A Complete Mythic History. Or; The Tragedy of Tethys, the Vanished

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The Tragedy of Tethys, the Vanished

The day is October 24th, 2019. COVID-19 doesn't exist yet, CopperPitch is still a young child, and everyone in the Gods Unchained universe and their families are huddled around their old timey radios, tuned in to a subtle static hum, waiting with baited breath for the raffle to begin.

(COVID hit a month and a half later shattering my perception of time. It's possible this all went down live on Gods Unchained's official Twitch account (it did), but I prefer to imagine old timey radios.)

As Chris Clay read off the winning wallet, users jumped into action to figure out who won.

No one came forward.

image (8).png

Months passed and still the user hadn't responded to emails saying he had won. After a long debate, Immutable decided not to re-raffle the card as they are "Immutable" in their word, and so with much sadness, the card, with an estimated value of $50-$100k today, was sent to a dead wallet.

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What are Mythic Cards

Every set that Gods Unchained has released has included a special 1-of-1 promo card of Mythic rarity. Genesis had four Mythic cards. These cards all create very interesting and unique game modes effectively and are insanely rare, thus worth a lot of money.

  1. Hyperion - (Genesis) Auction won for 137.8 Ether (~$60,000 USD) (Feb 2019)
  2. Prometheus - (Genesis) Won by user ??? Bought by WhaleShark for 235 ETH (~$35,250 USD)
  3. Atlas - (Genesis) Won by user "HarryBahlls". Bought by WhaleShark for 210 ETH ($31K USD)
  4. Tethys - (Genesis) Won by dead wallet 0xcEE772FFc011fD09C901619A8206623bdd9B5d04
  5. Citadel of the Gods - (Trial of the Gods) Won by user TheChosenMortal
  6. Temnys of Thebia, Chronicler - (Divine Order) Won by user CastleBravo

image (5).png

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Who Won Tethys

So who is 0xcEE772FFc011fD09C901619A8206623bdd9B5d04, henceforth known as ZeroExy.(0xcEE)? This is what we know: ZeroExy had exactly 7779 raffle tickets out of a total of 65,949,296 for a total of 0.0118% of the total tickets. ZeroExy is a very lucky person. Some whales held hundreds of thousands of tickets, and one who specifically bought 6 million tickets off the market. (I held 10,000.)

It would be nice to imagine a storybook scenario wherein the long lost owner is finally found, but alas, I think that is unlikely. In the world of crypto it is far too easy to lose access to wallets forever. Since the account has been dormant for a year now, it is much more likely that the owner lost access and/or doesn't even know that they own this wallet.

The fact that the game has now moved to Layer 2 and you can't even see Gods Unchained assets on OpenSea anymore, if the user did log into OpenSea wouldn't even see anything in their wallet. And since they never connected their wallet to IMX, they also can't see their card on Immutascan.

They funded their wallet from the more active address 0x15a190CEeE1163F0b1f05793541BC362AE8883e9 where they traded a lot of DAI. If you played Gods Unchained shortly in early/mid 2019 and then never again, you might have a surprise sitting in your wallet!

If you're an armchair detective, now is your chance to track down the winner and get the word out to them somehow!

hive dividers-05.png

Playing With a Mythic

All of the first four Mythics we're locked up tightly in investor vaults and were never seen on the battlefield. After TheChosenMortal won the Citadel of the Gods, he gave me the honor of being the first ever game played against it!

You can watch that video here!

Additionally, most recent winner CastleBravo has been seen out and about playing many matches with their Mythic Temnys card though they couldn't be reached for comment.

Perhaps we will one day see more Mythics hitting the battlefield. I am now on team Infinite Mana, who is sponsored by E1337.pro, a company owned by the man, myth, and legend WhaleShark, who just happens to own 2 of the Genesis Mythics. My hand is hovering on the doors of his vaults, I need only to turn the handle...

Tomb Robber (Genesis).jpg


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Awesome read, crazy to think some person could have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting there and not knowing, love learning the lore of shit like this.

and it all comes down to the last sentence of the post which makes it sound like you have been planning all this time just to get your hands on the 2 genesis mythics haha

Now that is some history I didn't know. Thanks! I love the idea of 1-of-1 cards that do crazy things. I'm not sure I love the idea of those cards being playable in weekend ranked. Hopefully, with new modes coming out, they'll implement ways to ban certain cards from all modes.

Agreed, these cards being played in weekend ranked is a bad look. If anyone ever calls the game pay2win, example #1 is Citadel of the Gods in weekend ranked.

Very nice! It's always very fun to see the hidden gems. Makes the game more exciting until you face one of those.

Very cool write-up. As someone who played for a bit, walked away, then came back to a find a pile of GODS I can attest that you actually do need to keep track of the things we play around with. Probably good to keep a spreadsheet for the various crypto activities/projects you try out.

Whaleshark owns 2 mythic cards that he/they invested 445 eth, thats nothing to sneeze at! I'm so glad that its permanently engraved in the blockchained that "harrybahlls" was the initial winner of atlas lolol. The original comment thread of tethys was an interesting read, seeing a glimpse of the playerbase in its infancy is always a cool thing

2019 Young Pitch would not hesitate and immediately TURN THE HANDLE!

1 <3

Great writeup! Love history lessons from fellow old-timers 😆

Thank you for breaking out the history lesson for us. I knew of mythic cards and was saw the Citadel of the cards in use. I think cards like this are extremely cool. I have mixed feelings about them sending the first raffle card to a dead wallet. Why not put that in the hands of a person who played the game. It is like destroying a card for the sake of it. The thought that you may be able to use two Mythic cards in the future is sick. I know you and your love for meme decks so we could be in for a real treat. Solid write up per usual. Thank your for your continued efforts of delivering the highest quality content possible.

That’s a very interesting history, reminds me of the crazy stories of BTC. I wish I learned about GU sooner, could have bought some genesis card a lot cheaper!

Tethis ..


im in that painting, thats me !


Wow!... Someone would have this amount of money somewhere and might not even know??😢

Yup! I'd love to track them down somehow and let them know!

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