology, right?)

Since LEO is also one of the archetypes I'd suggest another one for a brand - AQUARIUS or in the form of adjective as AQUARIAN (Actually a like this one little bit more)


  1. Archetype of aquarius is known for communication, technology, new ideas, creativity, non-conventional thinking, financial independence, decentralization, abundance, access to knowledge and finance, these are all aquarian ideas. Aquarian archetype is also inclusive one, one of the fundamental aquarian topics is connecting all people, no matter who they are and where they come from
    2.We are collectively entering the age of aquarius, ditching old structures of opression and breaking the chains, AQUARIUS or AQUARIAN* perfectly lands in this spot, this is just what we need to co-create the more open world. That's thing astrologers refer to, but we can see that as increase of popularity of mentioned aquarian topics.
  2. It's catchy, easy to creates associations, this branding will instantly catch attention of millions of people even remotely aware of mentioned changes and archetypes, and connected with proper marketing it's sure success IMO

BTW, I'm super happy about rebranding! We need to have unique and meaningful brands here on Hive.

Leo is the one place equipped with all the features of of social media so I would suggest
LEOONE or Leo-one much like the airforce1 equipped with all the features and latest tech

I would suggest the following names

  • Leoworld : as leo is one platform that can connect the whole world
  • leoconnect : Leo can connect every hive and web 3 user
  • unplugit : unplug your self from various web 2 apps and come to leo here you would find all the web 2 features in one place
  • Untangle : untagle from the mess of web 2 and come to the king of web 3
  • letusbond : A place to bond

Hello, friends.
I read this post of yours, and I was wondering if I could come up with a name. It occurred to me that if it's about the breadth and diversity you want to give that new name, and keeping the lion motif, maybe they could be:
(this one for the breadth of the savanna, it could also be "forest", for jungle or forest, although it might sound a bit rude).
Another possibility that comes to mind is:
(for the sense of openness they want to give it).
The word order could be altered, although it may not work at all.
Best regards to you.

How about: “Rise”.
It’s easy to pronounce, short, sticky, and it describes our goal, to rise!

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