Approaching Hive For Success

When opportunity comes knocking, are you willing to respond?

Most want to say yes to this question but their actions say otherwise. It is why most find themselves mired in the situation they are in.

We need to be honest, success is any area of life is not easy. Great effort is required no matter what it is. Unfortunately, most simply do the bare minimum to get by.

While people are free to choose what they want, and how much effort they put towards anything, most of us are aware of what is done by those who truly excel. They are not lucky. Instead, for the most part, they tend to work their hind ends off.

It all starts with consistency, a word most people evidently do not like. Instead, they opt for the once in a while approach. Those who work out regularly at gyms see this all the time. Many show up occasionally, work out, and they are going for a couple weeks. Genius is not required to conclude what most of their bodies look like.


Hive Is An Opportunity

Actually opportunity applies, in my opinion, to all of cryptocurrency. However, we will focus upon Hive for the sake of discussion here.

This is something that most of us never encountered before. We are seeing many different ways to provide ourselves with life changing money. This is not what most of us get from our jobs or careers. Certainly, there are some who are highly successful at what they do. Nevertheless, for the vast majority, especially in the undeveloped nations, the financial plight is written.

The script is changed with Hive. Here we see opportunities cropping up that eclipsed many throughout life. Even in a country like the United States, few of us ever would be considered "accredited investors". Thus, we were sidelined from some of the tremendous money making projects that are out there.

Cryptocurrency changes all of this. Presently, it is all new. There are ventures showing up each day which can offer the "early investor" scenario. The question is whether we take advantage or not.

Of course, that is not to say that everything is a smart move. We are all aware there is a lot of crap out there. Many projects are doomed to failure even before launch. They are poorly planned, lack funding, or outright scams. It is naturally best to avoid these.

Nevertheless, when we look at the totality of what is taking place, with all the new projects being developed, there are plenty of choices for each of us. Finding something to immerse ourselves in is not a problem with Hive these days.

What Are You Willing To Do?

Here is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. This is definitely not isolated to Hive since it applies to every area of life.

Nevertheless, what are you willing to do to be a success on Hive?

This is a vital question. Anyone who is serious, and truly committed, knows what the answer is. It requires showing up each day and doing what others are not willing to do. That is the magical secret.

Most are not willing to be consistent and put in the effort. How many are leaving a couple hundred comments a week? Are they putting up posts of 750-1000 words each? Do they spend hours learning about the ecosystem or specific aspects they want to excel in?

The answer, for the majority, is no. Instead they want everything to happen instantly and complain when it does not. That is a certain path to failure.

Let us take @splinterlands as an example. This is a game that is exploding, along with the wallets of many who are involved.

The first question is are you an expert at that game? If the answer is no, presuming you are interested in it, why not? Here is an opportunity to make tens of thousands of dollars (or more) if one puts in the effort.

Of course, this game might not be everyone's cup of tea and that is fine. Nevertheless, with an opportunity like this, why are those interested not fully dedicating themselves to it?

Taking Ownership

If the opportunities exist and it only requires effort, why do people not succeed?

The answer appears in that the majority are not willing to take ownership for what happens. We live in a world that excels at the blame game. Our entire model is to point the finger at other people.

Naturally, when we do find someone who is successful, the tendency is to tear them down. We call them lucky or a host of other things to try and validate ourselves.

Anyone who owns a business knows how foolish this is. As an owners, the proverbial "buck stops here". While that person can blame the employees, market conditions, or whatever else he or she wants, guess who is going to end up in bankruptcy court. It is his or her fortune on the line.

This provides a different mindset. Without it, most businesses are destined to fail. It is difficult to make ventures work. Even with total commitment, the failure rate is high. However, for those that succeed, that viewpoint is presently in almost every case.

Hive gives us the opportunity to take ownership of whatever we are involved in. In fact, blockchain is sensational because people literally have a stake in what is going on. If you have the currency for Hive or the other projects, no matter the amount, you have a stake in what is taking place.

In other words, the success will translate into a direct benefit for you.

Approaching Hive For Success

If you want to succeed on Hive, they approach it in the proper manner. Do not fall victim to what so many others did.

Understand there are opportunities here, be willing to put in the effort, and take ownership of what is taking place.

  • Invest your time and money to being successful. If you have no money, then time and effort are the currencies you use.
  • Find what interests you while immersing yourself in it. Spend the time learning what is going on as well as improving your skills.
  • Show up each day. Play the game, write the post, engage with comments. Do whatever it is to enhance your visibility within the projects that capture your attention.
  • Most people spend decades working a job and end up with little to show for it. Have a long-term outlook. Understand the nature of compounding and how it applies, not only financially, but to the overall success on here.

All of this is available to everyone. We are seeing a major paradigm shift taking place. Millions are arriving to help with the transition to Web 3.0. Many of us feel that Hive is at the forefront of this.

Many already are seeing their lives changed because of Hive. The reality is that if these people can do it, anyone can.

It just depends upon having the right approach to ensure success on Hive.

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Hive is life changing. I can tell that from my own experience. It's "that thing on the internet" I was searching for years and glad I found it. You have to create yourself a brand though, in order to make it a successful and fullfiling experience, and that requires time and effort. Years actually...

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VEry true,... we have a oppurtunity to create our own unique brand, itsw a great feeling is it not, somewhat like finding our unique identity!!

Naturally, when we do find someone who is successful, the tendency is to tear them down. We call them lucky or a host of other things to try and validate ourselves.

Completely agree with you
I thank my father who taught me from a young age to look at those who have been successful as an opportunity and a stimulus to learn from them because by looking at those who are successful you have two possibilities that are both useful for personal growth:

  • you can understand your limits because if you can't reach the same goals it's because obviously it's not your field or you're simply less good than him and it's better to engage in something else.
  • You can learn and try to achieve the same goals or even exceed them if you put passion and commitment and when you put passion and commitment in something you have never lost time because you have trained your tenacity.

Whoever looks at those who are successful with contempt or envy is because deep down they despise themselves and above all they do not believe in themselves.

Show up each day. Play the game, write the post, engage with comments. Do whatever it is to enhance your visibility within the projects that capture your attention.

As a moderator of a small community here on Hive I always try to encourage new people to interact more and more but few take the advice thinking they are wasting their time because they want everything now and if they fail they leave saying that Hive is a failed project but instead they were failures because they thought they could publish and earn without writing a single comment...

Thanks for all the advice in your post that, coming from a successful Hiver like you, have more value and weight than the advice I could give and for this I reblog your post and I will read it to those who are new and ask me for help!

@tipu curate

@taskmaster4450! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @libertycrypto27.

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I want to have success and for HIVE to be successful.

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I agreet. If no money, spend time and effort and write one post each day on HIVE would be a total approach for success. I hope I will find more time to write a post.

I would say no to that. It's not easy to write a quality post everyday. You get writter Block and stuff.

I would say find your niche subject, immerse in it, gain some interesting insights, get inspired and then write an article.

Keep it varied... writting on one theme may get boring, atleast for me it does.

This is a absolutely what I tell everyone I know, apart from consistency, hive is a whole new world, coming in would require one to take time to study how it works, while building an identity or s niche for themselves.
Truth is, it's not easy anywhere, I expect anyone should also approach being here with the same mindset. The opportunity one can build here can be life changing overtime and splinterland players can currently attest to this.

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Here is an opportunity to make tens of thousands of dollars (or more) if one puts in the effort.

Well, maybe the tens of thousands of dollars is an exaggeration for the average player, but it is certainly an opportunity to make some money.

Very interesting thoughts. The only thing I would point out is that while Hive may be a great way to grow wealth, I don't think it is as good of a way to realize wealth. At least for me, whatever I earn, I feel like I need to put it back into the platform so I can continually grow. This feels like an endless cycle and for those like me who can't find the good spot to actually take some profits, it can feel like you are not gaining anything. I guess sometimes knowing something is more important than feeling something though :)

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I don't think is a trap, that one need to keep investing his or her reward. I think it just need time to grow ones account to the point of making enough profit.

Posted via

I'm currently coping with this. I have quite a bit in Splinterlands but haven't been able to really cash anything out because it would wreck my ability to compete and earn, or destroy my airdrop. It's a very bizarre position to be in.

I could cash out and have legit life changing money..., like house, car, boat, etc... but then what. I wouldn't have a deck to play with in my new house, or a way to earn money to gas up my new car to take my boat out.

But having said that, for all the anxiety I've had over the last couple of months wondering how I'm gonna do what with all this good fortune beats the living shit out of the previous decades of juggling the rent to keep the lights on. Not knowing when to take a pay day is the best problem I've ever had. More like this please!

This by like 100 percent! You really hit the nail on the head there.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 74 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

How much reason in your words friend, constancy, perseverance and patience are the main solid pillars that will lead you to achieve your goals. Unfortunately people will continue to sit in the armchair waiting for the magic button and everything to be rosy, making absurd comments about people who are successful. They will only argue that they have had a stroke of luck and it is not difficult to achieve, there is a big difference in these two prototypes of people, the first wastes his saliva and time complaining without wondering because his life does not change at all, and the another who gets up every day and fights for it even if it costs her blood and sweat. This post serves as motivation so I'll take a look at it when I have those shady or demotivating days, again thanks @taskmaster4450!

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Showing up daily is just the secret of being successful on Hive and over time showing up becomes a habit that requires no effort to perform because it's now in you.

As for me showing hasn't become just a habit it has become an addiction seeing dedicated Hive members on here daily just makes this place the place to be.

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Hive is indeed life changing ...... A great piece I wish everybody will get time to read .....Hive for life

You can't get rich without spending either time or money. So showing up everyday is the best way if you don't have lots of money to spend.

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As someone on day 2 of their Hive journey, I absolutely agree with the sentiment here. Hive is doing something unique, fresh, and new to the world of social networking and crypto. I have never been one to create content outside of a Livestream or Podcast but Hive has kickstarted my desire to write about my interests, share my story, and create valuable and meaningful content, and I am sure many can relate!

Great topic you bring up today! We need more of you in here - dedication😎

If you have no money, then time and effort are the currencies you use.

I totally agree with the sentence above. I started having an account in 2017. At first it was hard to be here. because we know each other. As time goes by, I feel comfortable being here. not only can earn money, but also have many friends. In addition, I have also benefited from my life so far. like I could have my first digital camera. and until now, I'm still here. and there is always time to interact with other friends. From the first until now, I have been consistent in the field of photography. And I hope that someday there will be a photo-only application like shutterstock on the Hive blockchain network.
maybe this is just my opinion. and this is a brief experience while in Hive.

@my451r from Aceh, Indonesia

I think that you've reminded me with this article to get more involved on the comment side of things, thank you for that. We all have a chance here, I like your viewpoint on things.

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Hive is a winner along with Splinterlands, SPS coin is going to 1 dollar again so load up stake it in the game at 109 percent APR. Just wait for the 5x return on investment. Enjoy the ride!! Oh and thanks for the !beer


Requires motivation to change your heart, and your habits.
Plus you have to stop Blaming other people and other things for your lack of success.

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I always feel a surge of excitement when I read your posts ... because what you're saying is so true! Hive is awesome and there is a world of opportunity and abundance opening up (actually, I think the whole world is opening up, and Hive is one manifestation of that opening). This post made me want to double down, step into the harness ... and get to work!

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Yup, you gotta put some work in, to gain any effects. Unell you're lucky. But for "the luckies" wanting quick wining are better places. lottery for example. :)

this is true and i really agree with your opinion. this is a great opportunity for success.

Another great post. Reminded me of my favorite quote from the jogging baboon: "It gets easier…Every day it gets a little easier…But you gotta do it every day — that’s the hard part."
Thanks @taskmaster4450!

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Efforts and perseverance are important to achieve success. But we can also have less ambition and make sure to set up a drip that ends up looking like something ... Unfortunately, malicious people rot HIVE by downvoting for no reason and in my case have zeroed all my posts for 15 days ... Hive needs to improve so as not to scare people away ...

I absolutely agree. Hive is huge opportunity for us and a change we shouldn’t miss. But the key to success is to be permanent, give your best, don’t give up and be ready to do things that others aren’t!

Buen post, realmente cuando ingrese a hive no tenia idea de lo que era escribir, ni conocía comandos, tampoco sabia muchas cosas que se en estos momentos, y esto del mundo de los criptoactivos es muy bueno y redes sociales blockchain descentralizadas aun mejor, al principio solo queria los Hivedolars ahora también me interesa crecer en la comunidad ser respetado y hacer amigos