When You Can't Understand

I don't understand people, who make a conscious choice to be cruel.

I know that we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. That what may be unsettling for some, is just how things are, for others.

I struggle a lot, with how some people choose to treat animals. I just don't understand, how they are unable to recognise them as emotional beings. And give them the respect they deserve.


Daily, I witness animals being mistreated where I live. I have tried talking to the people, to try and at least plant some seeds, show them a different way in which they can treat the animals that they have working for them.

It makes no sense to me, why they do not understand how it would also benefit them, if the animals were healthier and stronger. But they just seem to see animals as objects and continue to treat them, that way.

I find it really difficult sometimes, to deal with what I witness. I have thought about moving away, but then maybe this is exactly why I should be here

Just today, I had to rescue a three legged lamb, that was about to be attacked by some dogs. The poor animal, was dragging itself along the ground. It could manage to stand up right for a little bit, but you could see that it couldn't hold it's weight very well.

It was already covered in cuts.


I already know, that the people who claim ownership over it, just don't care. They also have the donkey, that I have wrote about a few times already. They don't care, if they see animals suffering, it's just how things are, for many of the local farmers, around where I live.

I just really can't understand, how they can just turn a blind eye, to a being, that is suffering. How they can ignore, their cries of pain, their cries for help even.

I have struggled with this my whole life and it just happens everywhere.

I really struggle to understand, how someone can look an animal in the eye and inflict pain upon them. Or maybe, they have never even looked them in the eye. But either way, it makes no sense.

We all get to make choices in life, we choose how we interact with other beings. Both human and non human. And some, choose to cause pain and suffering. Some that perhaps have experienced so much themselves.

But then they know exactly what it is like, so why inflict it on others. I understand that there are generational cycles that occur and that it is very hard to break out of them. That violence itself, can be passed down, or at least the pain of it and that, this pain can cause some to become cruel. To follow the same path their ancestors did.


But it doesn't have to be like that. We all hold the power to change, to bring about change.

Then I look at the way in which some people mistreat the earth. The very thing that sustains us, it makes absolutely no sense to me. If we wish to survive, the earth needs to be healthy, it is as simple as that.

But there is a huge, disconnect for some. I am aware of, how some people have been led away from this connection. ( thanks to how we have been educated and what the media wants us to be exposed to.)So much so, that some people, actually prefer to spend all their time indoors, rather than outdoors.

That makes it easier for them then, to treat the earth as they please. No connection, means no reaction.

In the end I just give up trying to understand these people,I don't really need to anyway. My focus needs to be on what I am doing and not on others.

But as I said earlier, it's not feckin easy.


It breaks my heart!
I wish we had magic wands to make them feel exactly what they do to these animals!!!

Yes so do I @silversaver888, so do I xxxx

Being cruel to animals seems like the most sin for me. Unfortunately there are very few places out there where people are actually punished for their actions and Romania is amongst those who have recently got a law for that but people are still not punished. It's just heartbreaking and not right what's going on!

It's the same in Spain, the law is there, but there is no one to enforce it. As our world changes, I really hope this is something that will change with it xxxx

I think they chose to be cruel because of what have happened in the past for them while some deliberately do so just to bully those beings. Some feel happy seeing those creatures suffering.

If you can't take care of something, why bring it home to have as yours or to work for you? They are living creatures so they need to be given the best of life treatment.

Over here, I do see some people get dogs or other pets but can't feed them properly. Whenever I see such creatures with skinny bodies or other state of conditions, I do pity them and always ask myself 'why do they even bother to have these creatures when they can't even take good care of them?'.
Well, there are those who take propeer care of theirs anyway.

Truth is, people are always different and will see things from different perspectives. There are the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yes well said @maxwellmarcusart, many people treated animals how they are treated themselves and others really take their frustrations out on the animals in their lives. It is a tough thing to witness xxxx

Yeh, and it just doesn't worth it. If that's the case, people really need to control their angers and emotions.

well done👌

If I could have guessed which one you'd do, I knew you'd do this one! YOu are such a lovely, kind human being.

I always think that peple who treat animals so badly have been treated so badly themselves. It gives me such a sadness for the world.

Thank you @riverflows, I think that also, for some anyhow, but for others they are just cruel I think and this saddens me also xxx

But cruelty has to come from somewhere. We aren't born cruel. It deeply saddens me too - how a human being can become like this. Our nature is primarily goodness - I believe that with all my heart.

I have strong opinions about animal cruelty and those who commit such crimes. I'll not say them here, but I think you might be able to imagine. Good post.

Yes I can imagine @galenkp, I can imagine them well xxxx

Indeed, I thought you might.

What happened to the lamb??? You said they don't care about it, perhaps you could find a petting zoo or a rescue that might take it?


I remember her plans about having a big animal rescue center, I pray she can fulfill that because she will have a huge impact on that.

Definitely, but until then, she will probably have to look for other options :(


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Thanks @george-dee, it seems the animals come to me now, so I will find a way xxx

The lamb was returned for now, but we are working on rescuing it. For now me and my friends keep a look out for it. The people live next door, so although I wanted to keep it, it would just worsen our relationship with them and if we want to really change things, we need to be able to communicate with them, or else these things will keep happening xxx

Good relations with them is definitely top priority. Show them that the right way can bring even more of what they care about most - making money... At that point, everything falls into place!


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People who are cruel are so heartless. They would only know how it feels when it is already too late. They would never understand pain and struggles.

Thanks for this well written content. Have a great day.

Yes, there is no explanation for cruel people. We see at school. We get so many messages about being good to each other, about not being bullies, and still some kids do bad things. It's like they can't help it.
Then, there are the mental cases. Cruelty against animals and against other human beings is unforgivable .

Yes it is unforgivable, thanks @annaky xx

Tremendous reflection my friend @trucklife-family, imaginate and me thinking about being better people with people, apologizing and there is still a lot of work to be done. This animal issue should be stronger, well we are in the perfect place to do what humanly possible and try to help the one we can. A big hug!

Yes we really all need to do more, thanks @lisfabian xxxx

That donkey look such a curious one eheheh

Cruelty towards animals is everywhere in our life. Somewhere it is visible, somewhere it is not. Milk, egg, meat. Leather, silk, honey, whatever we obtain from animal comes after cruel treatment with animals. Going vegan can end this cruelty.

Yes I agree @chetanpadliya, I stopped eating meat many years ago and became a vegan a few years after that xxxx

Humans are something else, why would someone even let a three leg lamb stray around when they know it is defenseless since it can run?

I remember the dog story, and the donkey story and it breaks my heart to see these things happening from time to time. If we can treat animals well, how do we treat the people around us?

These are acts of cruelty and I hope people change their thinking about animals. Thanks for being helpful to them always, you are a symbol of hope for not just humans but animals as well.

Ah thanks so much @george-dee for your lovely words xxxx


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