EasyDeFi the simple pathway for newbies into decentralized finance

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EasyDeFi is Defi made easy,via the EasyDefi two Step

  • Investing in decentralized finance projects is very complicated, and often requires 10-14 steps.
  • I believe that providing an easier way to invest will help many people who want to invest in decentralized finance, but don't because it's complicated, time consuming and many things about it are annoying or unpredictable.
  • I have provided a pathway to investing in decentralized finance to over 100 investors in the Hive Community for over one year.
  • Recently I celebrated my 1.5 year Anniversary of the program.

What is @easydefi account?

-This is the acount I use to receive the funds, so the wallet provides a transparent record of funds received from investors and funds paid out to investors.

What is the Easy Defi Two Step Process?

  • Step one: you send 250 Leo minimum or more, or 100 Hive or more to the @easydefi wallet.
  • Step Two : I send your rewards in Leo to your Leofinance wallet.

Cubfinance Pool

  • Called Group A: This pool invests Leo and Hive in Leofinance Project Cubfinance on Binance Smart Chain.
  • To invest send a 250 Leo or more, or 100 Hive or more to @easydefi wallet, put Group A in the transaction memo.

Keep it simple.

  • I know that it's hard to invest in DeFi and there is legitamate fear of losing money or tokens, as you navigate the bridges and swaps from Hive, to Binance, or Hive to Polygon.
  • I think that projects like @easydefi will help change that by removing the complexity and making it easy to invest.

Keep it transparent

  • I know that we all fear dishonesty and theft of our tokens.
  • I keep the transactions transparent by using a public wallet for receiving funds and disbursing funds.
  • I publish a ledger of investors, their investments and their earnings weekly in a post.
  • I publish the screen shots of the wallet transfers in the weekly ledger post.

EasyDefi is a one year old project project.

  • EasyDefi is a project which has existed for a year, and it has verifiable earnings I have been here for four years.

DeFi Project Safety

  • Easydefi invests in Defi projects created by well known Hive Community members who are not anonymous, and put their name and face on the projects.
  • The developers are Khaleelkazi and Leofinance development team who are names and accessible via the Leofinance Discord.
  • The project Cubfinance is Certik audited for vulnerabilities to hacks and rugpulls.
  • Cubfinance was created by @khaleelkazi and his Leofinance team here on Hive.

Insurance against loss

  • Right now I self insure the project against loss from rug pull or hack.
  • My Leo account is collateral, for this self insurance against rug pull or external hacks, but not against market downturns and withdrawals during a bear market with lower valuations.
Penned with my hand, @shortsegments

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