So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

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This post is a collaboration of curators from the OCD Community and various Community Leaders. Collectively we are spreading awareness on how to make your post a target for curation.

There have been several posts made by curators sharing what they look for, how one could improve on their publications and offering helpful tips to increase quality.

It is our hope that these attempts to inform and educate you would actually be read and content creators would begin using them to enhance their publications.

We as leaders are working hard everyday to spread the love around fairly. We aim to help those who put forth effort get rewarded for their contributions to making Hive a unique platform filled with quality content.



If you are using images in your posts the quality of those images are one of the first impressions of your authorship.

Believe it or not poor image quality could deter others from giving your post a read. If the image quality is poor it could be assumed that the writing quality is of the same effort. Even though this may not be true it is what is perceived due to low image quality being the first thing we see.

Personally, I adore the technical quality of the photographs a lot, and as a curator I absolutely can not resist to upvote a good post if I occasionally run into it, of any subject - if I recognize it as a great photography. (which can be taken even with a smartphone. not necessarily with expensive camera and lens).
@qwerrie - Founder of Fungi Lovers Community

Even if you do not own a professional DSLR camera you can still take some nice decent photos with your smartphone.

A quick tip: Make sure to clean and wipe the camera lens on your smartphone before taking photos. This makes a world of a difference on the clarity of your photos. Publishing foggy greasy photos is hurting your chances of curation.

Image quality, doesn't need to be professional grade, but no blurry images. The quality of cameras on mobile handsets are so good nowadays, there is no excuse for blurry images.
@livinguktaiwan - OCD Community Curator, Founder of Hi from Hive, Toys on Hive and The LooLoo Community

There are plenty of editing apps available that you can download right from your phone to help you enhance the final outcome. Taking care to make sure your photos are clear, clean and recognizable without one having to strain and struggle to figure out what it is could really upgrade the quality of your posts.

In the Photography Lovers Community, I have let my other curators know that we are not focused on super high quality photography, but we want to reward people that are trying to get better at photography and are taking the time to create posts that are talking about their photography as well. I tend to skip posts that are just single images or people that just dump images and don't write about them at all. But if you take the time to write a decent post and talk about your images, the chances of curation are higher.
@derangedvisions - OCD Community Curator, Founder of Photography Lover’s Community

I think it’s safe to say that single image posts with very little or no writing makes any curator or community leader cringe. It could be the best photo you’ve ever taken but if you don’t take the time to elaborate on the photo, tell a story behind it or give some kind of interesting fact or description, it will get passed over.

We could easily search for photos on Google to look at but we want to hear your personal stories behind the photos you share and be enlightened by what you uniquely bring to Hive. Those who are adding quality to the platform will be priority when it comes to curation.

They just have to be well taken, we are not a photography group. No need to have a very good camera, the care taken in the capture is something that does not require any expensive equipment. I like above all that it is interesting to look at these photos, so no need to upload a series of 10 times the same pose.
@barbara-orenya - Feathered Friends Community Curator

You can get clever with the angles and positions of capturing your photos. We don’t need to see a variation of the same photo multiple times. Some may think it looks good or it’s helping them by making their posts seem longer but it’s really overkill and a turnoff.

Make it stand out and unique and show that you care and have put some thought and effort into it.

This brings me to my next topic...



This is a HUGE determining factor on curation selection!

Reward for effort is my ethos, for myself and others. I don't care if one doesn't write English well, just try. I don't care if a person isn't an amazing photographer, just try. I will always make allowances for those things provided I see effort, the person trying to present well, working for what they hope to get. Effort doesn't mean tagging everyone in the post to gain attention. It means consistency, working to draw people to one's post-feed through engaging with them on theirs, and it means proof-reading, laying out posts well also, answering comments left, making sure images are quality, not plagiarising, copy-pasting or any other short-cut people sometimes use. That's lack of effort and doing it will cause me to draw a line beneath the account and move on. Effort is also courtesy and politeness, humility and a level of care for the community. Show it and I'm more likely to curate. Lastly, saying thank you goes a long way.
@galenkp - Shadow Hunters Community Curator

I think @galenkp summed effort up really well.

Those of us who have been around for awhile can easily tell the difference from a post that was published just for the sake of posting vs. a post that involved some thought, work and passion. We can also spot out when plagiarism or copy and paste has taken place (we do check on and investigate these things to verify our hunch).

It’s really been shocking lately seeing the number of instances that someone has harassed and DMed a curator or community leader asking for votes. Doing this will get you just the opposite of what you are asking for.

We all started here from scratch and had to work hard to find our way, build reputable accounts, earn trust and develop friendships. We’ve put in the time making many posts in order for them to be seen amongst the crowd. There wasn’t a guide or a ’How to Be Successful on Hive’ handbook. We learned, stayed consistent and grew. Through those experiences we are now able to make posts like these sharing our knowledge to try to help others.

It took time, patience, commitment, willingness and a desire to want to do things the right way. Not in a way that harasses and upsets people by constantly asking for votes. You gotta earn those rewards and you do that by putting forth effort.

When I see very visible poor efforts, when I consider its just a 'milking up' effort - I dont feel engaged.

One of your main goals should be to keep your audience engaged. If readers lose interest in your writing they won’t stick around long and would most likely be hesitant to support your work.

Even a post that might not be as expertly put together as some, or whose English is still developing, is worth supporting – sure, maybe with smaller upvotes – if there’s a good story behind it, with some good photos, and it’s clear that you have put real effort in.
@riverflows - OCD Community Curator, Founder of Natural Medicine Community

You don’t have to be an expert writer. Truthfully can any of us call ourselves that? As long as you are trying and your focus is on putting your best foot forward you will eventually gain the attention you are seeking ;)


You may be thinking

well what’s this have to do with a quality post?

Believe it or not it takes more than just writing a great post to get on curation radar.

Another thing I check for is to see if the author engages with the community. I try and curate the active community members because they are the ones adding more value to the blockchain than someone who just posts and never comments on anyone's content or even replies to comments on their posts.


Hive is not the type of platform where you come, drop off your content and then return when you are ready to post again. You gotta be honest with yourself and realize if you are expecting support you have to also give support.

This can come in many forms as @derangedvisions mentioned above. Taking the time to engage by responding to comments, visiting other’s content, upvoting, commenting, encouraging them, providing feedback and input all goes a long way. Also getting involved with what’s going on here like volunteering your help in communities, lending your expertise to help with developing projects or anything that adds to the growth of Hive.

Often, curators might be looking for people who engage a lot too, because if we’re deciding between a lot of people who are eligible because their content is good, we’re often more likely to reward those who stand out because they make an effort to engage.

When we see good posts and a content creator behind that post with good engagement, they take priority on our list. Their involvement here shows us they are not just here to milk rewards and run but instead add value to the ecosystem.

I feel many have their money glasses on when they post to hive thinking that being focused on that aspect will help them post better and get rewarded. I say no. Making the reward the post-process and end result then the engagement and interaction is a much better way to go in my opinion. It's how I have always approached it. That way the post is better, the relationships are better and ergo, the rewards are better.

Very well said. There’s more than just the rewards that keep people sticking around. It’s the fun and excitement of it all. The built relationships, the enjoyment of creating a post and seeing the end results of your work and receiving feedback from fellow Hivers.

If you are taking the time to engage and coupling that with good original content eventually someone will notice your work and contributions ;)

Passion & Personality


In my opinion these two P’s go hand in hand. If you are passionate about what you write your personality will shine through the excitement and enthusiasm.

Showing passion means energy and excitement for the subject and content and the general post itself, it's presentation. It also means presenting oneself in the best way possible, the passion to be your personal best as often as possible, and especially in a post that one hopes for curation on. I don't expect posts to be perfect, mine are not either, however passion is the foundation for every other element of a post I would likely curate. Passion trumps perfection every day of the week.

Many posts I come across that interests me really dive into the subject they are speaking of. They go out of their way to get you to feel what they’re feeling or understand what they’ve experienced. Writing with passion draws readers in and helps keep them interested and engaged with what you’re sharing.

This also helps them see your personality and really get to know you better. When this happens connections are made and your follower numbers grow.

As a curator for OCD, and curating within my own community, Natural Medicine, and personally across HIVE for the last three years, I have realised that it is people’s stories that mean the most to me. I am far more interested in your personal experience with the world than I am in seeing content from the internet that’s just rehashed in a different way. If I can find it in a google search, I don’t have much interest in it. I think a lot of people start blogging here and believe they have to be uber professional and write as an expert on a particular topic, but it’s much better to write about your personal experience and thoughts on a hobby, an event, an interest or a passion. For example, a post about foraging for herbs and identifying them, and coming home and making a recipe about them is more engaging than a post that just copies and pastes or rewrites facts from the wider web.

It’s great when facts and research results are included in a post because we all can learn from them. The problem is when it is left just at that. There’s no personal touch added including your own views and opinions.

Find a way to add your personal flavor to your post. If it lacks that personal touch it might be hard for your readers to connect.

This is huge for me. I understand some people wish to retain the illusion of anonymity here but that doesn't negate the need to show personality. The reader (curator) is a human, just like the author, so showing some humanness, personality, is a critical element for me when curating and when looking for new people to build relationships with. This goes also for the real world of course. I prefer to feel like I'm connected with the author, invited into their post through their addition of personality. I liken it to me meeting a person in a bar and chatting. No personality and I'm gone. Personality and it's hey, have another G&T.

One way I like showing my personality is writing my posts in the way I would speak to someone. I invite the reader into my story by asking them questions, telling a joke or making funny comments along the way.

Any way I can involve who I am and relay that through my words I find a unique way to add it in. As you grow and develop your writing style should start to blossom naturally and enable you to express yourself in your own unique way.

For me, travel posts are all about personal experience and is much more important than descriptive fact and figures like from the tourist promotion board. Fact and figures are available all over the internet, whilst personal experience is unique to the author, and that's what adds value to a post.

That value is key and those are the posts that stand out. Adding a personal touch can make a heap of a difference.


• If you are not using your own photos for a post please source them. If I don’t see photos sourced and properly credited I usually skip over them.

• If you are writing a post in your native language please be sure to include an English translation.

• The length of your post does make a difference. I tend to look for posts that are at least 3 minutes long (with some exceptions for photography posts).

• Watch your posting habits. Posting more than twice a day can be seen as trying to milk the system. Spread your work out to share throughout the week.

• If you are an artist please show more than just the finished results. A sure way to reel in interest is to take us along the journey with you by showing the process of your work through photos.

• Aim for originality! Find ways to stand out and bring forth your own uniqueness. Do You Be You!



Good stories, good presentation, good effort, good engagement.

So, all in all - photo quality, originality (not same stuff over and over) and the level of efforts involved.

I don't ever look for high quality, just the triumvirate of elements being, passion, personality and effort.

We are reading. We are seeking. As leaders and curators we are consistently searching the platform everyday for quality posts to reward.

If you are trying and making an effort to put your best work forward please keep up your great work. This includes engaging in the community as well. Sooner or later one of us will find you.

There is always room for improvement, even for myself. I have been blogging here for almost 5 years and I am still finding ways to improve on my publications and engagement. I am still learning something new everyday that I’m here and I apply those things so that I can continue to grow.

If you are one of the people who have been asking what curators go by or how we make our selections I really hope this post helped answer your question.

Now what will you do with all this intel?

We hope that you will use it as a helpful guide as you continue your Hive journey.

Maybe this could be the start to the ’How to Be Successful on Hive’ handbook :D

Thank you to each of the Curators and Community Leaders who took the time out to collab with me in this effort. I greatly appreciate each of you and your input. You have each been made beneficiaries of this post :)

Thank you to @Acidyo for his OCD initiative that is helping and supporting newer authors and undervalued content. We are also grateful for the Incubation Program that is helping communities grow and generously reward their members.

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

This collaboration was put together, written and brought to you by @crosheille

OCD Community Curator, Founder of NeedleWorkMonday Community, Stock Images Community Curator

Thank You ~


Thank you so much for this brilliant run down. This will be very useful, especially to new people like me. I've only been active on Hive for a month and I understand the effort that goes into curating and this is an in depth view from your inside perspectives.

Thank you for taking the time to put it together and share it. Much appreciated.

 9 days ago 

You are very welcome :)

It is helpful knowing this information is useful especially coming from someone new. Thanks for taking the time to read it and providing feedback ~

Always a pleasure. I am still learning and don't expect to know everything in a short space of time. I've been reading lots of articles on how Hive works and the various different "currencies" and content creation tips etc., I think that the Hive Handbook where it incorporates all these aspects would be very useful for anyone new. I am a very analytical person so I tend to read and research a lot before embarking on projects and having it all together would be a great post to pin that anyone can refer back to at any time.

Often people I think are also quite overwhelmed at the beginning (I know I was for at least a few days) and don't really know how or where to start - a handbook would be the way to go because then everyone that joins would be able to see that they aren't going to post pictures alone and magically make hundreds of dollars and that would then also weed out a lot of the people right at the get go that are in it for mainly the wrong reasons.

I'd be happy to help start pulling the content together if you guys are keen to create the handbook, keep me in mind please. Thanks again. Have a lovely day.

 9 days ago 

It does take time to figure your way around and understand how things work.

I was just poking around with the handbook idea, haven’t heard anyone else talking about creating one. However, if I had help with enough brains and hands on deck I wouldn’t mind embarking on that journey :)

Yes that is exactly what’s needed. People that come onboard need to realize that posting here isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it does take time and work.

You have a lovely rest of your day as well ~

posting here isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it does take time and work.


I’ve been posting on this blockchain for many years and I still find this post helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write this as I’m sure it will help many many people and also give them some well needed hope while they are in their early days.

 9 days ago 

Wow that’s awesome to know that even you were able to find it helpful :D

Absolutely! So glad to be able to take the time to do this. Your feedback is a tremendous help, thank you ~

Don’t be surprised, it’s easy to get complacent once you’ve cut a groove within the community so a reminder like this is priceless. I also want to sharpen up and improve engagement on my posts. Payouts are great but comments are gold.

 8 days ago 

I totally agree, it is easy to become complacent once you've been here for so long. It's great to know you are still aiming to improve ;)

I am placing this in my bookmarks. :))

 8 days ago 

That's awesome and glad to hear!!!

As a fairly new person on Hive, this has confirmed all I have been trying to do. Sometimes I really hit a home run and other times I've learned from some things to do better. My favorite thing is to engage on others posts, if I read something and learn from it or their photos are awesome I want them to know how much their effort means to me. I have found Hive to be fun and educational, it allows my passion for birds, animals and nature shine. I thank the curators who like to develop others in being their very best.

 9 days ago 

It's really nice to hear that you enjoy engaging on other's posts. Leaving a genuine comment on a post encourages content creators to keep posting more and to do their best. I appreciate your efforts and taking the time to do that.

Hive is definitely a lot of fun and you will continue to learn loads of things as you hang around ;)

I thank you for reading and appreciating what we do ~

It is my pleasure! Thank you for your response, it is very nice to hear from you and other curators to navigate writing posts.

Thanks for reading and I'm so glad you found value in it.

Thank you for responding, yes there is a lot of value to learn in this post, it allows me to understand how I can do better in my posts.

There is some great info here. Its a really nice reminder post. The great thing about Hive is that there are more quality post on here then say, Steemit for example. Authors on Hive put in a good effort it seems, for the most part. Its not like Steem where at times, the community seemed to be made up of people in a race to suck the reward pool dry. Thousands of single pictures accompanied by a paragraph of writing, all making doubledigit sums of money. I don't see that on Hive very often which is awesome. Keep up the good quality work Hivers!!!!

 9 days ago 

Thank you @leaky20 I am glad you feel that way about the post :)

I definitely agree about there being more quality posts here compared to on Steemit. I go through hundreds of posts every week and unfortunately there are probably a lot more of the one photo posts that gets published here than you think. When you’re not looking for them you won’t see them as much. Being apart of a curation group my job is to sift through these posts picking out the ones with effort which means I see quite a bit of the low effort ones.

This is one of the reasons I felt this post was needed to try to change the things we were seeing. I felt if people knew what we looked for and the things that caused us to pass over posts that it would hopefully motivate them to put forth a little more effort in their work :)

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment ~

I have heard that so many times of late - 'Steem's where they go for getting what they can/raping reward pool' but 'Hive's where they put their quality content'. That makes me feel all warm inside!

Thank you very much for this post, which serves to increase my knowledge on the platform, and also the quality of my publications. I'm new to Hive, I joined this year indicated by the blockchain game I currently play. And this information I will absorb to put it into practice.
I am loving the whole platform and development. It is a pleasure to make content and be rewarded.
Thank you very much

 9 days ago 

It's a pleasure to help ;)

It really is great hearing you will put this information into practice...this was my main goal.

Isn’t it fun? I hope you continue to enjoy your journey here and hopefully some of these tips will help you receive even more rewards for your efforts ;)

Thanks for visiting and commenting ~

Thank you very much, my friend @crosheille. This is the kind of publication that helps us content creators. Having the information about the criteria taken into consideration by the people who vote for our publications clarifies a lot about what we have to do to be selected. Once again I thank you for sharing with the community all your valuable knowledge. Have a good night.

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 9 days ago 

You are most welcome @irvinc! Curators really want to see content creators do well and get rewarded for their work. I’m very glad this post has been a help to others already :)

You have a good night too and thank you for taking the time to read and respond ~

Ok. My dear friend. Thank you again. Have a great day.

This post should be an obligatory read for every new hive member, and also old ones who post low quality content every day. In my first week of hive I was really enthusiastic and posted a lot sometimes more than twice a day. I quickly realized that that is not the way to go. I have been found by OCD curators on some of my posts and it is really motivating seeing that huge upvote on your post. But also one should not be discouraged if they do not get that every time...

 5 days ago 

Thank you I appreciate that. I wish this info could get into the hands of every new member that joins. I’m working behind the scenes on a possible solution ;)

Yes, I’ve ran into your work in the Stock Images Community. You have really nice photography. It’s good you slowed down a little ;)

That’s correct! I have told many not to get discouraged when every post doesn’t get noticed as much as you’d like it to. It doesn’t mean the post isn’t good, it just may not have been discovered.

It took me 3-4 months of posting after I joined before I caught the eye of a whale who has been supporting my work every since. It gave me the boost and encouragement I needed to continue on. It’s easy for people to think those who get supported well have always done well. No, not the case. It was a process that took time and commitment. The thing that has kept me here the most is the Fun of it all. If I wasn’t having fun and enjoying what I do, not sure I would still be here ~

Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

Always I really like engaging with the community members especially if I can learn something new from them :)
Thanks for taking the time to answer to my comments :)
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 3 days ago 

You're welcome and that's great to hear ;)

Thanks for the LUV ~

Hi @crosheille, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @solymi. :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

Good afternoon, the truth is, I started in Steemit in 2018, I did not know anything, and I published a lot of content, but reading everything you recommend I realize all the mistakes I made in the process, although I did not lack commitment, passion and personality, I did not adequately understand the nature of that platform, this time, the experience has been different, and I think that it is partly because of the work of people like you, who are committed.
Everything you say is wonderful, and how you say it, I hope it will be of great help to me, I feel super encouraged, and even happy to have read this, really, thank you very much.

 2 days ago 

Hello @joanmanuelg!

Wow, thank you for such a transparent and thorough response.

I know exactly what it was like starting early on Steemit. I think we all were just posting, trying to see what works and hoping some of the more popular members would give us a chance and support our efforts. It was truly learning as you go, fixing mistakes and improving along the way.

These are the reasons I wanted to make this post. I know what it feels like to be a newbie so why not share what I have learned and what curators are looking for to take away the guessing game for others?

It was a pleasure getting this together and even more so the response and feedback blew me away. It’s a confirmation that this type of info needs to be shared and I am just thankful it was read and accepted by many who will put these things into practice to help them have a better and hopefully more supportive journey here :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Welcome back and I am glad to hear your experiences have been better ~

Take care and I hope you continue to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Wow! This is a super post. It’s like the chicken soup for soul for us Hive user. I have been around here for about 4 years, and still learning to be more better in the communities..

 9 days ago 

Haha! Thanks so much!! What a great compliment :D

Yep same here, still learning as I go.

Thank you for your feedback ~

My mama @buckaroo loves this! When she was still writing she would get frustrated by lack of effort from so many. But now I'm going to help her because Daddy wrote over her key and she can't carry on writing like she wants to. She says that you are a special lady and I will like reading your posts @crosheille

 9 days ago 

Oh wow! Hello there @buckaroobaby! Oh how I miss your beautiful mother :)

She is such an inspiration to me and I still think of her. What a treat to have you write to me, thank you.

Are you saying that she doesn't have her account keys any more? Meaning she can no longer use her account? If so I am terribly sad and sorry about that.

Please tell her she is also a special lady and is very missed here ~ 💗

That's a very thorough breakdown with curators' input
Also a great refresher for those who've been around a long time and may have become jaded along the way
Thank you @crosheille :D

 9 days ago 

Thank you for the confirmation @kaerpediem because that was the goal ;)

I hope this will be of good use to anyone who may need it ~

Thanks for this @crosheille ! It is really worth the read, getting to know from insiders' perspective.

 9 days ago 

Sure @arrliinn. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now so glad I was able to find the time to get it done. Glad you felt it was worth the read :)

Thank you for your feedback ~

Good morning, I really liked the publication as far as I am concerned, it has been very useful in several aspects, there were many things that I did not know and others were clarified for me, Thank you for being so explicit in writing.

 9 days ago 

Good morning! Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am really glad this was useful to you. It was a pleasure to write ;)

Huge and fantastic work you have made here my dear !
Collecting all the datas and writing this great post,
this will be of wonderful help for any person who is eager to shine a bit more and draw our attention with their post and the effort put on it 😊
okayredim.png Bravo @crosheille ! 👏

 9 days ago 

Thank you so much @barbara-orenya and you were a big part of that, thank you!

I am surely hoping so! Maybe we’ll see more efforts put forward. I would love to see more content creators get well rewarded here ~ ❤️

Your help was greatly appreciated!

Perfect explanation of what Community leaders are looking for! I love curating quality posts and seeing them receive well deserved rewards and appreciate all the work that you and all the other amazing curators do! Thank you for putting this together @crosheille

 9 days ago 

I am right there with you on this @melinda010100...

I love curating quality posts and seeing them receive well deserved rewards

It was overdue and really was exciting putting it all together :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful response ~

You did a great job putting this together!

 9 days ago 

Thanks so much! 💛

Thank you for the Engage tokens!!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Great and very useful insight into how your curation teams work. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :)

 9 days ago 

So awesome to hear this, thank you @phortun ;)

It makes it all worthwhile getting feedback like yours.

I really appreciate it ~

Now if only all curation worked this way! Thanks team :-)

 9 days ago 


Thank you so much for this post! Lately there have been a lot of Hispanic users registering and making their submissions, but, after that they don't do anything else, just wait for their posts to be upvoted. This post is an amazing explanation of why it's not a good idea to just focus on making content, I like that you emphasized the engagement factor and how important it is to have a lot of interaction with other users.

 9 days ago 

It’s no problem at all. This has been on my To Do list for awhile ;)

I am really hoping people began to realize in order to make strides here they have to do more than just post. Interaction and building relationships is truly key for an enriching experience. It’s way more fun having connections instead of just sitting around and hoping a miracle upvote happens. I am so thankful for the friendships I’ve gained here and it didn’t happen by my just sitting and waiting.

So glad you found this post handy. I hope it finds it’s way to everyone that needs informing :)

Thank you for the comment ~

I completely agree with you. After leaving the platform due to personal problems (and that added to the hacking of my previous account), I felt a lot of nostalgia when I came back and saw many familiar names with whom I had a friendship before I left, I think that there also lies an important value in Hive as a social network.

By the way, don't you usually chat on OCD Discord? I don't often see your name there

 8 days ago 

Sorry to hear about the hacking.

Yes I’m on OCD Discord all the time but I’m in other channels where I’m doing my curator and Community leader work. I rarely visit the general chat for time sake but do stop in on occasion. That’s why you don’t see me often ;)

Thank you, this is a very useful post for newcomers like me. I'm still learning and working hard to be able to make great posts and get support.

 9 days ago 

You're welcome :)

It looks like you're off to a good start. Continue to mingle within the communities to which you belong, making connections and focusing on producing your best work and you'll do just fine ;)

Thanks for pulling this together @crosheille, I think there's a general theme here amongst us curator as to what we're looking for, which to be honest, is pretty much what all quality curators should be looking for, whether we run a community, curate for a curation guild or is just a normal individual user curating from our own account.

Hopefully this overview will give content creators some idea on how to improve their post to maximise their chances of being curated, instead of just hitting the post button and hope for the upvotes to come throuhg.

 9 days ago 

For sure ;)

Thank you for helping me and taking time out of your busy schedule to add in your valuable input. That means a great deal. It wouldn't have had the impact it did without the help from all the leaders.

I agree. I think curators from all angles could relate to the theme here and spot things they also look for when curating.

I am really really hoping these things just don’t get read but they are put into practice and we can soon see the results of it!

Thanks again for your input and feedback ~ 💛

Great advice info and advice! Upvoted and reblogged.

 9 days ago 

Thank you so much for reading! The upvote and reblog is greatly appreciated :)

You are most welcome!


Me gusto mucho tu contenido porque pude notar la verdad en todo lo que decias. Cuando hablabas de poner tus post un poco de personalidad, leía el post y sentía que estabas hablando conmigo como un consejo de amigos.

Me gusta mucho HIVE y la veo como una plataforma para drenar mi estrés, en donde puedo expresar lo que me gusta, que se centra en la medicina y el arte y hasta de vez en cuando pasarla bien con mi hermanita cuando ella quiere participar pero sé que fallo en la parte de la constancia de usar la plataforma a diario e interaccionar. Quiero crecer, y sé cual es mi falla. Voy a enfocarme en ella y en mejorar mi escritura para que mis conocimientos y mi arte no se pierdan. No dejaré que tus consejos se pierdan, sobretodo si el problema se puede trabajar, esta plataforma no es solo compartir lo que te gusta, es crear contenido de valor y por el valor que tiene hay que trabajarlo duro.

 9 days ago 

Gracias por esta completa respuesta. Me alegra que hayas sentido que te hablaba y te daba consejos como amigo. Ese es siempre un objetivo, que las personas sientan que están sentadas a mi lado para tener una conversación. También utilizo esta plataforma para aliviar el estrés. Es mi escape del estrés de la vida real. Tenga en cuenta que no tiene que estar aquí todos los días para tener éxito. Las veces que puedas estar aquí solo haz tus mejores esfuerzos. Una de las reglas que sigo es que nunca publicaré nada que no leería yo mismo. Literalmente me pregunto "¿me gustaría esta publicación?" Si no lo disfrutarías, lo más probable es que otros tampoco lo hagan. Simplemente encuentre formas de conectarse naturalmente con sus lectores e incluya un poco de usted en cada publicación;) Muchas gracias por la interacción ~

Thank you so so much @crosheille,
This post was so helpful, just what i needed having been on a long break, i will alwaays refer to this article till i have mastered the art. I have much love for you. Thank you!!

 9 days ago 

You're welcome @blessingsmart. Welcome back from your break :)

I think taking breaks is always a good idea because you come back refreshed and ready to get to work. It's nice that you'll refer to this article as a guide.

Thanks for the comment. Happy posting and engaging ;)

Perfect! No doubt they are fundamental tips for a good post and I am happy to realize that I have followed the right path, I have been posting for two weeks, but still organizing my time for the most frequent interactions, for this I even installed the ecency app, which allows me to be attentive during any time of the day in interactions.

 9 days ago 

That's great that you have been focusing on interaction! Definitely on the right track ;)

Little by little I will be more committed to this! I hope to find out more about the OCD, as I don't know much about the group yet! Thanks for the answer!

That's amazing. In The list are things that I Think, I wasn't paying enough attention, and others that I do a lot, but maybe not with The frecuency I want to. Thank you for this post, it's very great and complete

 9 days ago 

Thank you for stopping by to read. I’m glad you found this useful :)

Now im understand everything!
Uploading image #1...

Very well said and written, it takes a lot of time to grow on this platform and consistency is key here.

This post is super helpful for beginners like me, thank you so much for this post ❤

 9 days ago 

That's exactly right ;)

I’m glad it could be of help to you ~

Seems most have received your post well which is a good reward for your effort.

 9 days ago 

Thank you @galenkp! It is very rewarding to see :)

Thanks again for taking the time out to include your input and helping to make this post valuable to others. It truly is appreciated ~

It was a pleasure to assist. 🙂

Thank you very much @crosheille for putting me on the bright side through this post. It is knowledge filled and will really help me through my hive journey.

 9 days ago 

You're quite welcome :)

I hope you do well on your journey and have fun along the way ~

Great post but most of the people who curate on here only support there friends and people who have powered up alot it's always the same people who get supported

There are some fair curators but most are not fair I don't think this post deserves $228 payout do you ? The only reason you have got a payment like this is because you are part of the magic circle ⭕ I mean team I see countless good post's that do not get supported also I see a lot of curators liking a lot of females posts it seems it pays to be female on here

I can really understand how you might feel that way and I am so sorry you feel under rewarded. It's always hard if your post doesn't get what you believe it deserves and then another post seems to get a lot when it doesn't look like much effort goes into it. I really feel what you are saying.

I would like to add something which might deepen your understanding of why this gets such great votes, if that's okay? I dont mean to be antagonist, or to argue on her behalf or anything - I just thought you might be interested in this side of things?

The only reason you have got a payment like this is because you are part of the magic circle ⭕

@crosheille has been working hard on engagement and content curation on HIVE since 2016, and she has both run her own community and worked to help other communities. IN these roles, she's upvoted, supported, engaged with and generally been a bloody nice supportive person for loads and loads of people. She's a real team player. She also works her butt off in OCD, doing hours of work (like a lot of OCD curators) helping find and reward good content, as per this post. The post itself took a lot of research and talking to people behind the scenes, and is designed to help people do better, so that their work might be better supported. So the upvote is not just for 'this post' but everything that goes along with 'this post'.

I see countless good post's that do not get supported

Yeah, that sucks! And we are all trying our best to GET support for them. @acidyo will vote for what us curators say is a good post, and he's huge on supporting communities to support their members, user retention and so on. There's shitloads of good content here we're always trying to find and reward. In an ideal world, he'd upvote the good content from a good content curator EVERY DAY - but the rewards have to get spread around, so whilst one might get a great vote one day, maybe they wont for a little while coz other posts need rewarding too. We all do our best to try to get the good ones and in fact most curators are GUTTED when we can't find support for one or we miss them for whatever reason that might be.

I see a lot of curators liking a lot of females posts it seems it pays to be female on here

Hahah maybe we just talk alot and are better socially? Idk this one cracked me up. I've never noticed. I think us girls are just good at talking and supporting each other. I'll always upvote and chat on @crosheille's posts if I can, because she's ace, and I've got to know her over the last four years. I've always thought it pays to be a man on here ahah - most of the big whales are men, and there's a lot of man on man support. So yeah, I'm kinda giggling over this one.

Anyway, really not being antagonistic, just providing a flipside view.

It's ok all I'm going to say is I speak to a lot of people who are active on here but I speak to them on other platforms and most of them say the same thing they are just scared to say it publicly also I speak to a lot of people who left due to seeing all the doge stuff that happens in the background that normal people can't see 👀

In your honest opinion does this post deserve over $200 I've not got a problem with @crosheille i just don't agree it should be rewarded this much along with loads of other posts that are being supported by fair curators lol 😂👍🏾

Most people are just to scared to say how they feel

Yeah to be honest, that's true - and I don't normally say what I feel here as it can invite downvotes! So I appreciate you being nice as you respond to my counter - phew! I think people are scared to say what they feel because people don't always play nice. And I guess saying what you feel sometimes gets confused with just being vicious and mean and horrible, which we can also see here!

I guess if we don't agree with votes we generally scroll by - some I shake my head at, some I want to cry over, some I swear over eg what the ACTUAL! I guess with this post I have to ask myself - are people voting on it for curation rewards themselves, or are they voting because they agree with the content and the intention behind it - in this case, to encourage good behaviour on hive in terms of engagement and posting behaviour? In which case, awesome.

I do think HIVE is a lot better than it was when it was 'the other' platform. I suppose I can be very naive and just see the good - I try not to focus on the bad, but encourage the good behaviour and just hang out where I see stuff I feel good about. And that's why I'm still here - because there really is so much good !!

I'm really happy that you understand and I fully agree with you about people being scared to say anything because they are scared of being downvoted
I'm a very nice person I always treat people with respect as long they treat me the same you seem like a very nice person I have dealt with some very horrible and vicious here

I think most people are probably voting for curation rewards to be honest I'm not saying that it's not a good post it's a great post but it's way over rewarded

I agree it has got a bit better since the old platform but it's not really changed much to be honest

I understand that you don't really see bad because you are in a team lol 😂👍🏾
I do like it here and I also try to get people to join but most people just say it's a scam but I do believe that Blockchain social network platforms are the future
Thanks for being so nice it was good to chat stop by anytime 🤝

 8 days ago 

That's one thing I appreciated about your comment @kgakakillerg. It was respectful and you were just genuinely asking questions. When people attack in a negative way or say things to try to upset or insult me I ignore and have every right to. If people would be more respectful in their approaches I think they would get more responses and feedback. I have never disrespected anyone on here and it would be nice if people were more sincere about how they come to people.

Thanks I'm a nice person I'm very respectful I would never be disrespectful to anyone unless they piss me off and I agree people definitely need to be more respectful with the way that they approach things it would make this place a whole lot better for everyone

Thanks again for taking the time to comment feel free to contact me anytime on Instagram @kgakakillerg 🤝


this publication is brilliant. I am training a group of curators for our trail and we are definitely going to see a class with your post, thank you very much.

 8 days ago 

Oh wow that's amazing! Thank you so much for the feedback and so glad it will be of good use to you :D

I think that the effort plays a big role. And yes, engaging in the community and showing your personality. I liked the mentioning of the foggy blurry pictures as I have seen many who opload bad pictures. The quality of the images reflects caring and respect for those who end up reading the post

 8 days ago 

Thanks for your comment :)

I too see many blurry pics uploaded and a lot of the time the photos are of a really amazing project. I mentioned that in hopes to help others realize having clear photos could attract more support and readers to enjoy their content.

It’s hard enjoying content when you are so focused on adjusting your eyes and trying to figure out what the photo actually is.

I actually work on editing my photos before even making my posts. My photos are what inspire my content and how I formulate my posts :)

I think it will help many authors to read your advices

Thank you for the insight... I have been featured a few times not on the ones I expected sometimes but always grateful but I still have the doubt, do I need the hashtag? Does posting out of the community decrease your chances? Thanks

 8 days ago (edited)

Are you asking if you post in communities do you still need to use the tags? Like for instance if you post in the Natural Medicine community should you still use the #naturalmedicine tag? I personally still do this but I think as long as you are posting in the appropriate community it's fine either way.

Posting in a community helps with building connections to other people who also share the same interests as you. When you post in niche communities the people there that are reading your content are already interested so it does help with getting support in that aspect.

However when it comes to OCD curation we nominate posts both written in and out of communities but we do encourage people to try to find communities that fit the subject they are writing about.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks for your reply. I sometimes have used #ocd but was not sure if it was needed. Silly me I totally forgot that I could repost from community to my blog so most of my posts until recently as I wanted to appear in my blog I would post out of communities and I was wondering about the drop in engagement. Not that I am new been around forever just slow poster and not very tech savvy. I am multidisciplinary so I struggle with tagging alone. Thanks for the thorough explanation. I never expect it (same as curie) but welcome and grateful when it happens do will keep on trying my best.

 8 days ago 

If you are wanting to get the attention of ocd curators on your post there’s no need to use the tag because we go through all posts whether the tag or not. If you are posting in the ocd community there would be no need of using the tag.

We are trying to make it aware that if you post general topics (like ones that don’t fit in any other community) it’s okay to post in ocd. But if your topic would better fit in another community we would rather you post it there. You can always cross post that same post to ocd if you’d like more eyes on it.

Lol yes I have noticed many new people don’t repost their publications to their blog (not sure if they realize that’s an option). I should have mentioned that but will try to inform them when I see that ;)

It’s no problem at all. Thanks for asking your questions ~

This post comes in handy. It definitely will affect my subsequent post on the OCD community and other communities I post on.

The major part for me is the paragraphs on Image use and quality. I'll do well to improve my output.

 8 days ago 

Great to hear @damzxyno!

I actually edit and make sure my photos are clear and well presentable before even creating my actual post. My photos are what inspire the content I write.

Photos play a major role in the amount of traffic you get, I'm not talking about just curators but even readers. It's true that a photo speaks a thousand words :)

Thanks for the visit ~

It's true that a photo speaks a thousand words

But remember don't just let the photo do the talking, we like to hear what the author has to say more!!

 8 days ago 

For sure!!

You've summed it all here! Bravo n txs !
I've been around since 2017, if I'm not mistaken🙄, and without the support of OCD and Acid at the back...i don't think i would have stayed so long here.
Came back posting after couple of months of absence, and since then I've again caught the eyes of some curators.
Well well...if one wants to get some rewards, he/she really have to make genuine posts least engage with those commenting on your post.
Being quite busy in my day to day life, I actually don't respond to comments right away...each 3 days or so, I look for an hour and reply to max I can, that's what works best for me.
I'm not so active on chats forum this need to be clear:

Creating good contents on a regular basis needs time...a real lot of time.
People needs to understand the difference between content creators, content consumers and curators. Each have a role to play to make the platform succeed.
So...don't get content creators wrong if they are not much on the commenting, chatting etc...we have to work our ass off to get contents ready for the consumers!

And lastly I want to's impossible to make everyone just keep on doing the best you can!
Ps. I post quite a we all know the rabbit hole of Hive...trying to support maximum dapps/front-end/communities I can.

Again thanks for all the support given to me and all good authors out there.
You guys rocks(ladies incl. 😉)

 8 days ago 

I get that. There are people who have been in my corner supporting and encouraging my work since the beginning and that has a lot to do with me sticking around for so long. It's easy to get discouraged along the way but when you have those few people who give you a chance it makes all the difference.

I totally understand about having a busy life. I’m a stay at home mom with 5 kids and I homeschool each of them. I don’t think it’s realistic to say everyone has time to reply to EVERY comment or should try to make time to. It’s really all in the effort. Even if you only have time to comment back on 3 out of 10 comments at least you took the time to do so. It’s more so the ones that never do this. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get back to comments as well but I do take out some time to eventually do so.

It’s also the other part too, supporting other work from creators as well. Like taking the time to visit the posts of the ones who supported you and giving them some love too :)

Everyone has time restraints and only so much they are able to do in a day. I understand that everyone can’t be here and present on Hive every single day and I would never expect that from anyone. I do however think it is a polite thing to do to try to respond to as many as you can.

People needs to understand the difference between content creators, content consumers and curators.

I do agree as they each do play a different role. I also get what you’re saying about you doing your part in other areas so just don’t look at the commenting part ;)

Thanks for making those points I appreciate and welcome this type of feedback.

Also thanks for the encouragement. I plan on continuing doing as I always have which is being the best help and support I can be for Hive and it’s members. I know we can’t always please everyone but based on the response I received I know my work is helping and benefiting others and that’s what keeps me working hard ;)

Thanks again for your input ~

Excellent publication. Thank you for every detail provided and for the recommendations. It helps us to continue to grow and provide content accordingly, we are a team, each particle is necessary in this ecosystem.

With clear objectives and contributions as good and accurate as this we will continue to grow and reach more spaces. Thank you, thank you for this amazing post.

 8 days ago 

Wow thank you for such a great response with helpful feedback!

I am so pleased to know that what was shared here is deemed valuable. It was truly a pleasure :)

Thanks again for your comment ~

Of course it was and is a wonderful contribution, one of those publications that we should keep to read every time we lose the horizon.

The small details that can make the difference. Those spaces that remain empty for some.

A useful tool to be seen by the big ones or simply to give elegance and quality to our publications.


 8 days ago 


Don't ask what Hive can do for you , ask what you can do for Hive .
I started with steem/hive because i wanted something to read , save some trees and stuff from becoming paper ;-) . Never had plans to get active in posting , and really never did . Started commenting a bit , and bin doing that for long now . With sometimes a try at posting . Where i always take notice of the first line i wrote in this comment . The answer i have is , be interesting be entertaining , no matter what mood your going to post about .
I had some ??? about curation , this post cleared most out , thks .

 8 days ago 

be interesting be entertaining , no matter what mood your going to post about

I really like that and it’s what I go by as well :)

Glad I could answer some of your curation questions. If you have any more feel free to ask ~

Thank you for the explanation, i will try to learn to write quality content on hive.
This is very useful.

 8 days ago 

You're absolutely welcome ;)

Thank you for reading the post ~

I liked your explanation, I will take into account your extras and recommendations when making a publication, it is important that you, the people with more time, always transmit your knowledge to us, in this way it will be a chain of knowledge in Hive. Thanks for your input.
Español:Me gusto tu explicación, tomaré en cuenta tus extras y recomendaciones a la hora de realizar una publicación, es importantes que ustedes las personas con más tiempo siempre nos transmitan sus conocimientos, de esta forma sera una cadena de conocimiento en Hive. Gracias por tu aporte.

 8 days ago 

it is important that you, the people with more time, always transmit your knowledge to us, in this way it will be a chain of knowledge in Hive

I agree and I’m sure there will be more to come from others as well ;)

Thanks for your feedback ~

Creo que esta publicacion es de gran utilidad para todos los que hacemos contenido en esta plataforma, personalmente tratarè de mejorar todo lo que hago, agradezco a los que se tomaron el trabajo de orientarnos , Saludos a todos!

 8 days ago 

Mi misión se cumplió y me alegra estar aquí para ayudar a guiar a otros :) Gracias por tu respuesta ~

I have seen guides like that since I have started on steemit (Jan. 2018). I am always reading them with mixed feelings because of the curators and upvote part.

So far, it will be running like that, newly joined users reading these guides, follow them, then they see that there are no upvotes coming and they will disappear again because they might feel that these guides are not just guides but a promise which has never been fulfilled.

What is actually good content or quality content? Some stuff on youtube, for example, is so bad in quality but fun for the people that these videos archived thousands of views. Because hey, that's the internet, right? Maybe sometimes without the right understanding something is seen as bad also. So many factors, so individual.

However, just my thoughts, I did not plan to offend someone, i do not want to say that guides are a bad idea in general.

 8 days ago 

It's these same type of guides that helped me along the way...and I'm still here ;)

As people were learning they were sharing that knowledge and I am very grateful for that.

From what I have seen most people leave from lack of knowledge. They maybe didn’t have anyone reach out to them to help (or they didn’t know who to reach out to). Posts like these are here to help people have more understanding of how things work and how to get better rewarded. This in turns gives them more tools to work with so that they desire to stay and work harder.

There are thousands of posts out there and we can’t guarantee to reach all of them to support them but at least we have people and groups here that are trying to reach as many as possible.

they will disappear again because they might feel that these guides are not just guides but a promise which has never been fulfilled

I can never promise anyone a certain amount of curation on their posts or rewards but from the comments here I can fairly state that people took this post for what it is...a help.

I did not plan to offend someone

No offense taken from me. You are entitled to your own opinion and what might not work for you or seem unnecessary to you might be a piece of gold in a mine for someone else ;)

i got a lot of good text to understand that how i can improve my post or photography and this article helped to understand, different views of the community owner related quality post thank for this @crosheille

 8 days ago 

You're welcome @yousafharoonkhan, so glad you got a lot out of this :)

Hello @crosheille!
I personally really like reading this article, because in my opinion, this article is a motivation for everyone who is on this blog, in the sense that it is educational information so that good and good content is created. It should be so, when everyone has the conditions that have been set, this blog will be more special than others. I am proud to be a part of this blog and in my opinion friends have also tried their best to produce good content.

I personally have read a lot of your writing, after I read it my inspiration was born from that writing, even though my English is not good enough, I always try my best to achieve a job that I like. Thank you for sharing, I hope that hope will come true soon and have a nice day :-)

 8 days ago 

Wow thank you for such nice compliments @luecas and thank you for reading and enjoying what I post.

It means a lot that you see my work as an inspiration, that means a lot :)

I see that you are doing really well with your photography, keep up the great work!

I really appreciate all your feedback ~

You're welcome @crosheille :-)

hi! mind you if i do a Translation of this into spanish? it would help a lot guide new users especially who always ask "why i haven't been curated?"

 8 days ago 

Hi @victoriabsb! I don't mind at all and would actually greatly appreciate it if you did this so that it could reach more people ;)

Thank you ~

it is done here is important to spread this kind of information as far and wide as possible cause i read all the time oh but my post dont get curated so i will use it in spanish to help specially new users who ask that question! thank you so much for doing such a great post!

 5 days ago 

I think it’s very important too as I want as many to be reached and helped as possible.

Thank you so much for doing this!!

Thanks for the hard work and great info. I'm new to the ecosystem and process and find your work here very informative and useful. I joined in the hope of establishing a community that does much of what HIVE is, promoting knowledge and understanding, but in a much more proactive manner that will lead to positive change in the world. Your points regarding engagement are very helpful.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Blessed Be

 8 days ago 

Hello @cowboyphylosophy.

I‘m happy this post was informative to you. I'm really glad the engagement points were helpful. I wish you well with the community you are wanting to establish :)

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment ~

Those are the most skimmed tips, very clear and out there.

Wonderful tour of what a publication of original content should be and your commitment to yourself, your friends and the platform that has given us so much. With 4 years I have learned what you mention, fail and learn, and continue to do better. Commitment is very important too. Thank you very much for all your advice.

 8 days ago 

Yes that’s exactly it, we learn to do better!

Commitment is very important too

Very true statement. Thank you for your feedback ~

As a newbie here in this community,it will surely help me to write better posts in future. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

 8 days ago 

It was a pleasure ;)

I'm glad the things shared in this post could be of help to you ~

Excelente información, es justo lo que he estado buscando desde que entré a la plataforma, concuerdo contigo en los consejos para mejorar, yo no soy una excelente escritora pero trato de crear mis post con buena calidad, tanto en imagen como en escritura... indiscutiblemente este sitio esta lleno de excelentes escritores que vale la pena ser vistos, casualmente ayer leí a una nueva integrante que tuve que rebloguear sí porqué sí, su actitud y energía se desarrollaba cada cada vez mejor con cada línea leída, sin duda una presentación muy singular. Saludos, éxito y agradecida con este posts!

 8 days ago 

Hola @valthy! Me alegro de poder brindarle la información que estaba buscando;) Veo que ya te está yendo bien aquí, ¡me encanta tu trabajo fotográfico! Sí, continúe haciendo su mejor esfuerzo y, a medida que aprenda y obtenga conocimientos de los demás, puede usarlo para mejorar su trabajo ;)

Muchas gracias por leer ~

Muchísimas gracias @crosheille, una excelente guía para enfocar nuestro trabajo en HIVE, cada punto tocado es una lección en la cuál hay que aplicarse para que nuestros escritos cada día sean mejores.

Me gusta la idea de ponerle amor, pasión, dedicación y esfuerzo al trabajo que realizamos.

Fíjate, en ocasiones he dudado en hacer mis artículos desde la experiencia, de alguna manera siento que le quito "seriedad" al tema. Motiva saber que esa experiencia es valorada como un punto de originalidad y valor dentro de la comunidad.

Gracias, gracias un gran aporte y luces para crecer.

 8 days ago 

Sí, nos encanta escuchar sus experiencias. Así es como llegamos a conocerte mejor y otros pueden aprender y crecer de ellos también :)

Me alegro de que hayas pasado por ~

Hi Crosheille, I'm Victoria, I'm still new here and I don't know much about how hive works, that's why this post helps me in many ways. Thank you . //

Hola Crosheille soy victoria, todavía soy nueva aquí y no se mucho sobre como funciona hive, por eso esta publicación me ayuda en muchos sentidos. Gracias .

 8 days ago 

You're welcome Victoria ;)

Oh My God.
Reading this post makes me want to do things well and give the best of me.
It is really valuable not only for saying what the curators take into account to value a publication, NO: it is because reading it I felt motivation, I felt passion, I felt a demand for quality and authenticity and I like that: it is a challenge.
Thank you for writing things like this that make you try to overcome your limitations (e.g. English proficiency) and feel that we have arrived at the ideal place to give free rein to what we are, think and feel and that at some point, to anyone, we can help with it... that is priceless!

Translated with (free version)

 8 days ago 

Thank you for such a nice response. Things like this confirm the work we do is helping others.

I felt motivation, I felt passion, I felt a demand for quality and authenticity and I like that: it is a challenge.

That is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this <3

Gracias por la información, muy útil. Voy a intentar de utilizar mas el idioma ingles aunque no se cual es la herramienta para que aparezca el texto en ingles y en español

 8 days ago 

Eres bienvenido :) Parece que a algunos les gusta usar este sitio web ... (versión gratuita)

I am newcomer on Hive and just enjoy it!

Wow, you summed it up nicely and writing such a quality post with so many words is not something everyone can do :)

Nice one not just for new joiners but even for someone who is a seasoned blogger :)

Thanks, have an awesome day :)

 8 days ago 

Thanks I really appreciate that :)

I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy blogging until being involved so long here. I truly love what I do and writing this post was actually fun for me. I know it’s also work but I enjoy the challenge as well especially when I know it can benefit others.

You have an awesome one as well ~

Gracias por las orientaciones . Me has aclarado algunas dudas y me motiva a continuar escribiendo en esta talentosa comunidad!!!

 8 days ago 

Es genial que estuvieras motivado ;D

excellent information. today, by chance, when I uploaded my post, the Internet deficiency did not allow the cover image to load well, maybe that's why I did not have much vote.


 8 days ago 

Thank you :)

Did you know you can edit the photos in your post after publishing them? Not sure if that would help but you could maybe try to reload the photo the way you wanted.

thanks for the advice, but this post does not allow me to edit.

Hola @crosheille, this post is really a great help for me and for all hivers.
Just I have been evaluating my posts, and looking for the weakness, and this article clears a lot of doubts to me.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this post in representation to all the OCD team.
Greetings and blessings for all the team.

 8 days ago 

Hey Katty! It’s good to see you here :)

It’s no problem at all and glad it cleared up some of your doubts. If you ever have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to ask ~

Thanks a lot, I'll do it.

Thanks for all the information. <3

 8 days ago 

For sure ;)

Wow, I couldn't stop reading, everything was apt, concise and straight to the point. As a newbie here, this was what I really needed at this point in time, what a coincidence, you're really God-sent, will keep making reference to this post from time to time....Thank you for putting in so much effort to help the community.

 8 days ago 

That is exactly what I was aiming for, straight and to the point. Thanks for providing feedback on that.

I’m delighted to know you will use this as a reference :)

Yes I will.....Thanks alot

Thank you all very much for writing this article.
I've been struggling to take the time to publish the kind of posts I'd like to showcase. Not because I don't put effort into them, but because I struggle to write something I'm really happy with. So I'm guilty of having published a few very short posts composed mainly of photos, with little text (one of them an unexpected success). I guess I have to write whenever I feel compelled and not forced to.
I admire the work of curators, not an easy one. If you'll allow me, I would like to thank @livinguktaiwan, because without her support I couldn't have been able to launch. I hope I publish something worth of the support.

Thanks again ☺️

Thank you @eolinde 😊. Hive will only become bigger and better if there are more active and quality users, and that's what we're trying to do, to support and retain people on Hive. We all started off as little fishes in this big pond so know how difficult it is to move forward on our own.

If you don't feel like writing posts, engagement is just as effective and you might even get inspiration for your content! Just enjoy yourself on Hive!!

I know this is not a sprint but a marathon, so to speak. To grow, to get better, to find my voice.

In fact, I have a lot of ideas about what I would like to write. Some of them have almost robbed me of sleep. But, yes, I need time to turn them into the best posts I can produce.

Engagement, yes! Sometimes I haven't commented, for very silly reasons. I don't think I will anymore.

Once again, thank you! 😊

 8 days ago 

Hi @eolinde!

I guess I have to write whenever I feel compelled and not forced to.

I think that is a good approach. I actually do this as well. Sometimes a post is born when I least expect it. Ideas will come and I try to quickly jot them down and put it together when the motivation and excitement are there.

I have been working with @livinguktaiwan only for a short time now but I can attest to her being one of the most helpful and knowledgeable person I know here ;)

Thanks so much for commenting ~

Yes, it's better to let ideas ripen, I think. I've thought of a lot of things to write about. I have to jot them down, as you say, rather than letting them keep me awake and overthinking.

Thank you for writing this helpful and thoughtful post 😃

 8 days ago 

Yes! Write them down and bring them to life when you’re ready ;D

Absolutely ~

This post has been really helpful to me as a fairly new commer on Hive. I try my best to engage as much as I can no matter how busy my day has been.
I am no so much of a great writer, so seeing what is expected of a post is really helpful and informative.
Thank you for this❤️ it literally made my day.

 8 days ago 

Hey @blezyn! If you’re trying then you are already on the right path ;)

You’re doing good by engaging when you are able to.

So glad this was helpful to you and made your day. Thanks for commenting ~

Wow! This is so great. Thank you so much for this valuable information. I wanna share it with my beauitful @mariaconsuelos1

 8 days ago 

Thank you :)

Hola @crosheille, felicitaciones por ésta publicación, sin duda ha resultado maravilloso leerte, primero porque fue una lectura muy agradable y segundo porque cada uno de los consejos ofrecidos vale la pena tenerlos en cuenta en cada publicación que hagamos, digamos son reglas de oro que ofrecerá valor agregado a todos(as). Mi presencia en esta plataforma es relativamente nueva, y estoy orgullosa de formar parte de un equipo donde nos apoyemos y sintamos valorados por el esfuerzo y amor que le ponemos a cada publicación; más allá de la ganancia monetaria que podamos alcanzar… Voy paso a paso construyendo este camino valioso para tributar a todos.

Mas allá de los criterios señalados, (Imágenes de buena presentación, esfuerzo, compromiso,pasión y personalidad) que a mi parecer son la clave del éxito, yo me atrevería a proponer que cada integrante de esta gran familia llamada HIVE debe, por sobre todas las cosas, hacer sus publicaciones con extremo amor, amor propio y amor al prójimo, por éste es el motor principal que hará hará de cada uno de los criterios señalados se alcancen a plenitud. Se deben tomar el ejercicio de publicar contenido como si fueran a exponerlas en una gran sala de exposiciones y no solo publicar por publicar, porque da la sensación de piratería…. En la plataforma he visto de todo, desde integrantes muy viejos con publicaciones que dan pensamientos para dudar … como integrantes nuevos que ofrecen una calidad maravillosa en sus creaciones; por cosas como éstas , creo el tema de la Curaduria es tan importante y cada día deberían perfeccionarse las técnicas y métodos para resaltar los trabajos de calidad.

No creo tenga publicaciones perfectas, estoy lejos de eso porque estoy aprendiendo paso a paso e internalizando procesos; pero le pongo a mis publicaciones TODO MI AMOR así como se lo pongo a mis creaciones y por eso me encanta compartirlas con ustedes…

Gracias nuevamente por esta publicación que demuestra su amor al crecimiento colectivo de la plataforma.

Infinitas bendiciones.

Hi @crosheille, congratulations for this publication, it has certainly been wonderful to read you, first because it was a very pleasant reading and second because each of the tips offered is worth taking into account in each publication we make, let's say they are golden rules that will offer added value to everyone. My presence on this platform is relatively new, and I am proud to be part of a team where we support each other and feel valued for the effort and love we put into each publication; beyond the monetary gain that we can achieve ... I go step by step building this valuable way to pay tribute to all.

Beyond the criteria indicated (images of good presentation, effort, commitment, passion and personality) that in my opinion are the key to success, I would dare to propose that each member of this great family called HIVE must, above all things, make their publications with extreme love, self-love and love for others, because this is the main engine that will make each of the criteria indicated will be achieved to the fullest. They should take the exercise of publishing content as if they were going to expose them in a large exhibition hall and not just publish for the sake of publishing, because it gives the feeling of piracy .... In the platform I have seen everything, from very old members with publications that give thoughts to doubt ... as new members who offer a wonderful quality in their creations; for things like these, I think the issue of curatorship is so important and every day should be perfected techniques and methods to highlight quality work.

I don't think I have perfect publications, I am far from that because I am learning step by step and internalizing processes; but I put to my publications ALL MY LOVE as I put it to my creations and that's why I love to share them with you....

Thank you again for this publication that shows your love to the collective growth of the platform.

Infinite blessings.

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