OCDspeak is up and running!

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We set up our node on the 3speak network recently: @ocdspeak and wanted to let you all know how you can participate in it with your claimed Larynx to mine SPK!

As many of you know, @ocd has been curating @threespeak content for a long while now through our curation initiatives with @aliento.speak. Decentralization is very important for us and goes hand in hand with proper distribution of stake to deserving and under-rewarded authors and content. When we heard the plans of 3speak wanting to create a decentralized storage system we shifted our focus on supporting content creators posting on that platform and it's exciting seeing it all getting started! Long live #web3!

TL;DR/ELI5 on what you can do with your tokens right now

You can either become a node operator/miner if you have the technical skills (I myself don't but ours is in safe hands of a compatible dev who has contributed to the network). Being a miner requires you to lock up Larynx to provide liquidity to the dex.

Or you can power up Larynx and delegate them to a node operator to earn SPK tokens!

Here's a screenshot from https://vue.dlux.io/me#wallet/


If you've remembered to claim your monthly Larynx, you can now power them up similar to Hive on the website linked above (Hive keychain login) and then delegate them to a node operator to earn SPK tokens!


I delegated from my main account to @ocdspeak earlier and it seems to be working!


The simple steps towards this are:

  1. Login with keychain here: https://vue.dlux.io/me#wallet/
  2. Go to your wallet and then the SPK tab
  3. Power up your Larynx (keep in mind 4 week powerdown in case you want to trade with some)
  4. Delegate them to a node operator of your choice!

Some helpful links

Where to claim your monthly Larynx: https://spk.dlux.io/

Trading dex for Larynx: https://vue.dlux.io/dex/#larynx

SPK node operator list: https://hiveuprss.github.io/spkccmonitor/

Thanks for reading, @ocd would very much appreciate your Larynx delegation towards our node operator (@ocdspeak) although there are no perks from receiving delegations from what I understand.

Happy SPK mining and decentralization!

Post rewards going to @threespeak, @poshtoken and @ocdb delegators.


The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @hafiz34, @shiftrox, @acidyo ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Really happy someone of note is now supporting what I thought was a great project . I have a very small amount powered up which I'll delegate you and start again buying a few more.
If you could, could you ask the folks behind it to provide some sort of roadmap and updates, I barely see anything mentioned and until you posted, I thought that other than 3spk, it was dead in the water. It did always appear to be just about the best and professional project out there.

I never even realised that they could be delegated to the node operators. Will get on it this evening.

For anyone else reading this, the tokens are for peanuts at the moment so now might be a good time to get in there!

Good luck with the node and thank you :-)

Will look around for a roadmap but I'm sure these things take a long time as it seems quite complex. Could also mean as you say that the token is quite undervalued since it's not something a majority of the cryptosphere are aware of, lucky for us here!

Done delegating, I am so excited for the 3speak decentralized storage system. Good luck!

Sounds good.

I am fairly diligent when it comes to claiming the monthly airdrop.


Delegated all I have to @ocdspeak and will do so monthly.

Reward them vloggers!

Done, delegated 28k will delegate the rest as it comes :-)

Cheers bro!

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I've been waiting for ocd to set up its node ever since you mentioned it. I only want to delegate to a project I'm familiar with. This is a piece of good news.

Cheers! Looking forward to see the network grow!

I didn't know about this possibility of claim and delegation. I saw there that I had some tokens and I delegated to ocdspeak too!

Thanks for the information. !PIZZA

I have a tiny amount of Larynx tokens in my wallet, beside the larynx in my throat 😀. As I can't delegate that one in my throat, I will consider to support you with that one in my wallet!


@acidyo! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @hafiz34. (8/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Hehe thanks!

What's the story behind this nomenclature?


Is that because our "vocal cord" for producing speech/sound is located in the Larynx ?

I guess yes cause 3speak stands for free speech afaik.

Sweet! I was wondering what to do with all those tokens. The have been pilling on since I seldom used 3speak. But this looks like an interesting option

Yeah there was nothing to do with them before the network went live earlier this week so a good time to put them to use and start mining SPK tokens!

Not sure if I can mine them since the only thing I have is a phone. But I'm trying to power up to delegate and I keep receiving the same error message. At least I claimed them. Had like 600 pending 😂

Nice to see OCD got there node set up :)

Wishing all of you good luck going forward


I was so mad when I found out I was cloned.
I was litteraly beside myself.

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Cool, think i will do that

Great to see a new trustable node on the Speak Network. The more the better as through concurrency we ensure decentralization and impeccable services.

Threw over whatever Larynx I had. Pretty cool to see that side of things slowly growing. Might have to buy some Larynx just in case.

Could become and interesting ecosystem, will definitely try place some buy orders here and there DCA'ing in.

Love it! Luckily, I was patient and LARYNX came back down to fill my buy order (that wick up to .05 was nuts!). Just powered up and delegated to the ocd node!

Some nice trading action going on already, managed to buy a big handful before the network went live I'm really happy with! Almost doubled my holdings and delegating it out now to earn some SPK!

Recently, I have been hearing about claiming larynx tokens as well as earning SPK tokens through delegation, however, I am still digging deep to understand how all these work in this blockchain.

This update sounds great though👍

Finally @acidyo I tried but powering up seems not to work, no error messages - hmmmm - bit busy with other things these days, will try again tomorrow

Check back a bit later and it may be powered up, seems some blocks were behind on it earlier when I checked.

I failed a bit as well as I was sending some larynx I had mistakingly powered up on my main account but wanted it locked on the ocdspeak account for liquidity, instead of locking it I now powered it up again on that account and will have to wait another month til I can get it out again to lock it back up.

DPOS life.

It worked now and I delegated, will check tomorrow if it went through


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No idea why it is considered that SPK is cool and has a bright future but I claim LARYNX every month. Delegated to @ocdspeak.

😊🤙 Oh cool. thanks for showing how to do that..

Finally, I can delegate.

This node is really going to help us a lot especially I being Newbie I would be lucky to get some tokens in addition to Hive tokens which will equally increase my Hive tokens.

This is really a great move...I am so happy 😁!

Why do i don't have any spk to claim?

My Larnyx, sorry. I don't have any larnyx's amount to claim! So i don't know why. I was inactive in hive, so i'm looking for information and i saw this post, but i'm following the instruction and i don't have larnyx to claim.

Could be because of my inactivity?

The speak don't get claimed, they just land on your account if you are delegating your Larynx Power to a node operator.

Have you been claiming your Larynx and powered them up and delegated them out?

Hey @acidyo - I am confused - I delegated all Larynx to the mentioned account but can not see in any wallet that this was delegated, where can I spot that?

It should show on your own wallet https://vue.dlux.io/me#wallet/

Make sure to click the SPK tab

Cool, now it is indeed visible - thx dude


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doesn't look like the price will drop back anytime soon

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Lucky you! I should've paid more attention to the market but glad I managed to get some before the network went live!

I'll get some more with the rest of the claimdrop ;p