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RE: HBD Interest Payouts For June 2022

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I am very glad that HBD doesn't have the issues of the troubled stablecoins. I didn't know Justin Suns was unloading his Tron, trading it for a stablecoin and then that stablecoin for another is very creative.

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I think to mint USDD you need to burn Tron and looks like most of USDD in existence were minted by Justin Sun. I am not sure if he is actually exchanging them to other stablecoins though. That was Coffeezilla 's guess.

Oh Burning Tron and Minting USDD.
Interesting, so no negative effect on the price of Tron?
I need to study Justin Sun more.

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There will/might be negative effects to tron when/after algo pegging is activated, because usdd peg will be backed by tron. I don’t know the details.

Wow. Negative like Luna negative? That would be a tragic end for Tron.

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