Brave - Easiest Way to Diversify Crypto Earnings

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Disclaimer - I live in the US so I can a decent amount of adds when using the Brave browser and have seen that this is not necessarily true for others who live around the world. I'm hoping it gets better as more and more people pick up and start using the Brave browser


Basic Attention Token

For those who aren't aware if you download the Brave browser and turn on Reward Settings by clicking on the triangle right side of the address bar you can turn on or off ads.


As you can see below with the ads I've viewed so far I will earn 5.8 BAT or around $1.50 for basically surfing the internet, posting on Steemit, and making comments. I'm even able to earn while I'm looking up information I may need online for work.


If you noticed what I circled in red above this allows you to go to your ad settings. After you download the Brave browser and turn on ads you'll want to click on your ad settings because if I remember correctly it's defaulted to 1 ad per hour and you can increase the number of ads you get per hour up to 5!


Why Do This

Well, it will benefit you in a few different ways.

The first way it will benefit you is that it will allow you to earn another crypto income while browsing Steemit or Steempeak all day. If you're that worried that your Steem is going to 0 tomorrow thanks to Justin Sun, then why not start earning some BAT as well?

The second way it will benefit you is that if you're that worried that Justin Sun is going to trash the Steem blockchain and price by using his Stake to vote on the witnesses he wants, then you can sell your BAT for more Steem that can be powered up.

As you can see I've earned over $5 the past few months between my desktop and mobile earnings and will earn at least $5 this month as well. That's around $10 worth of BAT that I can sell for approximately 40 additional Steem.

This might not sound like much, but if we had 1000 Steem users doing this every month that's an additional 40,000 Steem that would be powered up each month or 500,000 Steem each year.

Personally, I'm not too worried about the price of Steem going down in the intermediate to medium-term future, so it's just nice to have another alt I'm gaining exposure too that I can possibly sell for more Bitcoin in the future.

I Don't Want Another Crypto to Worry About

You're in luck! You don't have to worry about it by setting up automatic contributions or a 1-time tip.

I don't know who I want to tip? Well if you go to @steempeak, @splinterlands, @SteemLeo, Steem-Engine, or you can Tip me on Youtube!.


I'm sure there are a lot of other projects on the Steem platform that are "Brave Verified Creators", so if you are feel free to let everyone know in the comments down below!

I've just been accumulating as much BAT as I can get. It's not much, but if it makes a 100x in alt season it should at least cover a Lambo or 2 for myself.

In all seriousness, I'm just taking the BAT I'm earning and putting it in a long term storage wallet for now. When people start selling their house for Bitcoin I may cash out for some short term profits, but for now, I'm just letting it run.


I'm a big fan of BAT, but you should also mention that KYC is necessary in order to withdraw your BAT earnings and most users are not willing to do KYC. I think uphold is the company they are working with together.

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I've written two articles over the past week or so on Brave as I've been using it lately myself. It's a really great browser and I recommend anyone to use it, especially if you browse the internet a lot like I do. Really really good article on the subject! :)